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Leaving The Nest

Has it been 6 weeks? Time for Bashful to come back home to the Hotel Thompson. Check out his farewell… XOXO – Bacon

Evil Squirrel's Nest

Bashful’s six week stay at The Nest has finally come to an end, and the gang from the shelf gathers together to see their new friend off…


BASHFUL: Well, guys….. I guess this is it.  I have to go back to the Hotel Thompson now.  It’s…… it’s been fun, I guess.


BUSTER: Been fun, you guess?  Why Bashful, these past six weeks have been like nothing else I’ve ever seen here in all of my incarnations!

TWILIGHT SPARKLE: Buster’s right, Bashful!  We really enjoyed having you around…

SCRATCHY: …To use and abuse!


SNUGGLE BEAR: Dude, you were awesome!  Not many outsiders can be such a good sport for our deviously devilish brand of entertaining ourselves!

UMBREON: Indeed… you were quite the playmate, and didn’t mind when we handed your hindquarters to you a time or fifteen…

SEYMOUR: Maybe you can take some of the street smarts you learned here to…

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Paw Time with Houdini

Look at me – I’m a bumble bee.  Buzz-Buzz.  I roll around, fly around and kiss you all over.  Barks with puppy laughter.  This was my outfit that I picked when I went to the spa Saturday.  I had to show my friends that I may be little but I’ve got a huge heart full of love to buzz around them.  Mom says this may be my last year with this outfit because I was getting too big for it.  I don’t know what she means.  I’m not that big at all… no way.  I’m just a smidgen bigger than an actual bee, right?

Have a great weekend my friends.  I now leave you with Jokes with Daddy!


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31 Days of Spook – St Louis Cemetery #1, Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery and Howard Street Cemetery

So you were brave enough to come back for another scare my friends?  How brave you are.  You may want ask your human to get you a night light tonight because it can only get worse from here – insert evil snort.  Today we are going to highlight some famous and eerie cemeteries.  Are you brave enough to enter my cemetery of the famous dead? I’ve wandered throughout the internet and done a lot of research to bring you some intriguing places of final rest… or is it?  I hope that you find them interesting.

 Let’s take a little stroll amidst the stones shall we.

When I think of scary and mysterious cemeteries, my first thoughts have to go towards New Orleans.  Let’s visit the St. Louis Cemetery #1.   This cemetery opened in 1789 and there are over 100,000 residents.  With that much of a crowd, you know some have to be a little unhappy with their final resting place.  I know I would be.  The most famous tenant here is Marie Laveau.  Marie Laveau was a famous voodoo priestess.  People visit her grave site often and mark three “X’s” on her grave.  People that do so believe that by marking the three “X’s”, Marie Laveau will grant them their wish.

The next that came to mind were two different cemeteries in the Chicago area.  One was Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in Chicagoland.  I’ve heard about this place a lot over the years.  I’ve seen specials on television and mommy has read me different chilling facts in books.  Not only does this cemetery have a history of unexplained lights and ghosts, it has an entire house that mysteriously appears and disappears.  Many people that have seen the house describe it as a white farmhouse with pillars and a swing.  The other cemetery was Resurrection Cemetery in Chicago.  This story sends chills up and down my spine every time I see it on television.  It starts off with a beautiful girl who was walking home from a dance one late night.  She was hit by a car and killed and has been looking for a ride home every since.  I saw a story one night where a man picked up this lady at a dance.  They danced into the late hours and he admitted that she felt cold to the touch.  Upon taking her home after the dance, she asked him to stop in front of the cemetery.  She got out and disappeared into the air.

And how can we forget the most eerie of places in Salem, Massachusetts at Howard Street Cemetery.  With all of the witch hunts that took place here, this has got to be one of the most haunted places in the United States.  Just think of all of the innocent people that were slowly tortured and burned at the stake for the public believing they were witches.  How many of those spirits still walk around wanting people to know that they were innocent but forever labeled a witch.  Talk about your unfinished business in setting things straight.  This reminds me of a story that mom told me about a guy named Giles Corey.  He was officially the only person to die by torture during these Witch Trials.  He wouldn’t say that he was a witch so the sheriff of the time made him lay down in the middle of his field.  The sheriff then had a board placed across his chest and slowly added stones on top of the board.  Eventually two days later, Corey was crushed to death in a slow and agonizing way.


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