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Mom and Dad’s New Game

Those parents of mine.  Can you say crazy?  Can you say they act like teenagers or small children?  Rolls piggy eyes.  I guess that’s what really keeps them young at heart huh?  Mom found this new game for her iPhone.  It’s an ap called Guess the Emoji.  For those that are on mom’s Facebook page, I’m sure you are familiar with it.  Why do you ask?  Because when you get stuck on the game, you can ask your friends on Facebook for help.  And trust me, mom has done that – snorts.

The premise of the game – they show you pictures and you have to figure out what it means.  If you are right, you go to the next picture.  If not, you are ‘stuck’ until you figure it out.  It’s an awesome game.  What’s funny about it are the conversations between mom and dad.  See with dad’s limited vision, mom has to explain the pictures to him.  Which in itself is almost comical.  But on the other hoof, daddy is really good with the game.  Also with the game, they do show you how many words the answer is and how many letters.  They even give you the available letters at the bottom of the page.

For your entertainment, I thought I would share some of the pictures for you to guess.  And no, I’m not showing you how many letters or words the answer is… that’s my little piggy twist – evil huh?  Snorts.  I will post the answers tomorrow.  The first one is to show you an example.  Good luck my friends!



You have to put on your thinking cap and really look at the pictures.  By looking at this picture to the left, you see a man, a boat and a tiger.  The conclusion:  Life of Pi

Does that blow your mind?  Now figure out these –


 Picture 1 –                                                                               Picture 2 –



Picture 3 –                                                                         Picture 4 –







Picture 5 –                                                                       Picture 6 –



Picture 7 –                                                                         Picture 8 –







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Shopping Around the World

My friend Fozzie and I have scheduled a group posting today of Shopping Around the World.   We thought it would be interesting to see the differences between different countries all over.This month we are focusing on items that we *have* to have in our lives.

Items priced this month – Prices in Georgia USA:

  • Water.  We buy 24 packs of Nestle water when they are on sale for $3.00 – this is for 16.9 ounce bottles.
  • Bath Soap.  We are kind of picky here at the Hotel Thompson on our bath soap.  Mommy ❤ the Lever brand – that’s almost all she ever buys.  Every once in a while, our local grocery store will have packages of two bars on sale for $1.00!  Mommy stocks up on it when they go on sale.  It always smells so fresh!
  • Deodorant.  What is up with prices on deodorant?!  Mommy and daddy – even though it’s made for a woman snorts – use Secret clear gel.  This runs $4.99 a bottle – that’s almost like highway robbery just so you don’t stink… well that’s what mom says – snorts.  Sometimes if mom is lucky, she can get a package of two for $7.99 and she sometimes has a coupon for $2.00 off making it $5.99 for two – which is a lot better than $4.99 for ONE.  Thank goodness I don’t need this stuff – WOW!
  • Laundry Detergent.  We use Tide pods – dad ❤ this stuff.  It’s easy for him since he does all the washing/drying.  He can just throw a pod in and doesn’t have to measure anything.  We buy a tub at Sam’s Warehouse for $21.00 for 90 pods.  That’s pretty good for us – it almost lasts us an entire year!  Not bad at all my friends.
  • Random Item.  Andy Capp’s Hot Fries.  Delicious – Yummy – Out of this World – Licks Piggy Lips  This is one of mom’s weaknesses.  If she goes to our local Sam’s Warehouse, she has to buy a box of these.  There are 48 bags to a box and the box runs $9.00 – that’s lots of joy.  Have you seen this?  This is what the picture of them look like to the right.  You want some now, don’t you?  Snorts

If you have some items that you want to get on the list, email me at

Hope you had fun!!



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