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National Parent’s Day


 Journalist Rocky the Squirrel here –

Keeping my paws on the nuts of the world!



Today, July 23rd is National Parents Day.  Everyone has a parent – ūüôā  Today is a special day to honor your mother and father – biological or adopted.  I know Bacon appreciates the time he spent with his biological mother and father.  If it wasn’t for them, he wouldn’t have the great parents he has today.  Bacon’s biological parents wished nothing but the best for him and I think he has it here at the Hotel Thompson with his human mom/dad.

All of us here at the Hotel Thompson are very lucky to have mom/dad.  There’s so much love!

Today, National Parents Day, brings the real meaning of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  Spend some time with your parents doing something fun and most important showing them how much they are loved and appreciated.


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National Junk Food Day


Journalist Rocky the Squirrel here –

Keeping his paws on the nuts of the world –

I think this is a day that we *all* have been looking forward to all year long – National Junk Food Day.  Today, July 21st, we can eat all of the junk we want – hopefully without calories!  Today being National Junk Food Day gives us a chance to eat anything and everything we can put our greedy little hands/paws/hooves on and not feel one bit of guilt.  Potato chips, dips, Cheetos, pretzels, ice cream, nuts, french fries, milkshakes, pizza – what’s your pleasure for today?

Personally, I think today is going to be a race here at the Hotel Thompson to see who can eat more junk food – Bacon or his daddy… oh and don’t think Bacon’s mom won’t participate.  She’s been doing that four lettered bad word – DIEt – I’m sure she will enjoy her own as well!


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Yellow Pig Day

Journalist Rocky the Squirrel here –

Keeping my paws on the nuts of the world

Hallelujah! Can you believe they make a holiday for this little oinker we have here at the Hotel Thompson called Bacon? It’s not enough that he’s a spoiled little tyke, now he has holidays. It’s certainly a great reason to celebrate with Bacon – we’ll take that anyday.

Yellow Pig Day is today, July 17th. This is not to be confused with National Pig Day celebrated on March 1st every year. Are you wondering what the difference is between the two pig day holidays? Let me explain it to you ūüôā

National Pig Day on March 1st, recognizes and appreciates domesticated pigs, like Bacon. Pot-bellied pigs are often found in petting zoos and sometimes they can be found in regular every day homes like at the Hotel Thompson as members of the family. (I would say as pets but we all know that Bacon has gone beyond that category and is now a ‘member’ of the family. Some would say a child.) I’m sure you already know due to Bacon’s blog here that pigs are highly clever and intelligent animals. They will focus in on one thing until they accomplish whatever they are trying to do. Pigs like Bacon can learn how to open doors, gates, fetch like dogs, roll over and other amazing tricks. Ellen Stanley, an art teacher in Texas, created National Pig Day in 1972. Her intent was to to recognize and be thankful for pigs as intelligent domestic animals. And I have to admit, this holiday is HUGE at the Hotel Thompson.

Yellow Pig Day on July 17th is a mathematician’s holiday celebrating yellow pigs and the number 17. Have you ever seen a yellow pig in real life? Probably not, but wouldn’t it be fun to have them yellow? Why not celebrate yellow pigs anyway! This holiday has been celebrated yearly since the early 1960’s, primarily by mathematicians on college campuses but hey it’s a holiday – let’s celebrate! I wonder if Bacon’s Aunt Tina knows about this date? Did you know that she is in fact a mathematician and a college professor? See smartness runs in the Thompson family ūüôā

The Yellow Pig was created by mathematicians Michael Spivak and David C. Kelly in the early 1960’s. Spivak and Kelly were students at Princeton University, studying of course mathematics. History was made as they were listing interesting properties of the number 17. During this thought wave, the yellow pig was born. The yellow pig and the number 17 have been linked ever since.

So, spend some time today thinking and working in multiples of 17 and thinking about little yellow pigs.


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National Fried Chicken Day – Oh Have Mercy!

Journalist Rocky the Squirrel here –

Keeping my paws on the nuts of the world! 


¬†July 6th is National Fried Chicken Day.¬† On this day,¬†enjoy your crispy, tasty, finger licking good fried chicken.¬† Fried chicken has got be one of America’s favorite meals.¬† You know right up there with apple pie!¬† And you know what?¬† Fried chicken is good hot or cold right out of the refrigerator.

We all know that fried foods aren’t good for us but every once in a while, you just have to splurge on some great chicken. And today, I *had* to mention this national holiday because Bacon’s mom is a huge fan.¬† No, let me change that.¬† Bacon’s mom is a ginormous fan of the fried chicken.¬† And yes, even the little booger Bacon likes his share as well.¬† It’s tasty – however you get it.

And the good thing about fried chicken is that it comes in many different forms.¬† Almost everyone thinks that their recipe is the best recipe.¬† You have KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) when it was really KFC – not this newer lighter better for you version they are putting out there.¬† Heck, that’s another news update for another time!¬†¬† You also have Church’s which is really good.¬† Their pieces of chicken are huge and oh so wonderful.¬† And, you even have a place called Bojangles that has really good fried chicken.

Then, you have Bacon’s parents favorite chicken – Popeyes.¬† You can get it either spicy or mild.¬† Mom likes it mild and dad likes it spicy.¬† That Bacon, he eats it either way.¬† Look at that picture of the chicken.¬† Doesn’t that fried chicken look just about next to perfect?¬† Can you tell that we are from the south and we adore chicken??

