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National Parent’s Day


 Journalist Rocky the Squirrel here –

Keeping my paws on the nuts of the world!



Today, July 23rd is National Parents Day.  Everyone has a parent – ūüôā  Today is a special day to honor your mother and father – biological or adopted.  I know Bacon appreciates the time he spent with his biological mother and father.  If it wasn’t for them, he wouldn’t have the great parents he has today.  Bacon’s biological parents wished nothing but the best for him and I think he has it here at the Hotel Thompson with his human mom/dad.

All of us here at the Hotel Thompson are very lucky to have mom/dad.  There’s so much love!

Today, National Parents Day, brings the real meaning of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  Spend some time with your parents doing something fun and most important showing them how much they are loved and appreciated.


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Play Dad

Courtesy of Pinterest


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National Junk Food Day


Journalist Rocky the Squirrel here –

Keeping his paws on the nuts of the world –

I think this is a day that we *all* have been looking forward to all year long – National Junk Food Day.  Today, July 21st, we can eat all of the junk we want – hopefully without calories!  Today being National Junk Food Day gives us a chance to eat anything and everything we can put our greedy little hands/paws/hooves on and not feel one bit of guilt.  Potato chips, dips, Cheetos, pretzels, ice cream, nuts, french fries, milkshakes, pizza – what’s your pleasure for today?

Personally, I think today is going to be a race here at the Hotel Thompson to see who can eat more junk food – Bacon or his daddy… oh and don’t think Bacon’s mom won’t participate.  She’s been doing that four lettered bad word – DIEt – I’m sure she will enjoy her own as well!


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Paw Time with Houdini

¬†Okay admission is the first step. ¬†Mom has stepped over the line. ¬†Is it sanity or insanity? ¬†She kept telling daddy that she ordered some ‘special’ pillows for the living room chaise. ¬†Dad was like whatever okay. ¬†But mom continued to say they were ‘special’. ¬†Well they came in and I guess they are special. ¬†They look somewhat familiar. ¬†Of course I’m under strict orders not to touch them, look at them or go near them. ¬†What kind of pillows are they if I can roll all over them, right?

Of course mom was oohing and awwing and telling daddy all about them. ¬†I just say give me five seconds with them… alone.

Do you have ‘special’ pillows that you aren’t allowed to touch?


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Spotlight Thursday – Meet Leia, Raven, Pepper, Michael and Precious

Spotlight Thursday

Welcome my friends to SPOTLIGHT THURSDAY.  This is the time that I will introduce you to one of my fellow anipals so you can get to know them better.  Some of them, you may already know.  We hope that you enjoy this series!


Leia: Well, there’s a lot of us, so who goes-

Raven: FIRST!

Pepper: Very mature, kid.

Michael: Have ya’ll ever noticed that your heads can fit¬†in my mouth? How weird is that?

Precious: Will this take long? I haven’t seen the inside of my eyelids in a¬†very long time.


Pepper: Um, let’s see. Oldest to youngest? In that case Precious is –

Precious: Still young enough to kick your multi-colored tail if you finish that sentence.

Raven: I find it very odd that we all can tell time yet none of us can even read.

Michael: I’m sixteen months old. Not sure what a month is, but¬†I am sixteen of them.

Leia: Oh for crying out loud. Precious is 12, Pepper is 6,¬†I’m 5, and Raven is 8 months.


Leia: I believe we’re in Houston.

Raven: Not exactly Houston. Well, it’s close enough.

Precious: Humble, we’re in Humble.

Pepper: Like, being humble, meek, lowly and that stuff?

Michael: Weird name for a place. I¬†think it’s pronounced “umble” though.

Raven: That’s not how you say “humble”.

Michael: Dude, I know. 

Web/Blog Page:

Leia: You should check it out. Or else!

Pepper: Did you just threaten the audience?

Michael: What’s an audience?

Precious: It’s the people who will be reading this later.

Raven: So why not just call them people?

ALL: Ohhhh……

What were your first thoughts when you met your new parents?  

Michael: I was tearing it up with some of my bros, when all of a¬†sudden…

Raven: These enormous hands came in and grabbed me...

Pepper: Next thing I knew, these faces were looking down on me…

Leia: And they hugged me and gave me food and let me chase the¬†cats…

Precious: I infiltrated the male human’s domicile nigh on a decade ago,¬†feigning an injured paw and utilizing my notable skills of stealth¬†and deception in order to set myself up as the veritable queen¬†of this domicile.

Michael: Pepper told me you got beat up and sounded like a tiny little¬†kitten and daddy fed you scraps of –

Precious: Silence demon fluff dog!

What was the defining moment when you knew you were in your forever home?   

Leia: I’ve got an anxiety problem. I literally ate holes in¬†the walls. And, well, mom and dad still kept me around. ¬†That was unexpected.

