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Rainy Weather – Yuck


I admit that *most* of the time, mommy calls me sweet Bacon.  I mean what’s not to love, right?  I just walk around the Hotel Thompson snorting and grunting – you know being me.  I sit on the sofa with mommy to get snuggles and love while watching television with her.  Nothing wrong with that at all.

But on the other hoof, there are times when my inner pig comes out… you know the one that’s so uncharacter of me… deviled Ham.  Shivers – he’s a mean guy.  And when he comes out, I can’t help it.  Honestly.  See this past weekend was one of those situations.  Evil deviled Ham came out.


Everything was going good Friday morning until around noon and then something started that was awful.  You see I blame Mother Nature for this part.  It started raining.  I’m not talking about raindrops falling on your head cute kind of rain.  I’m talking about raindrops falling on your head would give you a concussion because it was so strong and would knock you on your hiney.

And rain… well rain makes me just a tad little bit ill and moody.  I have found that the only thing I can do to make it better is to go asleep.  So I slept a lot until mommy got home.  Then, I got into trouble.  You see while mommy was fixing my dinner, deviled Ham snouted her ankles and stepped on her toes with his hooves.  Mom compares this to stepping on a Lego toy.  I don’t know about that personally but mom squealed really loud and wasn’t too happy.  Mommy also said I fussed a lot Friday night and wouldn’t go to bed like I should that night.  Snorts – probably not mom because I slept all day!

Saturday we woke up to more rain.  Stop it Mother Nature!  After breakfast, I went back to bed in order for deviled Ham not to come out.  All was well until the purr things entered *my* sanctuary called my bedroom.  I woke to find a gazillion of their toys all over me in my toddler bed.  Of course, I went and told mommy.  She told me something about sharing.  I saw her mouth moving but all I heard was blah, blah, blah.  Of course that got me into trouble because I wasn’t paying attention.  Later in the day, there was a small misunderstanding about the piggy gate – snorts.  Daddy left it open and I took advantage of it going into the kitchen and eating all of the purr things Iams food.  That’ll serve them right.

And Sunday…. Sunday wasn’t much better.  More rain… lots of it…. torrential buckets falling from the sky.  Rolls piggy eyes.  Why is Mother Nature tormenting me like this?  I went down for a nap mid-day.  During that time, dad fixed himself a peanut butter sandwich and put it on a tray in the front room.  First off, let me tell you about this snort of mine.  I can smell food cross state.  While daddy was in the kitchen fixing a drink, deviled Ham came out and knocked over the tray taking off with said peanut butter sandwich down the hall.

Sigh… and today… today is not much better – more rain.  Someone help a pig out and make it go away please.  I mean it’s so bad this morning that daddy put floaties on mom’s Smart car before she went to the worky place.  I’m trying to convince daddy to start building an ark.  It’s bad my friends.


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aaww – Bashful is having an amazing time with Auntie Sharon. Please be sure to check out his latest antics – snorts. XOXO – Bacon


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