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Paw Time with Houdini


Yawns. Welcome Bacon’s friends to *my* first Paw Time with Houdini. Bacon has so graciously allowed me a weekly spot on his blog to get to know all of you and vice versa. Isn’t he the best!?  So every Friday afternoon, I will get a chance to write a little something from my heart.

This week, I wanted to introduce myself and talk about life here at the Hotel Thompson so far.  I’ve been here four months and I have to say that this is home.  It feels home surrounded by love.  Bacon, Hemi and Mouse Girl have all so graciously welcomed me here into their lives.  Although we have all been adopted, you would never tell with mom and dad.  They treat us just like their own and love us all.


Lots of things and firsts have happened.  Recently, I was abducted by aliens.  Can you believe that?  I’ve watched television shows in Bacon’s bedroom on his television about these aliens.  They abducted me right before Christmas and left weird markings on my belly.  Mommy says that tomorrow I go and get these stringy things out called stitches.  They have itched me like crazy!  So much so that I have had to wear this cone of shame thingy.

But don’t feel to sorry for me.  I make this cone!  Well that’s what daddy tells me and I ❤ my daddy.  These pictures shows it – barks.  And this cone doesn’t slow me down one single bit.  Not at all.  I run around still like there’s no tomorrow.

Life here at the Hotel Thompson is easy, great and fun.  There’s lots of love and cuddles and food and fun and toys.  I get so excited about all of it.

Well – yawns – until next time my new friends.  Take care and have fun!



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Doggy Daycare


Let me introduce you to the cute little poochie in the picture.  This is Tinkerbell.  She is Nana’s doggy.  Gorgeous and cute huh?  She weighs around 9-10 pounds.  Maybe just as spoiled as us anipals here at the Hotel Thompson – snorts.  And of course you see Houdini in the picture to the left.  Just goes to show you exactly how small the little tyke really is.

This picture was taken by mommy at Nana’s house.  We all take turns going up at Nana’s and spending the day – kind of like Nana Daycare 🙂  We all ❤ it.  It’s so much fun.  We get to run and play with Tinkerbell and spend time with Nana.


The past couple of times that Houdini has been though something weird has happened.  Calm down – no need to call the authorities yet.  You see, when Houdini comes home he is worn out!  I mean so much that he walks in, kisses mom and dad hello, gives us anipals high fives and then crashes HARD.  You don’t believe me?  Look at this picture.  Notice the legs in front.  They are standing straight out!  He is that tired!

And talk about abuse and being unloved.  Look at that bed he is made to sleep in and all of those minions there that he dragged to his bed to protect him at night.  So abused.

So tell me my friends.  What is going on at Nana’s?  When mom asked Nana do you know what she told her?  “What happens at Nana’s, stays at Nana’s” – snorts and rolls with laughing.  We are not saying a word!



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