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Special Happy Birthday –

My friend Katie  who Is Cocco’s mommy has a BIRTHDAY today.   Katie and Cocco have been so special to this little oinker.  In fact, Cocco was one of the first piggies that I met on my blog.  Both of them will always have a special place in this oinkers heart.

So today I want to say – HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!!  May all of your dreams come true!

Friends – please be sure to go wish Katie a Happy Birthday today.


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We are back!

Squeal!! Guess who is back from the trip to Japan and China. That’s right – Bashful!! Check out the blog from Auntie Sharon. OH WOW! That little stone had an awesome time! XOXO – Bacon


Bashfuls first meal in China
Bashful enjoys his first meal in China at the Guangzhou Airport.

Photograph of downtown Tokyo.
Safely arrived in downtown Tokyo and on the way to our hotel Hyatt Regency.

Bashful in comfort mode

Bashful was a little overwhelmed initially but some familiar objects, well wishing cards and his sleeping rock blanket cheered him up.

Miraikan Museum

Next stop in Tokyo the Miraikan Museum via monorail.  I loved this museum and the wonderful focus it has on the hard questions regarding sustainable living for all on our planet. Plus it was HUGE FUN!

cosplay around harajuku park

Cosplay around the park at Miraikan and then to Harajuku.

Dogs at Harajuku

VERY cute dogs, many with their own strollers for when they get tired.  Bashful and I were getting a bit home dog sick so it was nice to pat the Japanese dogs and chat to them. (with their owner’s permission of course) Kawaii!Akihabara electric town

A look around  Akihabara electric town and then back to the hotel. We planned…

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Pig in a Blanket Day


 Journalist Rocky the Squirrel here –

Keeping his paws on the nuts of the world –


April 24th is Pig in a Blanket Day.  Okay – so maybe it’s not exactly the Pig in a Blanket Day you were thinking .  I can’t report about sausage wrapped in a pancake.  I mean, that would be weird and everything being on Bacon’s blog, right? – wink – So just have pancakes today to celebrate – chitter chatter

But, I can report to you the original Pig in a Blanket for this great holiday.  That’s right – the original.  As in Bacon wrapped up in a blanket – ha!   That seems to be the oinker’s favorite position – pig wrapped up in a blanket.  This is the special little piglet wrapped up in his favorite king sized Egyptian cotton sheet.  Yep, nothing too good for that Bacon – Chitter Chatter.

So on this day, think of the little booger and enjoy.  And yes, on top of that pig in a blanket is Sir Hemi passed out sleeping too.  See, proof is in the picture that they all get along at the Hotel Thompson.


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