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Oh Dear


There I was this past weekend, minding my own business, stretched out on mom’s legs and snoozing.  That’s when I heard something that was so astonishing… so unlike my humans… so weird.  I had to open my eyes and really pay attention to see if I was hearing right.  I couldn’t believe it.  I heard right.

OMP (oh my pig!)  My humans were actually talking to someone on the blogs here that *I* know about meeting up next month.  What?  Why am *I* the last one to hear about this?  And wait a minute… you are going to meet where?  A place I have never heard my parents talking about wanting to go.  But now this place has put a sparkle in mom’s eyes and a giddy up in dad’s voice.  I don’t get it.  I even heard mom making a hotel reservation with dad’s credit card.

And do you want to know the catcher?  They are not bringing me?  What is up with that?  We anipals are going to grandma’s that weekend so mom/dad can go meet one of *MY* friends on the blogs here. Oh, and don’t ask me who on the blogs here they are meeting.  Oh no.  I had to piggy promise not to squeal.

I’m so abused here at the Hotel Thompson.  I think I’ll go take another nap to try to get over this.  Stomps off annoyed.  I wonder what I can destroy in my room to show my dislike?


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Bashfuls New Years Eve day

These pictures are beyond beautiful! The water is so clear and sparkly. And the fish – WOW! I’ve never seen fish so colorful or BIG. You know that dad is in awe of little Nemo. I wanna go! Friends – check out Bashful’s BIG adventure under water – WOW! XOXO – Bacon


Back we are with the travels of our guest Bashful
New years eve for us usually involves staying put at home with all the furries..of course we were away this time so we needed to do something a bit different.
We decided to spend the day at the Great Barrier Reef.
I have had the absolute joy of visiting this reef 4 times..this time we were at the top part of the reef so I was really looking forward to this!

The company we went with was and the catamaran we took was the Silverswift which left from Cairns.
The day started early in the morning..on board all drinks and morning teas were included and the lunch was a smorgasboard of salads and cold meats and prawns, hot meals and breads the whole works also afternoon tea, cakes and cheeses and crackers and we would be glad because with…

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Dear Bacon


 Dear Bacon, Going undercover these days is a hard job. I thought I would go inconcheeto. It seem to be working too. That is until I got hungry and ate my disguise. Drats. Busted again. You ever go undercover? Signed Inconcheeto

Dear Inconcheeto, I’m sorry. What was the question? I saw your disguise and immediately got the munchies. Snorts. Oh that’s right, do I ever go undercover? Sure. When I go to sleep in my toddle bed at night. Double snorts and rolls with laughter. Keep practicing my friend. You are looking good.


Dear Bacon, I’m a great hunter. I go out deer hunting with my master all of the time. I’m very determined and can smell a deer a mile away. Nothing slows me down ever as you can tell from this great picture of me. Signed Nose to the Ground

Dear Nose to the Ground, Perhaps – and this is just a mere suggestion – you might want to look up and around every once in a while. I’m just saying. You might see a little more of your “environment” when you do. Snorts – carry on.




Dear Bacon? Really? My human finds me in this predicament. Does he help? Of course not. Oh no. The human has to snap a few pictures first before rescuing me. Really? What the kitty heavens is this world coming to? Signed Disgusted Kitty

Dear Disgusted Kitty, There is only one thing that I can say in this kind of situation – payback. I think some well placed fur balls in some slippers would be adequate. Happy pay back 🙂





Dear Bacon, Okay ladies. Here I am. I’m giving away free kisses. Whatcha think pig? Can you beat this? Signed Stud

Dear Stud, That’s quite the costume you have there friend. Don’t you worry. I can get all the ladies I want and I don’t need a costume. All I need is this cute little snout and sexy pot belly. Beat that – snorts.





Dear Bacon, I think I may need some help. I read how your dad looks at you with this hunger. I think my dad is doing the same thing with me. Can you help? Signed Spud

Dear Spud, Oh dear piggy heavens above. Okay my friend. First off, walk away from the ledge in which you stand and get to a safe place. I’m calling DDFS (Department of Dog and Family Services) right now. Be safe.



Remember my friends – keep the letters and pictures coming so we can continue Dear Bacon issues.  


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