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Mommy’s Food Blog Reminder

Friends – If you get a chance, you *must* check out mom’s food blog here.  You will NOT be disappointed.  Those pictures of hers just make me want to lick the computer screen.  YUM-YUM!  Don’t forget to let her know what you think.  ❤


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Mom is in Jury Duty This Week


Poor mom. She’s in jury duty this week. She says a lot of people get called and try to get out of it. Although she would love to get out of it, she does know that it’s an important rite and freedom to serve. She’s good with that. The bad thing is that she never gets picked to serve on a trial. This will be her fourth time getting called.

She reported yesterday. She  said the security check point she had to go to was worse than Ft Knox. Then after that line, she had to wait in another line to check in with the jury room. Four groups got called as potential jurors yesterday. Mom didn’t get picked for any of them so she waited…and waited…and waited.

But she came prepared. She read her book. She played games on her cell phone. And of course she text me when she was bored. So today she will be there again. In fact, she’s probably sitting there now waiting. And waiting.

Have you ever got picked? Any great stories you want to share?

PS. Mom says that the snack machine in the jury room needs to be like the one above. Maybe that way everyone can make it through the day of you know waiting. Snorts.


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Dear Bacon

20140330-181240.jpg Dear Bacon, I’m as snug as a bug in bed. Its winter and I’m not moving. Where does it say that I have to move? Why can’t I stay in this cocoon until spring? I know you hate winter too so what say you? Can I stayed wrapped up like a burrito until spring? Signed Under Wraps

Dear Under Wraps, I’m all for staying low until spring. I hate this cold weather. But for some obvious reasons – like using the facilities and eating – you might want to come out of the cocoon. Of course you can rewrap yourself after nature. So sure, I’ll see you in the spring.


 Dear Bacon, What!? My human took this picture this morning like it was something special. This is me every day when I get up. Doesn’t everyone do this? Signed Fresh as a Daisy

Dear Fresh as a Daisy, Um no. No pal we all don’t wear that attire in the morning. But hey we have different routines. If that’s your routine, go for it and be proud of it my friend! –




Dear Bacon, It happens every time like this when I speak to my girl. We say our goodbyes and our I love yous and then we both wait for the other one to hang up. Talk about the minutes we use while waiting – barks. I may need to take out stock in the cell phone company. What do we do? Signed No You Hang Up

Dear No You Hang Up, WOW! I’ve heard mom and dad play this game on the telephone too. It’s really cute but like you said the minutes roll until the disconnect. So I say both count to three and disconnect at the same time – of course after you say I love you. –


20140330-181355.jpg Dear Bacon, Do you think these glasses give me that serious look? I need to talk to my son tonight about curfew hours. You think this look has that distinguished don’t argue I’m your dad look? Signed Serious Dad

Dear Serious Dad, Yes that is *THE* look. Good luck with your talk tonight with your son. –





Dear Bacon, Note to self – never look into a hole that is smaller than your head. I looked thinking there was something interesting in the box. There wasn’t. My head is now stuck. A little help please. Signed Tight Places

Dear Tight Places, I say destroy. I know you can do that. I’ve seen you cats destroy boxes. Take it out. I mean really – take it out and shred that box into a gazillion pieces. And future note – don’t stick your head in little holes. Snorts. –

Remember my friends – keep the letters and pictures coming so we can continue Dear Bacon issues.  


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