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31 Days of Spook – Fort Pulaski


Today I want to talk to you about a place that mom and dad have visited on Tybee Island. It’s called Fort Pulaski, a national monument, located at US Highway 80 E, Savannah, Georgia. Maybe it’s not full of ghosts, but if you close your eyes and listen hard enough perhaps you will still hear the sounds of battle.

The park is open daily from 9AM until 5PM. You can go on a guided tour or roam the grounds by yourself. Mom and dad decided to go by themselves and see what kind of trouble they could get into – go mom/dad.

After you pay to enter the park, you drive over the Cockspur Island Bridge into the grounds. It’s kind of a dark picture to the right but the trees are gorgeous! Look at all of that rolling lovely green grass! So many places for this little porker to play – pets are welcomed ūüôā

Then you start to see the fort itself – so massive! I don’t know why but mom was just astonished to the ‘moat’ that was around this huge fortress. Mom and dad said they were the only ones there for a bit and the silence from everything was kind of overwhelming.20131027-183243.jpg

It was like you could almost hear the gunshots in the background, the moans of soldiers and people talking. The wind was blowing and you could hear it singing in between the brick walls with the soft sounds of the water echoing. It was kind of eerie.


Fort Pulaski is huge. It was overcast this day so some of the pictures are not the best but hopefully you will enjoy them. Mom took this picture to the right as they were walking down to enter into the fort. It looks calm but mom/dad both said that the air was heavy.  They walked all the way down until the other side of the building.


That’s where there was a bridge that they walked over to enter into the fort itself. For the building to be as old as it is (built in 1861), it is remarkably still intact. You do see some stonework falling inside of the casemates but as a whole, it is grand.

Fireplaces and windows are still standing as well as the cannons in the windows. You’ll even notice on the bottom of the cannon picture where the cannons could slide left/right for positioning of the firing.


And how would you like to be a prisoner of the fort? Look to this picture to the left of the ‘beds’ they used. Wood slats. Comfy huh? Daddy tried one when mom ‘locked him up’ in prison. It was kind of hard – snorts.


And I saved the best picture until last.

20131027-183321.jpg The stairs to the top of the fort.

I’m not mentioning names but someone thought they would wobble up these torturous stairs to the top of the fort to take a peek. Notice that the stairs do not have handrails. It was a great view at the top and I would have a picture to share if only mom remembered to bring the camera – silly mom. And she wasn’t crawling back down to get the camera she said. And also let’s say that mom took the adventure of the stairs and that night it hurt in every place possible. That’ll teach mom not to climb and old fort like she was a teenager – snorts.

Oh, and another missed photo opportunity mom/dad made. They saw and met a beautiful white German Shepherd while visiting the Fort. She was so friendly and mom got to love on her for a while with her parents.

So the question remains. Is Fort Pulaski haunted? Mom asked one of the workers and she was told no. Is it spooky – yes. Do you pick up “feelings” of days gone – yes. Mom and dad both said they could close their eyes and hear and picture in their minds the activity that happened once upon a time. ¬†

Since mom/dad have been back home, I’ve done a lot of research on Fort Pulaski. ¬†To my amazement, there have been many encounters with the unknown at the Fort over the years. ¬†There was a story about a mother and son visiting the fort that were crossing over the draw bridge to enter into the fort. ¬†They met a Confederate sentry dressed in uniform with his sword. ¬†They spoke to him about his outfit and the fort. ¬†The mother then inquired about a restroom and he advised that he could not leave his position to show her. ¬†She thanked the man and with her son she continued into the fort to ask about the restrooms. ¬†There she was advised that the restrooms were at the entrance. ¬†She became upset and told the man about the soldier she spoke to at the drawbridge. ¬†The man advised her that they had no soldiers dressed in Confederate uniforms at the fort.

Then there was a time that a group of Confederate re-enactors placed a wreath at the graves in 1994. ¬†They then settled down for the night and camped out. ¬†During the night, a young 12 year old boy couldn’t sleep and was walking around the fort. ¬†Nearing the graves, he saw a figure of a Confederate soldier in uniform on his knees near the grave they had put the wreath. ¬†The soldier had his hat in his hand, then stood and faded away into the air.

Then during further research, I learned that an actor that you might have heard of did a movie at Fort Pulaski back in 2009.  The movie was called The Conspirator and the actor was Robert Redford.

