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HA – I Finally Found *The* Answer

There I was minding my own business surfing the night to find the answers to all the questions.  That’s when I saw this picture.  There you go my friends.  That’s the answer.  What?  You don’t know what I’m talking about?  Okay think about it.  Go back in time when you were in school and you had that math class that asked the answer.  If Juan had watermelons, how many could he fit in the car.  Snorts with piggy laughter.  Now you get it?


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Movie Night at the Hotel Thompson – 3 Pigs and a Baby

OMP (oh my pig!)

Where has the movie been all of my piggy life?  I found this movie, 3 Pigs and a Baby, on Netflix last night.  It was released in March of 2008 and I *just* found it.  Okay, I’ll give you that.  I wasn’t born in 2008 but still.  Any movie about pigs, that seems to be right up my alley, don’t you think?

For movie night last night, we all watched this movie and I have to say it was hilarious!    I’m not sure who laughed the hardest, me, mom, dad, Hemi or Houdini.  Have you seen this?!  I give it five out of five snorts.  It keeps you on your hooves with laughs, turns and twists.

The movie starts with part of the ending and then tweaks back to how it got to this point.  You are asking what point?  Well in the opening shot, the 3 little pigs are all tied together, hanging upside down over a boiling pot of water in the wolve warehouse.  That’s a scary way to start the movie huh?

Then the story flashes back to what got the 3 little pigs to this situation.  It goes through the original story.

The big bad wolf goes to  Sandy Pig’s house made of hay.  He tells Sandy Pig to open the door.  Sandy Pig says not by the hair on his chinny chin-chin.  The big wolf then huffs and puffs and blows the house down.   Sandy Pig then runs to his brother Richard Pig’s house.

The big bad wolf then goes to Richard Pig’s house made out of sticks.  He tells Richard Pig to open the door.  Richard Pig says not by the hair on his chinny chin-chin.  The big wolf then huffs and puffs and blows the house down.   Richard Pig and Sandy Pig then run to their brother Mason Pig’s house.

The big bad wolf then goes to Mason Pig’s house made out of bricks.  He tells Mason Pig to open the door.  Mason Pig says not by the hair on his chinny chin-chin.  The big wolf then huffs and puffs and blows the house down.   But wait a minute, he can’t because the house is made of bricks.  The big bad wolf is determined to get inside of the house of bricks so he climbs up to the chimney.  His plan is to go down the chimney and thus he will be inside of the brick house.  In the meantime, the 3 little pigs build a fire.  Well, you can guess what happens.  That big bad wolf won’t be huffing and puffing anymore – snorts.  

But, that’s when the story takes a huge left turn and becomes a snort of a completely different movie.  In fact, this movie has more twists and turns than a roadtrip in the mountains.  Those big bad wolves are not giving up in getting those oinkers.  They plan on infiltrating into the house of bricks by leaving a baby wolf in a basket at the doorstep in hopes that Mason, Richard and Sandy Pig adopt him.  After some convincing, the 3 pigs adopt little “Lucky” as their own.  Lucky has no clue that he’s a pig, he just knows he’s different.

Lucky goes to school at Pigville Academy and all is fine until he begins to be a teenager.  Then he finds out he’s adopted – snorts.  He learns that he is a wolf raised as a pig and he was adopted by Mason, Richard and Sandy Pig.  Uh-oh Houston we have a problem.

Lucky runs away and finds the big bad wolves.  They convince him, “To be a wolf , you have to be head to toe in fur, claws, and a… meat eater of gulp – PIG.”  Oh no… this is not going to end well.  They convince him that he needs to hide the key to the brick house under the mat on the harvest moon so they can take care of things… things that are a secret that they can’t talk about.  Lucky agrees – thud piggy down!  And later the big bad wolves convince Lucky that there will be a surprise party for his dads so he has to leave the key under the mat.

The Harvest moon comes and by this time, Richard and Sandy Pig have re-built their homes and moved out of Mason’s brick home.  Mason and Lucky get into an argument and Lucky rides off on his motorcycle but not until after putting the key under the mat.  And the Harvest Moon – it’s a sign for the big bad wolves to start their hunting season.  So here we go again.

