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What Does a Pig Yawning Look Like?

I *know* that this is the question you ask yourself on a daily basis – snorts.  Today I’m here to make that question come true.  I’m going to show you what it looks like when a pig – namely moi – yawns.  Yes I yawn.  I get tired too.  Hey, it’s hard work maintaining this pot belly and this establishment here at the Hotel Thompson.  Okay, without further ado, here you go.  A picture of me yawning.

Notice the technique.  Yes there is a technique my friends.  In this picture, I’m on the sofa with mommy watching television.  I have to stretch my front hooves.  Then my nose goes up, my tongue comes out a little and I yawn.  See, I also have a tongue.  Some people have questioned that – snorts.  And in this picture, you might see a little tooth.  Trust me.  There are more than one.  Please excuse the extra jowls – it’s too hot these days to exercise… except for my jaws when I’m eating – double snorts.  

So there you go.  Now you’ve seen everything… a pig yawning 🙂  You’re welcome.  Have a fabulous day my friends! ❤ 


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Dear Bacon


Dear Bacon – I love water – I mean I L.O.V.E. water. I love it!

I get in it every chance I get.

Can you tell? LOVE WATER!! This is my happy face!! Signed Waterdog

Dear Waterdog – Nah, I can’t tell. Let me get this straight – you love water? Snort –



Dear Bacon – I love playing hide and go seek out in nature. It’s so much fun! My best place to hide is on a tree that blends in with my fur tones.

Don’t you love playing too?! Signed – Come and Find Me

Dear Come and Find Me – You are good at that game. You know who else is good at hide and go seek? Bashful my pet rock. He hid in the fish tank with the other rocks one afternoon and it took me over an hour to find that little fellow!

I’m glad I did though – he was getting tired of holding his breath. He said he almost drowned! Keep playing my friend!


Dear Bacon – The humans – they think they are so funny. They took me for my spring cut. Just a little off the back they said. This is what I came home with. I’m so embarrassed. What am I to do? Signed Wacky Cut

Dear Wacky Cut – Let’s step back and look at this with a fresh set of new eyes. You can’t change what’s been done and undo it. So, I say wear it with a statement. Make a trend in that neighborhood of yours. Next thing you know, the other dogs might be going to the groomer wanting the ‘Wacky Cut’ look and you’ve started a trend. It is hair and it will grow back.

In the mean time, strut it!


Dear Bacon  – The humans have this table cloth in the kitchen that I just can’t keep off of it. I like to play the game Twister on it. I think it’s a hoot except for left front paw on yellow and left back paw on orange. That kind of gets me all twisted and I go boom.

Have you ever played this game? Signed Kitwister

Dear Kitwister – It looks fun but I’m not sure if I could play or not. You know my pot belly – it gets in the way and I have really short legs. They don’t stretch that far. Especially these days when mom says I’m getting a little fat roll on them. Fat roll – snort – that’s not fat.

That’s just loose skin from hibernating all winter. Play on my kitty friend – twist away!

20130321-223717.jpgDear Bacon – Are you a couch pig? I read where you sit on the sofa with mom at night. That’s one of my favorite past times. It doesn’t have to be night though – I like doing it all through the day. Signed Couch Kitty

Dear Couch Kitty – You know I don’t say this much but you might want to get off of the couch every once in a while. I also ‘run’ through the halls here at the Hotel Thompson before landing on the couch with mom at night. I do a lot of playing around with the purr things here. You might want to try it a couple of times – just sayin’!


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Dear Bacon

20140112-005551.jpgDear Bacon – What kind of joke is this?  Do you see these mysterious copy dog’s on my bed?  Please – there is only *one* king cat in this family.  End of discussion.  These have got to be imposters! Signed Lord Kitty

Dear Lord Kitty – How dare them try to get in on your royalty.  I say push them off the bed.  Show them who’s boss.  I don’t think it will hurt them – snorts.


Dear Bacon – I’m really practicing on my please look.  I think I *almost* have it down pact.  What do you think?  Would you give in and give me what I was begging for?  Signed Please Sir

Dear Please Sir – Oh my!  Oliver Twist has nothing on you my friend.

I think you have the “please sir may I have another look” down to a T.  Really I do.  Perhaps, I a mere piggy should take lessons from you.

With that pose, you are certainly going to get anything you beg for!

20140112-005710.jpgDear Bacon – Just me hanging out with my lady love on a Saturday night watching some television.  The humans think we look funny.  What say you our pal?  Signed Two in Love

Dear Two in Love – I say you two look hopelessly in love with all of your hearts.  You don’t look funny at all.  Maybe the humans are jealous?

