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Travels in the South

Welcome my friends to another issue of Travels in the South.  Today, I want to talk about biscuits, which I’m told look a lot like scones.  Maybe the difference is a little sweetness.  The majority of our American biscuits do not have sugar while scones have a bit.  But here in America in the south, we have found a biscuit that gives you a little of both – we at the Hotel Thompson call them biscones – snorts with piggy laughter.  Of course, that is not their real name.

Let me introduce you to a Boberry Biscuit from a local restaurant here called Bojangles.  Bojangles is known for their chicken (go figure with mom and her chicken passion, right?)  But they also have these sweet babies.  It’s a regular biscuit made with blueberries and then highlighted with cream cheese.  Can you say sinfully good?  You can buy them in packs of 1, 2 or 6.  Nana buys them 6 at a time and freezes them.  She shows great restraint while this piggy can’t say the same.  Yes they are that delicious.

Have you tried one of these bad boys yet?  If so, what did you think about them?  Do tell my friends.


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31 Days of Spook – Exton Witch House

This abandoned house is called the Exton Witch House and is located in Pennsylvania.  It is said that this house holds some dark mysterious secrets.  According to legend, there was a family of four witches that are buried on the property.  Their graves are positioned next to each other and it is believed that their corpses are buried in the upright position.  Why do you ask?  Supposedly witches were buried in this custom as to prevent them from causing trouble after their death.  There once was actual tombstones to mark their graves but vandals have since ran off with them.  Those that visit, so that the location is eerie and quiet.  Some even experience strange occurrences.  Would you be willing to go and explore the house with me?

Story/Picture courtesy of First to Know


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The Great Debate

Stop everything! We have new candidates in this torturous Presidential Election. Guess who is running now? XOXO – Bacon

Evil Squirrel's Nest


CHIP: Good evening, everyone out there in TV land!  This is Chip Squirrel live on the scene of the 69th Presidential debate of this tightly contested 2016 campaign between the incumbent Uncle Sam and the upstart challenger Bashful.  In the interest of keeping this a family friendly broadcast, we conveniently skipped the first fifteen hours of the debate which merely featured the two candidates call each other every childish name in the playground rulebook…


CHIP: Instead, we will skip straight to the section where carefully selected members of the audience will have an opportunity to ask the candidates for their take on issues that are the most important to the critters on the shelf.  Let’s start with this young filly right here…. what’s on your mind this campaign season ma’am?


SCRATCHY: I’d like to know what these two knuckleheads think about the use of dangerous earworms as an implement of…

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31 Days of Spook – Breakfast Anyone?

So I get up this morning and mom is going to fix me breakfast which is awesome because it’s not even the weekend.  I mean I get Cheerios during the week.  On the weekends, mom fixes me eggs or pancakes – a pig’s favorite.  So there she is cooking this morning and then all of sudden she stops singing and gets all quiet.  She gets my piggy plate, looks at me, looks down, looks at me and then looks down.  Come on mom – give this pig his breakfast.

Then when she did I was like not hungry anymore.  THUD piggy down – You want my eggs? 


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