It’s up to you to decide if it’s haunted or not. ¬†Maybe someone needs to let the worker at the shop know that there has been some cases of mysterious sightings. ¬†It was definitely an adventure that mom/dad would be willing to do again… of course minus the stairs – snorts.


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Boo! Myrtles Plantation

Hello¬†my little horror fans. Thank you for staying with me during this 31 Days of Spook.¬† Today, let’s talk about haunted houses.

When I think about the most haunted house here in the United States, the first one that always comes to mind is the Myrtles Plantation in St Francisville, Louisiana.¬† Today, it’s a quaint little bed and breakfast. ¬†But before, there was an ugly past that took place that made it the spook fest that it is today.

Back in the day of plantations, there was a despicable thing that southern plantation owners did and that was called having slaves. ¬†It was a horrible act to ‘own’ another person just because of the color of your skin. ¬†Thank goodness that those days are long behind us and we have progressed to the point of not ‘owning’ someone ever again.

But back in the¬†day of the Myrtles when Mark and Sara Woodruff owned the plantation, they had many slaves, one in particular was Chloe. ¬†Chloe was caught eavesdropping on a conversation of the Woodruffs. ¬†For punishment, one of Chloe’s ears was cut off and she wore a green turban to hide it. ¬†Chloe, to say the least, was very upset over having one of her ears cut off.

In order to get even, Chloe baked a birthday cake containing the extract of boiled and reduced oleander leaves, which are extremely poisonous.  Her plan was to make Mr. Woodruff sick but it backfired.  Only Sara Woodruff and her two daughters ate the cake and all three of them died from the poison.  All of the other slaves were very upset over Chloe doing this and supposedly they hung Chloe and then threw her body into the Mississippi River.

To this day when the circumstances are just right, you can see Chloe wearing her green turban walking through the Myrtles Plantation or the grounds.  And, if you look closer, you can see the Woodruff children playing on the front porch just like they did when they were alive.

And there are rumors about a mirror in the plantation. ¬†Shivers. ¬†This one had my fur standing straight up on edge. ¬†Back in¬†the day, when there was a death in the family, people covered all of the mirrors in the home. ¬†Perhaps with everything going on with Chloe and the three deaths, a mirror that hangs in the foyer got forgotten. ¬†It’s rumored that this mirror holds the spirits of Sara Woodruff and her two children. ¬†So if you are visiting the plantation and primping in this mirror, give it a close look. ¬†You might see some little hand marks on the glass.

But let’s now stop here with Chloe. ¬†There are still others that haunt the plantation. ¬†The house itself is reported to be built over an Indian burial ground. ¬†Legend is there is a ghost of a young Indian woman that can be seen around the grounds.

And during the Civil War, the house was overtaken by Union soldiers. ¬†It’s claimed that there were three soldiers killed in the house in the doorway. ¬†There in the doorway is a blood stain ¬†where the three soldiers were killed roughly the size of a human body that will not come clean.¬†¬†Legend states that people that try to use a mop or broom on that one particular area are unable to push the mop or broom in that one spot.

Have you had enough of this plantation yet?  Is your fur standing on edge?  Let me end with one more story of the Myrtles Plantation.

There is also the ghost of William Winter. ¬†He was shot on the front porch of the plantation. ¬†He came back inside and crawled up the stairs to the 17th step where he collapsed dead in his wife’s arms. ¬†Often, you can see a ghost walking or crawling up the stairs and disappearing on the 17th step. ¬†Doesn’t this make you want to go ghost hunting now?


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Boo! – Cemeteries

Cemetery Hill

When I think of places that a lot people died during a lot of fighting, one of the places that come to mind is Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  Cemetery Hill had so many people that died during the Battle of Gettsyburg that it’s hard for me to wrap my mind around it.  There were so many bodies that it was hard to bury everyone in a timely manner.  You can imagine the smell that overcame the land.  There are still reports today of people smelling death.  And you know what they say about unrested bodies, they become ghosts forever looking for redemption.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

A famous cemetery that mom would ¬†like to visit is in Los Angeles, California. ¬†(I know ‚Äď she‚Äôs weird like that. ¬†She finds walking through the cemeteries as calming as walking on a beach. ¬†Go figure ‚Äď she‚Äôs my mom.) ¬†Hollywood Forever Cemetery¬†is the final resting place of many celebrities over the years. ¬†¬†I‚Äôll need to break down a listing of more important graves here later on in the month. ¬†For now though, let‚Äôs concentrate on some hauntings of the cemetery. ¬†A famous person known to haunt here is Clifton Webb. ¬†People at the cemetery claim to hear voices and lights near the Abbey of the Psalms Mausoleum. ¬†A story that intrigues me that I‚Äôve seen on television numerous times is the crypt of Rudolph Valentino. ¬†For years on the anniversary of his death, a lady dressed in black would be seen wearing a veil to cover her face at his crypt leaving a single red rose. ¬†No one really knew for sure who this person was and still today the tradition of leaving a single red rose continues on his anniversary.

