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It’s Honest Day – but I Love the Way You Lie, in 6 Words

Today is National Honesty Day – how perfect huh? I was asked to participate in Coach Daddy’s blog today. Not for honesty but for something in 6 words that happens to be the opposite. I guess you could say a little piggy fib. Six words seems easy but when you think about it, it can be a challenge. Be sure to visit Coach Daddy to find out what this little oinker came up with – snorts. It’ll be worth your wild. Tell him Bacon sent you – have a great one friends. XOXO – Bacon

Just a dad ...

photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopincc

A lie’s sometimes tough to pick out.

(For instance, quick – find the Storm trooper above. See?)

Lies in this 6 Words post are easy to spot. In fact, I asked for them.

Today, you see, is Honesty Day. So in contrary observance, I asked strangers, friends, bloggers, and a few strange blogger friends to tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies. Or, to quote modern British philosopher Phillip Collins:

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Shopping Around the World

My friend Fozzie and I have scheduled a group posting today of Shopping Around the World.   We thought it would be interesting to see the differences between different countries all over.

Here are our prices for the following from our area – Georgia USA:

  • Loaf of bread – $1.00 on sale or $1.99 if not on sale
  • Gallon of milk – $3.09
  • Dozen eggs – $1.79
  • Gas per gallon – $3.61
  • Movie ticket – $1.50 at the cheap theater or $9.50 at the luxury theater (my mom/dad haven’t decided if the ‘cheap tickets’ are worth it.  Last time they went, they thought they were going to have to get the jaws of life to get them out of the seats made for children – snorts)
  • At the movies, how much are the concessions? – $20.00 easy – Bucket of popcorn/2 drinks (at either place – the cheaper theatre or the luxury theater).
  • McDonald’s cheeseburger – $1.00 for a plain one or $3.49 for the Big Mac
  • Jar of peanut butter – Store brand $1.88 for small jar or name brand $4.99 or higher!
  • A can of Fancy Feast cat food – $.69 each!

Are you surprised at any of the prices above?  Do tell.


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