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What the Pig!?

Hello friends. Mom is still in her imprisonment called Jury Duty. Yesterday was unbelievable. I finally persuaded mommy to write about her experience and hopefully she will next week. She just has to because it’s gotten so hilarious. But I digress as usual. This post today is about me.

Snorts. Isn’t it always about me? Well that’s what my dad tells me. Every night when mom puts me to bed, I always get a snack of some kind. It can be something simple like a cracker, an apple, a banana or a strawberry. You just never know.

Well last night there we were in the bedroom and mom gave me an animal cracker. She was laughing and we both had to do a double take. Something is up in the animal cracker world. Is this how they make animal crackers? Snorts and rolls with laughter.



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