The wolves go to  Sandy Pig’s house made of hay.  They tells Sandy Pig to open the door.  Sandy Pig says not by the hair on his chinny chin-chin.  The wolves huff and puff and blows the house down.   Sandy Pig then runs to his brother Richard Pig’s house.

The wolves then go to Richard Pig’s house made out of sticks.  They tell Richard Pig to open the door.  Richard Pig says not by the hair on his chinny chin-chin.  The wolves then huff and puff and blows the house down.   Richard Pig and Sandy Pig then run to their brother Mason Pig’s house.

 The wolves then go to Mason Pig’s house made out of bricks.  They tell Mason Pig to open the door.  Mason Pig says not by the hair on his chinny chin-chin.  The wolves then huff and puff and blows the house down.   But wait a minute, he can’t because the house is made of bricks.  But wait a minute, why huff and puff when you can just use the key under the mat to get into the house.

So here we are, right back to where the movie started.  The 3 little pigs are tied up and hanging over a huge pot of boiling water.  This is when the pigs find out that Lucky was planted in their home to get the pigs eventually in time.

At the last minute before the 3 little pigs are dunked into the hot boiling water, Lucky comes flying through the warehouse window on his motorcycle and saves his three dad’s.  Of course the wolves aren’t happy about this and they take after the 3 little pigs who are headed to the brick house.  A fight of sorts begins and things go a little hectic until Lucky makes a big speech.

After Lucky’s speech, the Pig Wolf Pact is signed dedicating pigs and wolves to a life of peace, love and understanding from here on out.  And Lucky, he was lucky.  Not only did he get three fathers with the 3 little pigs, he also got the adopted family of the wolves.  All is good again in Pigville.

What a sweet and wonderful movie.  I must buy this for my collection so that I can watch it over and over.  It touched my little piggy heart and made me smile and snort.  You gotta watch this movie!


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Paw Time with Houdini

Hello sweet friends!  We survived it – Halloween is now behind us and gone for another year.  I’m kind of excited about that.  Why?  Because that means Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before you know it.  Now I know we have some stumbling blocks at the end of November – namely that evil Elf on the Shelf here that calls himself Don Juan.  But, we got this my friends.  We can so do this in anticipation of the fat man at Christmas.  Have you gotten your Christmas list started yet?  I’ll tell you a secret – come closer.  Mom/Dad have actually already started.  Can you believe that?  I think both of them are more excited for Christmas this year than I have seen them in a very long time.

So friends – I hope you have a wonderful weekend – we plan to run errands here this weekend.  And we all know what that means — mom’s lap won’t be here.  But don’t worry – I will get my lap time.  I’m a Yorkie.  I demand it – barks to you!!



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Paw Time with Houdini

Look at me – I’m a bumble bee.  Buzz-Buzz.  I roll around, fly around and kiss you all over.  Barks with puppy laughter.  This was my outfit that I picked when I went to the spa Saturday.  I had to show my friends that I may be little but I’ve got a huge heart full of love to buzz around them.  Mom says this may be my last year with this outfit because I was getting too big for it.  I don’t know what she means.  I’m not that big at all… no way.  I’m just a smidgen bigger than an actual bee, right?

Have a great weekend my friends.  I now leave you with Jokes with Daddy!


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Paw Time with Houdini

Hey sweet friends.  It’s almost Halloween – can you believe that?!  This week, me, mom and dad went shopping for my outfit.  I think we found one.  But nope, I can’t tell you what it is just yet.  This was us that in the Jeep rolling to the store so I could pick just the right costume.  It has to be cool – not scary though.  Something easy for me to put on and take off… you know if I have to go potty.  But yet something that is current and cute… like me.  We shopping for a while and I think we have one picked out.

Now, I also want to talk about Bacon’s Halloween party on “Before and After”.  Come on friends – you got this.  The challenge is to post a before picture in the morning and an after picture in the day.  It’s Halloween.  So decorate yourself, put on a costume, put on a disguise.  It’s going to be awesome for sure.  Bacon is trying to get mom’s before picture before she gets out of bed… you know so you can see her horns – barks with puppy laughter.  And there are LOTS of filters and photo shop programs out there friends.  Work it and make it yours.  Be sure to join us on Halloween for Bacon’s Before and After.  Have fun with it because that’s what this blog is all about – having fun.