20140112-005752.jpg Dear Bacon – If there is a box, we must fit.  You know how us purr things can be.  Who cares what came in the box, we want to be in the box.  This is me and my brother doing what we do best.  Do you like boxes as much as we do?  Signed Twin Kitties

Dear Twin Kitties – That is adorable my friends.  It really is.  You got you a condo going on right there in that picture – snorts.  Me, I don’t like ‘sleeping’ in boxes but I do love destroying boxes.  Just give me five minutes alone with a box.  That’s all I ask.  I will have the bestest of all times!


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Movie Night at the Hotel Thompson – 3 Pigs and a Baby

OMP (oh my pig!)

Where has the movie been all of my piggy life?  I found this movie, 3 Pigs and a Baby, on Netflix last night.  It was released in March of 2008 and I *just* found it.  Okay, I’ll give you that.  I wasn’t born in 2008 but still.  Any movie about pigs, that seems to be right up my alley, don’t you think?

For movie night last night, we all watched this movie and I have to say it was hilarious!    I’m not sure who laughed the hardest, me, mom, dad, Hemi or Houdini.  Have you seen this?!  I give it five out of five snorts.  It keeps you on your hooves with laughs, turns and twists.

The movie starts with part of the ending and then tweaks back to how it got to this point.  You are asking what point?  Well in the opening shot, the 3 little pigs are all tied together, hanging upside down over a boiling pot of water in the wolve warehouse.  That’s a scary way to start the movie huh?

Then the story flashes back to what got the 3 little pigs to this situation.  It goes through the original story.

The big bad wolf goes to  Sandy Pig’s house made of hay.  He tells Sandy Pig to open the door.  Sandy Pig says not by the hair on his chinny chin-chin.  The big wolf then huffs and puffs and blows the house down.   Sandy Pig then runs to his brother Richard Pig’s house.

The big bad wolf then goes to Richard Pig’s house made out of sticks.  He tells Richard Pig to open the door.  Richard Pig says not by the hair on his chinny chin-chin.  The big wolf then huffs and puffs and blows the house down.   Richard Pig and Sandy Pig then run to their brother Mason Pig’s house.

The big bad wolf then goes to Mason Pig’s house made out of bricks.  He tells Mason Pig to open the door.  Mason Pig says not by the hair on his chinny chin-chin.  The big wolf then huffs and puffs and blows the house down.   But wait a minute, he can’t because the house is made of bricks.  The big bad wolf is determined to get inside of the house of bricks so he climbs up to the chimney.  His plan is to go down the chimney and thus he will be inside of the brick house.  In the meantime, the 3 little pigs build a fire.  Well, you can guess what happens.  That big bad wolf won’t be huffing and puffing anymore – snorts.  

But, that’s when the story takes a huge left turn and becomes a snort of a completely different movie.  In fact, this movie has more twists and turns than a roadtrip in the mountains.  Those big bad wolves are not giving up in getting those oinkers.  They plan on infiltrating into the house of bricks by leaving a baby wolf in a basket at the doorstep in hopes that Mason, Richard and Sandy Pig adopt him.  After some convincing, the 3 pigs adopt little “Lucky” as their own.  Lucky has no clue that he’s a pig, he just knows he’s different.

Lucky goes to school at Pigville Academy and all is fine until he begins to be a teenager.  Then he finds out he’s adopted – snorts.  He learns that he is a wolf raised as a pig and he was adopted by Mason, Richard and Sandy Pig.  Uh-oh Houston we have a problem.

Lucky runs away and finds the big bad wolves.  They convince him, “To be a wolf , you have to be head to toe in fur, claws, and a… meat eater of gulp – PIG.”  Oh no… this is not going to end well.  They convince him that he needs to hide the key to the brick house under the mat on the harvest moon so they can take care of things… things that are a secret that they can’t talk about.  Lucky agrees – thud piggy down!  And later the big bad wolves convince Lucky that there will be a surprise party for his dads so he has to leave the key under the mat.

The Harvest moon comes and by this time, Richard and Sandy Pig have re-built their homes and moved out of Mason’s brick home.  Mason and Lucky get into an argument and Lucky rides off on his motorcycle but not until after putting the key under the mat.  And the Harvest Moon – it’s a sign for the big bad wolves to start their hunting season.  So here we go again.

The wolves go to  Sandy Pig’s house made of hay.  They tells Sandy Pig to open the door.  Sandy Pig says not by the hair on his chinny chin-chin.  The wolves huff and puff and blows the house down.   Sandy Pig then runs to his brother Richard Pig’s house.

