Leaving The Nest

21 Oct

Has it been 6 weeks? Time for Bashful to come back home to the Hotel Thompson. Check out his farewell… XOXO – Bacon

Evil Squirrel's Nest

Bashful’s six week stay at The Nest has finally come to an end, and the gang from the shelf gathers together to see their new friend off…


BASHFUL: Well, guys….. I guess this is it.  I have to go back to the Hotel Thompson now.  It’s…… it’s been fun, I guess.


BUSTER: Been fun, you guess?  Why Bashful, these past six weeks have been like nothing else I’ve ever seen here in all of my incarnations!

TWILIGHT SPARKLE: Buster’s right, Bashful!  We really enjoyed having you around…

SCRATCHY: …To use and abuse!


SNUGGLE BEAR: Dude, you were awesome!  Not many outsiders can be such a good sport for our deviously devilish brand of entertaining ourselves!

UMBREON: Indeed… you were quite the playmate, and didn’t mind when we handed your hindquarters to you a time or fifteen…

SEYMOUR: Maybe you can take some of the street smarts you learned here to…

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