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Travelling further in the Daintree

SQUEALS!! Bashful zip-lining and swimming with gorgeous ladies – OMP – where did this piggy go wrong? You gotta see what the little tyke did with Fozzie. Raises front hoof in the air – I wanna go… please. XOXO – Bacon


After our wonderful and relaxed walk around the Discovery centre we jumped in the peapod hire car and headed further up towards Cape Tribulation..the destination a little centre called the Snake’s ok they did have snakes but I won’t show any pics..i know some peeps freak!

Here we signed some paperwork, filled in some forms and waited for our ride.

It came, a van driven by a super keen young guy full of enthusiasm who proceeded to load us all on and off we headed to our destination..not to far but up a steep road which became rutted and gave us the ride of our lives as we rocked side to side ..not much different in a way to our driveway at the moment hahaaha 🙂

Once we got to our final desination we were given a talk, measured up, harnessed up, and helmeted up.My camera was attached to…

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Mommy’s Food Blog Reminder

Friends – If you get a chance, you *must* check out mom’s food blog here.  You will NOT be disappointed.  Those pictures of hers just make me want to lick the computer screen.  YUM-YUM!  Don’t forget to let her know what you think.  ❤


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What the Pig!?

Hello friends. Mom is still in her imprisonment called Jury Duty. Yesterday was unbelievable. I finally persuaded mommy to write about her experience and hopefully she will next week. She just has to because it’s gotten so hilarious. But I digress as usual. This post today is about me.

Snorts. Isn’t it always about me? Well that’s what my dad tells me. Every night when mom puts me to bed, I always get a snack of some kind. It can be something simple like a cracker, an apple, a banana or a strawberry. You just never know.

Well last night there we were in the bedroom and mom gave me an animal cracker. She was laughing and we both had to do a double take. Something is up in the animal cracker world. Is this how they make animal crackers? Snorts and rolls with laughter.



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40 Winks –

My friends at MyThreeMoggies are hosting a 40 Winks Post today.  They want everyone to post a picture of themselves a sleep in their funniest position.  Oh boy – do we have some funny positions as anipals… right?  But you know – the humans have equal amounts of funny in their sleeping habits as well.  So here are our contributions to 40 Winks – I think we have everyone covered.  Happy 40 Winks my friends!







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