Now, take it away dad –




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Paw Time with Houdini

img_8308Hello sweet friends!  How was your week?  Have you had fun?  Are you ready for the weekend – some awesome football games?  Let me tell you – I LOVE me some football.  In fact, mom/dad were watching a football game this weekend. And yes, they were really getting into the plays.  Well I went and found my football toy cause you know – I wanna play too.  The only thing missing was my football jersey.  So maybe, mom can put that on me next time.  Do you watch football?  Do you have a favorite team?

We absolutely LOVE football here.  The cooler weather, the fires going, the tail gating, the snack foods.  Bacon will tell you in a heartbeat that he comes from a long line of football players… not the team members but the footballs – barks with puppy laughter.  Bacon’s favorite team is the Razorbacks – go figure huh?  But mom/dad’s favorite team is the Tennessee Volunteers.  Did you know that mom/dad’s blood is orange?  I know that’s weird to me too but I hear them all of the time tell people that the bleed orange.  Strange humans.

So what teams do your humans like?  Or do they even like football?  I just like to watch all of the guys run errand on the field chasing their ball.  What can I say, right?

Well my friends, I leave you with Jokes from Daddy.  Have an excellent Friday and weekend ❤


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31 Days of Spook – Martha Washington Boarding School

Hello friends.  Are you spooked yet?  Well today I continue with my guest submission by Angie Deptula.  Wasn’t her submission earlier today just chilling?  Well, your in for a extra treat with her final submission.  Happy reading my spooks.

There once was a boarding school for delinquent girls, named Martha Washington Institute or Martha Washington School for Girls. It was located at Brighton Beach on Lake Washington in Seattle. It functioned from 1900-1971, and at one point became known as “Martha Washington School for the Insane Girls.” Prior to this, Judge Smith had owned the house. Smith built the home with a nursery and a boathouse, with a hollow stairway to a madrone tree on the property, a location that plays a role in today’s hauntings. Rumors of violence, murder and suicide are associated with the school while it was opened.  It is thought that a janitor of the school had raped and killed a girl by hanging her on the tree. Whether this hanging was done on the madrone tree or not, I’m not aware of that.

In 1971, after the school closed, a satanic group utilized the building for rituals and sacrificed animals on the property. Because this is within a residential location, the general community became uneasy with the building so the city council decided to have the building demolished and turned into a park. Today, without knowing the history of the location, one would think nothing of it.

The park is a popular spot for people to walk their dogs at, or relax and picnic on a nice sunny day. However when nighttime comes, the empty park has an ominous atmosphere. Paranormal activities occur frequently. The old madrone tree is still present and is thought to have ghostly energies attached to it. And the area where the stairway Judge Smith once built is still there and is thought to be a portal. Visitors often feel a presence or become uneasy in that area like they’re being watched. Disembodied footsteps and screaming have also been reported in the park. Teenagers who visit in odd numbers have had a spirit follow them home. A mom who was once visiting the park one evening took a picture of her son and noticed behind him an apparition of a girl looking right at her. Sightings of a girl have been reported multiple times by different sources as well.

One in particular is from a good friend of mine, Pam. One day Pam and her two friends visited the park early in the morning. The girls walked around the empty park. Pam was walking with one of her friend, while the other was off somewhere else. Pam caught movement from her peripheral and turned, noticing a female apparition of a girl in a white nightgown walking, coming up side-by- side to her and her friend. She choked up, froze, the blood rushed out of her face as she realized this girl was translucent. Pam’s friend quickly realized why: Her friend acknowledged the ghostly girl too. They ran and called for their other friend, hurrying to the car. Inside the car, the new car would not start. The girls panicked, feeling ice cold, squealing and squirming in their seats. After a few minutes, the car finally started and they sped away. Pam and the girls have never returned since.

I have been to the park too, with friends, but have never experienced anything like that. I never explored the park long enough, probably because I was too chicken from all the spooky stories I’ve heard of. However, I did feel uneasy, overcome with chills as I felt like invisible eyes were on me the whole time. It’s indescribable, but the place really does feel ominous at night. I wonder if this girl in the white dress or nightgown is the same girl who was killed or murdered at the school, and if she’s the same apparition seen over and over by others? I can imagine there being other spirits on site as well if the place was once used as a satanic gathering. The mysteries of this place are left unknown, but the uneasiness it provokes onto visitors still remains.


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