The wolves then go to Richard Pig’s house made out of sticks.  They tell Richard Pig to open the door.  Richard Pig says not by the hair on his chinny chin-chin.  The wolves then huff and puff and blows the house down.   Richard Pig and Sandy Pig then run to their brother Mason Pig’s house.

 The wolves then go to Mason Pig’s house made out of bricks.  They tell Mason Pig to open the door.  Mason Pig says not by the hair on his chinny chin-chin.  The wolves then huff and puff and blows the house down.   But wait a minute, he can’t because the house is made of bricks.  But wait a minute, why huff and puff when you can just use the key under the mat to get into the house.

So here we are, right back to where the movie started.  The 3 little pigs are tied up and hanging over a huge pot of boiling water.  This is when the pigs find out that Lucky was planted in their home to get the pigs eventually in time.

At the last minute before the 3 little pigs are dunked into the hot boiling water, Lucky comes flying through the warehouse window on his motorcycle and saves his three dad’s.  Of course the wolves aren’t happy about this and they take after the 3 little pigs who are headed to the brick house.  A fight of sorts begins and things go a little hectic until Lucky makes a big speech.

After Lucky’s speech, the Pig Wolf Pact is signed dedicating pigs and wolves to a life of peace, love and understanding from here on out.  And Lucky, he was lucky.  Not only did he get three fathers with the 3 little pigs, he also got the adopted family of the wolves.  All is good again in Pigville.

What a sweet and wonderful movie.  I must buy this for my collection so that I can watch it over and over.  It touched my little piggy heart and made me smile and snort.  You gotta watch this movie!


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Thanksgiving Funny – Favorite Show

Something tells me that this show is going to have a really bad ending – snorts.


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Boo! Cue Scary Music – It’s Friday the 13th

You know, normally this day would not bother me.  BUT, thanks to daddy I’m a nervous wreck this morning.  For some odd reason, mommy gave him control of the television remote last night thus he picked movie night.  He picked – you got it – Friday the 13th.  Mommy tried to warn me that it wasn’t pig rated and I should go to my room and watch my television.  I didn’t listen because I’m a big pig.  Why didn’t I listen??  After the movie, which I might add is oh so scary!, dad gently reminded me that today is Friday the 13th.  Gee dad, thanks so much for that wonderful and so caring reminder.

Today’s not scary.  It’s just a date, right.  Repeat after me.  It’s just a number.  Numbers are not scary.  Numbers are our friends.  Right?  I’m trying to convince myself you that there is nothing wrong with today being that evil Friday the 13th.  Really… it’s just a date.

There’s lots of Fridays in the month.  There’s a 13th in every month.  It happens every month.  So what’s the big deal?  Who am I trying to convince?  Today is a scary day.  It’s Friday the 13th!  I’ve watched the movie and what has been watched can not be unwatched.

And dad, he is milking this day for all of what it is worth.  He is SO not helping.  I know you are just paying me back for all of the times that I have ‘barked’ and oinked at you.  For all of the times that I wouldn’t share mommy with you.  I know pay back is bad.

But really, I woke up to this mask hanging on my bedroom door.  Are you trying to give this little pig a heart attack so early in the morning?  You knew I was already flipping out with the date and the movie.  Bad daddy – bad!

Then daddy, if you really are my daddy – snorts, you fixed me breakfast this morning.  I should have known you were up to no good by doing that.  You never fix me breakfast – always mommy.  And everyone, you’re probably thinking that was real sweet of ole dad doing that, right?  Until he called me for breakfast.  “Jason, your breakfast is ready.”  Really?  You’ve gone just too far with that one dad of mine.

And then dad said to mom, “Hey, let’s go to Camp Crystal Lake this weekend?”  Thud – piggy down.  Dad, I will pay you back with this date.  Really, I will.

Happy Friday the 13th my friends.  




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Happy Last Day of the Month

Happy Saturday my dear sweet friends.  20130929-141408.jpgToday is the last day of September and the spooky month of October starts tomorrow.  I wanted to give you a heads up about October.  October is going to be a busy month for this little piggy.

I skyped a witch and she even saw me in her crystal ball.  Even she knew I was up to something before mom and dad did.  You see,  I’m going to have 31 days of Spook on my blog.  I’m personally going to highlight scary movies, television shows, legends, monsters and other things that go bump in the night.  I might even quiz you on some of them so be prepared.  Start brushing up on your trivia.  I hope it will be fun for everyone.

So, happy last day of September my friends.  Welcome to Spooky October!  Evil snort


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