Bonaventure Cemetery

And I must end this stroll through the cemeteries at one of mom/dad‚Äôs most famous places in Savannah,¬†Georgia at¬†Bonaventure Cemetery. ¬†Did you know that this cemetery had the ‚ÄúBird Girl‚ÄĚ statue that is the photograph of the book¬†Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil? ¬†I say had now because it has since been moved to a museum nearby but there are still some amazing tombs and headstones left. ¬†Mom/dad have spent multiple days and hours strolling through and visiting with the folks still there. ¬†One of the famous haunts is of little Gracie Watson who died of pneumonia when she was only six years old. ¬†Currently they have her grave fenced off‚Ķ is that to keep people from touching her little statue or from keeping little Gracie from touching you? ¬† There‚Äôs also the hell hounds that local legend have talked about. ¬†People claim to hear them snarling but no one ever sees them. ¬†Perhaps they feel the hot breath of a dog on their ankles letting them know they need to step back. ¬†You think?


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Boo! House in the Woods

Today I have a question for you. ¬†You see this house off in the woods. ¬†It’s raining something fierce. ¬†You need shelter because you don’t have a raincoat let alone an umbrella. ¬†The storm is getting worse and now lightning is ripping across the sky and thunder is booming and echoing in the woods. ¬†So the question is my pretty’s – do you go into this house for shelter waiting for the storm to pass? ¬†Oh and let me add a little twist to the equation. ¬†This house is reputed to be haunted. ¬†So what do you say? ¬†Are you up for a little adventure my friends?



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Boo! Cue Scary Music – It’s Friday the 13th

You know, normally this day would not bother me. ¬†BUT, thanks to daddy I’m a nervous wreck this morning. ¬†For some odd reason, mommy gave him control of the television remote last night thus he picked movie night. ¬†He picked – you got it – Friday the 13th. ¬†Mommy tried to warn me that it wasn’t pig rated and I should go to my room and watch my television. ¬†I didn’t listen because I’m a big pig. ¬†Why didn’t I listen?? ¬†After the movie, which I might add is oh so scary!, dad gently reminded me that today is Friday the 13th. ¬†Gee dad, thanks so much for that wonderful and so caring reminder.

Today’s not scary. ¬†It’s just a date, right. ¬†Repeat after me. ¬†It’s just a number. ¬†Numbers are not scary. ¬†Numbers are our friends. ¬†Right? ¬†I’m trying to convince myself you that there is nothing wrong with today being that evil Friday the 13th. ¬†Really… it’s just a date.

There’s lots of Fridays in the month. ¬†There’s a 13th in every month. ¬†It happens every month. ¬†So what’s the big deal? ¬†Who am I trying to convince? ¬†Today is a scary day. ¬†It’s Friday the 13th! ¬†I’ve watched the movie and what has been watched can not be unwatched.

And dad, he is milking this day for all of what it is worth. ¬†He is SO not helping. ¬†I know you are just paying me back for all of the times that I have ‘barked’ and oinked at you. ¬†For all of the times that I wouldn’t share mommy with you. ¬†I know pay back is bad.

But really, I woke up to this mask hanging on my bedroom door.  Are you trying to give this little pig a heart attack so early in the morning?  You knew I was already flipping out with the date and the movie.  Bad daddy Рbad!

Then daddy, if you really are my daddy – snorts,¬†you fixed me breakfast this morning. ¬†I should have known you were up to no good by doing that. ¬†You never fix me breakfast – always mommy. ¬†And everyone, you’re probably thinking that was real sweet of ole dad doing that, right? ¬†Until he called me for breakfast. ¬†“Jason, your breakfast is ready.” ¬†Really? ¬†You’ve gone just too far with that one dad of mine.

And then dad said to mom, “Hey, let’s go to Camp Crystal Lake this weekend?” ¬†Thud – piggy down. ¬†Dad, I will pay you back with this date. ¬†Really, I will.

