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You Know What They Say…

Do you know what they say about the grass is always greener on the other side?  Or here’s another one – be careful what you wish for?  Yeah, I think I stepped four hooves right into this problem.  I wanted Spring.  Spring is here.  The weather is warmer than Winter… there’s a nice breeze outside… the birds are chirping… the grass is green.  What could be wrong you ask?

One word.

Yep, that six lettered dirty word – POLLEN.  In the south, it’s bad.  I mean really bad.  Today’s forecast:

Total Pollen Count for 4/11/2014: 4054

That’s really high.  That means everything is yellow… or like mom calls it pollinated.   The itchy, watery eyes.  The sneezing.  The can’t breathe because your throat is full of pollen.  And, you can taste it.  Really, you can.  Who wants to go outside and roll around in the grass with all of this out there?  Perhaps I should have been more specific with Mother Nature about Spring?  Daddy has to wear a mask outside when he ventures out.  Between us – he kind of looks like a human wearing a snout – snorts.  And snouts – I’m not going out in my magical backyard until this pollen goes away.  I don’t care how much the unicorn and bigfoot plead for to come play.

Do you have pollen?  Are you a sufferer?  They say it will last for a couple of weeks until everything ‘blooms’.  Until then, welcome to Sprinollen… yep that’s what I’m going to call it.


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Snorts – That Should Give Mom a Heart Attack

Poor mom.  I think daddy is actually trying to throw her over the edge.  I wonder if he’s taking out an insurance policy on her lately?  I must check this.  What?  I watch enough of crime television.  Snorts – I just joke.  We are looking for a new shower curtain for the bathroom.


Is it bad enough that he found this shower curtain on line? Can you imagine taking a shower and seeing this?  Or better yet, I can see mommy getting up in the middle of the night, going to the bathroom and seeing this.  I just *know* she would squeal louder than me.  Would you?

I mean it does have character – snorts – and it would be fun.  Daddy saw it and laughed like a little hyena.  Of course, he showed it to me.  I told him not to do it.  I gently reminder him of what happened a couple of weeks ago when he said “BOO” to mom.  We don’t want that to happen again now do we?

20140330-185106.jpgBut dad, he doesn’t learn.  He kept surfing the net and came across a floormat for the bathroom as well.  Shakes piggy head.  Daddy is so going to get in trouble.  This floor mat turns ‘red’ when you get out of the shower and water hits it.  Of course, thus it looks like blood… a crime scene if you will.

Between the shower curtain and the floor mat, I can see daddy getting knocked into the middle of next week – snorts.  But I have to admit, that floormat does look fun.

Have a great day my friends!


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