Raven: I had a pretty bad rash on my side that really messed up the daily schedule for not only my parents, but for my brother and sisters. Sorry, guys.

Pepper: I think I’ve always known that mom and dad were going to be¬†there for me. Then again, I was the cat equivalent of a toddler when they¬†brought me home.

Precious: As my younger canine companion so eloquently stated earlier, I was in all senses of the word, a rescue. Dad found me one night with an injured paw, took me in, and the rest is history.

Michael: The first night I was brought home. They wouldn’t stop recording¬†me. They had these big, goofy grins on their faces.

Leia: Your head fit in my mouth back then.

What has been your¬†biggest ‚ÄúOh no, now I‚Äôve done it‚ÄĚ moment so far in your home? ¬†¬†

Raven: I really haven’t been here long enough to cause much¬†destruction. I did knock over the lamp a few days ago.

Michael: Did you break it?

Raven: No

Pepper: Doesn’t count.

Leia: I followed mom¬†¬†and dad into the garage one time and hopped¬†into the car. I thought we were going for a ride! Turns out, we weren’t. I¬†freaked when they tried to get me out, and well, I peed in the car.

Everyone else: Hee, hee, hee.

Leia: Grrrrrrr!

Michael: Now, see, I peed literally every single night when I first came home. I had an excuse: I was a puppy.

Leia: Shut. Up.

Pepper: So when we moved to the house from the apartment a few¬†years ago, we suddenly got these long, soft sheets hanging from the top of¬†the windows –

Leia: Curtains. And you obliterated them.

Pepper: Yeah….those were a lot of fun.

Precious: Years ago, and I don’t remember much for the night was so¬†traumatic, I supposedly walked up and down the hall, howling, and¬†eventually, relieved myself on the floor. Obviously these accusations are¬†baseless.

Who do you have wrapped around your paws more ‚Äď mom or dad ‚Äď and why? ¬†

Leia: Mom. I just wriggled my way into her heart.

Michael: I was a white ball of fluff, of course mom loves me the most.

Pepper: I am an egalitarian paw wrapper.

Raven: You’re an eagle?

Pepper: Yes Raven, I am an eagle.

Raven: So cool. I’m an eagle, too.

Precious: You’ve got both mom and dad around your paws?

Raven: That, too.

Precious: The human male’s soul is mine and mine alone. Touch him¬†not!

What’s the biggest misconception that humans think about you?  

Leia: The biggest misconception is that as a French bulldog, I should be more fancy. Well, I live in the US, sorry to disappoint.

Pepper: Oui.

Michael: The greatest misconception about me is that I will eat anything and everything in my path, leaving a wake of destruction so wide and vast it could only be called apocalyptic. All I want is some good play time and some snoozing.

Raven: The whole black cat stigma.

Precious: You’re not bad luck.

Raven: Exactly.


‚̧ Hope you enjoyed meeting my friend ‚Äď check back next week for another Spotlight edition! ‚̧


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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon –¬†20131208-210953.jpgLife is so not fair dude. ¬†Life has become so politically correct lately that no wants to do the things they were doing before because they feel they don’t have to. ¬†Do you know what I mean? ¬†This is me. ¬†I told my human I needed to go for a walk. ¬†What do they do? ¬†They give me the pan and sweeper, told me to walk myself and to clean up after myself. ¬†What? ¬†Isn’t that what the humans are suppose to do? ¬†Not anymore they said. ¬†They said that it wasn’t their poop and I needed to clean it myself. ¬†Enough with this politically correct stuff already. ¬†What do you say? ¬†Signed Swifter

Dear Swifter – Oh pal, I so get you. ¬†People are taking life way too serious and need to lighten up a bit. ¬†Life is too short to be in a constant battle of being politically correct. ¬†I say give back that pan and sweeper to the humans. ¬†You are not playing that game. ¬†If they don’t agree, I think a few strategic poop bombs will work – snorts. ¬†Let me know how it works out for you okay.


Dear Bacon – I don’t get it. ¬†Everyday at the zoo, I come out to greet the humans. ¬†They all make Batman jokes. ¬†I just don’t get and understand it. ¬†My name is Ben not Batman. ¬†Do you get it and if you do can you please explain this to me. ¬†Shakes bear head. ¬†Signed Ben

Dear Ben – Smiles and oinks. ¬†You see my friend there is the superhero called Batman.¬†¬†Batman’s symbol is like the one here to the right. ¬†I wanted to show you this picture because I need you to see what it looks like. ¬†Now, I need you to go look in the mirror at your handsome chest. ¬†Do you see the resemblance? ¬†That’s right – nods head. ¬†You are Batbear! ¬†Snorts with piggy laughter.

I think personally that is a HUGE compliment. ¬†You have the same markings as a superhero. ¬†That makes *you* a superhero my friend. ¬†Think about that. ¬†You have talent. ¬†I say work it up for all it’s worth and have fun with your markings.



