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the bullet train from Tokyo to kyoto.

Oh my. These are beautiful pictures! This was definitely a trip of a life time! Check out more of Bashfuls trip – XOXO – Bacon


 photos of maiko and geiko in kyoto

The cherry blossoms were out in Japan but paled compared to the beauty and poise of the women we saw them after we left the temple of Higashi Honganji.Cycling through the streets of Kyoto.

 Lucky us, after getting off the bullet train we grabbed our bicycles and toured around the back street of KyotoShane and Sharon with examples of Yuzen dying .

 A highlight of my trip was providing an opportunity for my son and I to take part in the ancient art of Yuzen Dying. This was bought to Japan in the 16oo’s and is still used today to decorate fabric including Yukata and Kimono.Bashful at ll
Another highlight of Kyoto was the Manga museum and library.  Bashful chose some American contributions to take to the faux grass reading of Ryokan in Kyoto

Bashful was starting to get a bit tired so our Ryokan (homestay) accommodation was very welcoming to him.

Photo of Shane and girls in mieka costume

We leave the very, very beautiful city of Kyoto and my son leaves his new  friends. Join us next time…

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Silent Sunday


Do you get it?  Can you figure it out?  Snorts – so funny!

I have this poster in my bedroom on my wall.  Underneath it, mom put up this sign:

Bacon’s Moo Shoe Pork Palace

Funny mommy huh?


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