So, on this day – you enjoy some fried chicken from your favorite place – even if it’s your own kitchen.¬† I am totally sure they will be having Popeyes at the Hotel Thompson!


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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon Рssss safety first is what I always hiss.  My human friend sss says the same thing.  You always buckle upsss the important things in your life when you get into the car.  Anipalsssss are no different.  Remember that my friend Рssss safety first.  Signed Mr. Slithers

Dear Mr. Slithers – Gulps – of course. ¬†I agree strongly with you safety first. ¬†That’s why I would *always* let you ride shot gun up front with the human –¬†always. ¬†In fact, I would go as far as saying I would always let you go with the human period. ¬†I’ll just pass on this ride. ¬†I get car sick at times anyway. ¬†Safe travels to you and yours. ¬†Gulps and slowly backs out of this letter.

Dear Bacon – My human must die. ¬†There it is. ¬†Plain and simple. ¬†He put this stupid contraption on me and now I look like a cat. ¬†Really?! ¬†A cat? ¬†That’s as creative as you can get my human? ¬†Just wait until you go to sleep and you will go to sleep sometime. ¬†Signed Jax

Dear Jax РOh my piggy heavens.  Dude, your owner is very brave to dress you up like that and then to take you out in public and THEN to take your picture.  Clicking my tongue.  Yes you are right.  He must pay tonight.

Dear Bacon – That’s it. ¬†We are ready. ¬†It’s bad enough that we have cats chasing us around the house and inside of the house. ¬†Now when we go out in the field, squirrels are trying to get us too. ¬†This means war. ¬†Bring on the hamster troops. ¬†Cats and squirrels are going down! ¬†Signed Troop End of Destruction

Dear Troop End of Destruction – Pardon me sir but I must ask. ¬†Where do you find those cute little guns and fatigues?? ¬†Ok, I know you are trying to look tough but squeals with piggy excitement. ¬†You are just way too cute to be making any havoc out there in the killing fields. ¬†Can’t you solve this war without tragedies? ¬†Come on. ¬†I bet ya’ll can talk this out in a peaceful manner. ¬†Sure ¬†you can! ¬†I have faith. ¬†I can call Dr. Phil for you. I’m sure he can get you on the show.

Dear Bacon – There I was playing with Mr. Spock and all of a sudden his leg started to spontaneously shoot out white stuffing. ¬†I’m not sure what happened but I knew we needed a medic STAT. ¬†That’s where I jumped in with my scrubs and got to work patching up Mr. Spock. ¬†He didn’t feel a thing during the operation. ¬†And look, his leg will be fine in a couple of days. ¬†It was a close call indeed Mr. Spock. ¬†Signed Dr. Kirk

Dr. Kirk РI know that was a tough call my friend.  Thank goodness nothing beamed you up.  That would have been a tight predicament to be in and oh thank goodness you were on call for the surgery.  Can you imagine how Mr. Spock would look if you had to amputate his little leg?  The horror!

Dear Bacon – I have got to quick partying all night with the dogs in the neighborhood. ¬†I’m not sure what people are putting in their commodes anymore. ¬†We all went out for a few drinks and the next thing you know, I woke up like this. ¬†Of course my friends took pictures to blackmail me with in the future. ¬†I’m not sure what happened or what her name is. ¬†I need help. ¬†Really I do. ¬†It was a ruff situation this morning doing the walk of shame. ¬†Signed Fido

Dear Fido – Oh dude. ¬†I would say you need therapy. ¬†You gotta stop drinking the strange stuff in commodes. ¬†You just never know what might be in there. ¬†You don’t want a repeat of this night. ¬†Oh my goodness. ¬†Are you going to call her at least?


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National Pick Strawberries Day

Journalist Rocky the Squirrel here –

Keeping his paws on the nuts of the world –

May 20th is a wonderful glorious day.¬† It is National Pick Strawberries Day ‚Äď what a great
day to enjoy.  I know that this is a day that the pig Bacon can wrap those jowls around.  He absolutely LOVES strawberries and that’s a huge understatement.

Today, start a new tradition.¬† Go find a strawberry field and pick your own strawberries.¬† Start a family tradition.¬† I think Bacon‚Äôs mom is actually going to go and pick the little fellow a few of his own today.¬†I wonder if they will let Bacon come and pick his own?¬† Chitter Chatter ‚Äď that would be a picture for the blog! ¬†Enjoy my friends!


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Happy Mothers Day Moms!!

Today is a wonderful and glorious day ‚Äď Mother‚Äôs Day.¬† I appreciate my birth mother, Bertha, and I love her very much.¬† If it wasn‚Äôt for her and my dad Champ, I wouldn‚Äôt be here, right? ¬†Snorts. ¬†So I‚Äôm very thankful for my mother ‚Äď Happy Mother‚Äôs Day mommy Bertha.

 I’m also very thankful for my adopted mother.  Mommy Bertha gave me life but my adopted mom gave me a home full of love.

I’m also very thankful for my Nana. ¬†If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have my adopted mommy. ¬†See how these things work?

I am so excited to share this date with you my friends and wish you all a wonderful Mother’s Day filled with love and snuggable hugs.

Trivia Knowledge –¬†did you know that the first Mother‚Äôs Day was May 10, 1908 in Philadelphia.¬† That‚Äôs good trivia knowledge that I learned from Journalist Rocky the Squirrel.

So from me, Hemi, Houdini, the ‘rock’ clan and Journalist Rocky the Squirrel –



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