Dear Bacon Рsqueaks!  For my birthday, all I asked for was one little thing. I wanted a Radio Flyer.  The small human here has one and they play with theirs all of the time.  It looks like so much fun.  I wanted one too.  That way the little human could pull me around the house and have fun.  The day of my birthday, I woke up and guess what?!  I had my Radio Flyer!  Have you ever been in one?  I feel like I can fly!  What do you think?  Do I make this Radio Flyer?  Signed Pig on Wheels

Dear Pig on Wheels – Awesome my friend. ¬†You totally rock that look and look like you are having the time of your life. ¬†I’ve never been in a Radio Flyer. ¬†I think I may need to add one to my Christmas list this year. ¬†I think ¬†could get use to sitting in it and having people pull me all around. ¬†Squeals with delight – carry on and have fun!


Dear Bacon – Is it working? ¬†I saw the hunk of my dreams walk by. ¬†I’ve heard on television that one way the humans attract their mates is to flip their hair. ¬†I thought I would give it try. ¬†What do you think? Yes or no? ¬†Signed Fluffy

Dear Fluffy – hubba hubba my sweet. ¬†I think it is so working. ¬†You flipped that hair so seductively. ¬†If you flipped it my way, I would be so taken with your beauty and wonder. ¬†If your friend doesn’t catch on, let me know. ¬†Call me okay.



Dear Bacon – That stinking purr thing has ticked me off for the last time. ¬†Every time I turn around, Mr. Giggles does something to *me* and then blames me for anything and everything when the humans are looking. ¬†Mr. Giggles steals my puppy food, drinks my water and sleeps in my masters bed near his head. ¬†Enough of this. ¬†I’m a dog in charge. ¬†Mr. Giggles is going to get it in three, two, one – BOOM. ¬†Signed Mr. Pooky

Dear Pooky – Shakes piggy head. ¬†First off my friend, I thought your humans were a little eccentric naming the kitty Mr. Giggles. ¬†Then I saw your name, Mr. Pooky. ¬†Not like there is anything wrong with that, it’s just unique. ¬†Have you thought this through all of the way? ¬†If you scare the giggles out of Mr. Giggles, rolls eyes, can you imagine what he is going to do to you for payback? ¬†Cause you know it’s going to happen my friend. ¬†I’d say rethink the situation and see possibly how you can set him up like he does to you. ¬†Maybe take one of Mr. Giggles furballs and strategically place it on your master’s pillow. ¬†That might be a better route. ¬†Not that I would know anything like that or not. ¬†Looks innocent and whistles.



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Yellow Pig Day

Journalist Rocky the Squirrel here –

Keeping my paws on the nuts of the world

Hallelujah! Can you believe they make a holiday for this little oinker we have here at the Hotel Thompson called Bacon? It’s not enough that he’s a spoiled little tyke, now he has holidays. It’s certainly a great reason to celebrate with Bacon – we’ll take that anyday.

Yellow Pig Day is today, July 17th. This is not to be confused with National Pig Day celebrated on March 1st every year. Are you wondering what the difference is between the two pig day holidays? Let me explain it to you ūüôā

National Pig Day on March 1st, recognizes and appreciates domesticated pigs, like Bacon. Pot-bellied pigs are often found in petting zoos and sometimes they can be found in regular every day homes like at the Hotel Thompson as members of the family. (I would say as pets but we all know that Bacon has gone beyond that category and is now a ‘member’ of the family. Some would say a child.) I’m sure you already know due to Bacon’s blog here that pigs are highly clever and intelligent animals. They will focus in on one thing until they accomplish whatever they are trying to do. Pigs like Bacon can learn how to open doors, gates, fetch like dogs, roll over and other amazing tricks. Ellen Stanley, an art teacher in Texas, created National Pig Day in 1972. Her intent was to to recognize and be thankful for pigs as intelligent domestic animals. And I have to admit, this holiday is HUGE at the Hotel Thompson.

Yellow Pig Day on July 17th is a mathematician’s holiday celebrating yellow pigs and the number 17. Have you ever seen a yellow pig in real life? Probably not, but wouldn’t it be fun to have them yellow? Why not celebrate yellow pigs anyway! This holiday has been celebrated yearly since the early 1960’s, primarily by mathematicians on college campuses but hey it’s a holiday – let’s celebrate! I wonder if Bacon’s Aunt Tina knows about this date? Did you know that she is in fact a mathematician and a college professor? See smartness runs in the Thompson family ūüôā

The Yellow Pig was created by mathematicians Michael Spivak and David C. Kelly in the early 1960’s. Spivak and Kelly were students at Princeton University, studying of course mathematics. History was made as they were listing interesting properties of the number 17. During this thought wave, the yellow pig was born. The yellow pig and the number 17 have been linked ever since.

So, spend some time today thinking and working in multiples of 17 and thinking about little yellow pigs.


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