Happy Friday the 13th my friends.  




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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon – I’ve made a grave mistake. ¬†There was a hole in the back of this contraption. ¬†I crawled in and when I did, it shut closed. ¬†Now I’m stuck… I feel like a squirrel on display for the world to see. ¬†The birds are pointing and laughing at me. ¬†What am I to do? ¬†Help? ¬†Signed Mannequin Squirrel

Dear Mannequin Squirrel – WOW! ¬†What can I say? ¬†You do look awesome with your mannequin display. ¬†I can say perhaps you should enjoy what you can… maybe take a seat and a quick bite of that delightful feed. ¬†By the time you get done with your dinner, maybe the owner of the house will see you in your tight spot and help you out. ¬†If not, can you jump and push the top off for a quick escape? ¬†And don’t worry about the birds pointing and laughing. ¬†Might you remind them that you have plenty of food to eat while you wait unlike them – snorts.

Dear Bacon – We like to put the warning out there for the humans. ¬†If you cross the metal gates leading into our kingdom, be warned. ¬†You will experience a death like no other from the ankles down. ¬†We may be small and short but we have sharp teeth like a shark. ¬†Just sayin’. ¬†Does your little brother do the same? ¬†Signed Harley and Davidson

Dear Harley and Davidson – Awesome idea my friends. ¬†Truth is in the advertising. ¬†If peeps are dumb enough to cross that warning, their ankles deserve what they get. ¬†And yes. ¬†Houdini has the sharpest teeth that I’ve ever felt. ¬†That’s right – I said felt. ¬†I feel them when he tries to hang off of my piggy tail and swing back and forth like I’m an amusement park. ¬†The little guy has no respect for this pig – he thinks I’m his personal jungle gym.

Dear Bacon – ¬†Honestly. ¬†I was asleep the entire time that the master was away. ¬†Really I was. ¬†When I woke up, the front room cushions exploded. ¬†I didn’t hear a thing! ¬†Exploded I tell you. ¬†Of course, I’m getting the blame. ¬†But really it wasn’t me. ¬†Signed Lab Shredder

Dear Lab Shredder – Darn those dust bunnies for striking again! ¬†I believe you my friend. ¬†I really do. ¬†Dust bunnies sound cute and look kind of cute but all alone they can be little vultures that wreak havoc all over the house blaming us anipals. ¬†Shakes and shivers from fear. ¬†They can’t be trusted at all. ¬†No way! ¬†I say you need to hunt them down one by one and take care of them. ¬†As far as you getting the blame for this. ¬†If it wasn’t on video and there is nothing concrete showing you did it, I say they have to let you walk my friend. ¬†No evidence means NOT GUILTY. ¬†Lowers my hammer in my court room and says dismissed.

¬†Dear Bacon – It’s really not what it looks like. ¬†Me and my friend were playing leap frog. ¬†We see frogs do it all of the time and we thought we would try it. ¬†We turned on the camera and started. ¬†We posted this on Instagram and everyone went crazy saying that we were multi-flying. ¬†No honestly we weren’t. ¬†We were just playing a game. ¬†What do you think? ¬†Signed Doris and Rock

Dear Doris and Rock РSnorts with piggy laughter.  Whatever you kids are calling it this day, sure.  Just be safe my friends.



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Boo! A Boy and His Bigfoot

This report was forwarded to the Georgia Swamp Ape Research Center, GSARC and detailed an encounter in the Okefenokee Swamp. While a fourteen-year-old boy and his family were camping on the West side at Stephen¬†Foster State Park in 1972, the boy was walking along a waterway when he heard footsteps behind him, drawing closer. He assumed it was his siblings. ‚ÄúI figured they were going to scare me, and I decided to let them sneak up and I would jump out and scare them.‚ÄĚ Moments later ‚Äúa thing that looked like a cross between a chimpanzee and a little man‚ÄĚ approached along the path. ‚ÄúIt saw me and let out a sound like from hell,‚ÄĚ then crouched down and nimbly sprung on the boy. ‚ÄúIt knocked me down and tried to get its teeth in (to) my neck. I screamed. I thought I was dead.‚ÄĚ

Fortunately, the youngster‚Äôs parents heard the scream and shouted back. ‚ÄúIt raised up real slow and sniffed the air for a few seconds,‚ÄĚ he continued. ‚ÄúThen it just got up and walked into the canal and swam across to the other side,‚ÄĚ disappearing into the woods.





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