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Trouble – Sigh



Okay, I admit it.  I get into trouble from time to time.  I’m a kid.  It’s what I do, right?  And, don’t we *all* get into trouble every once in a while?

Look at this cute, innocent ever so loving face.  Could I get into trouble?  You’re not falling for it either, huh?  I know daddy gets into trouble here at the Hotel Thompson. 

 One time mommy told daddy to get air conditioning installed in his dog house because he was going to be there for a while.  So, it happens.

So, yeah, I got into trouble.  As mommy says here at the Hotel Thompson, “You do the crime, you pay the time”.  I got my share of being in dad’s dog house yesterday.

  It went like this.  Mommy was in a clean mode.  I thought I would help her behind the sofa.  Well, I’m not as small as I used to be.  I got stuck.  After mommy stopped laughing at me because my hiney was stuck in the air, she got me out.  I might have barked back at her.  She stopped laughing then and told me that I was bad.  I really hate that word.

Then, she started vacuuming.  I might have – and that’s a really strong might have – tried to attack the vacuum cleaner.  Mom said that three lettered word again – bad.  She told me that I was pushing ‘it’.  Insert cute little piggy face here.  Pushing “IT”?

Okay, so I waddled into the unlocked kitchen by myself while she finished up in the front room.  I still couldn’t get over that she told me that *I* was pushing it.  So I did what any pig would do.  I knocked the kittty chow over that was in the chair.  Food was raining down from the heavens!  That Iams is some great stuff and I was pigging out…. until mom came into the kitchen.  Uh-oh.


Do you know how hard is to wrangle a pig that is chomping away on something that he’s not suppose to be eating?  Snorts – near impossible.  Just ask mom.  I had a great little buffet in the kitchen until she picked me up.  Then the squealing commenced.

That was enough to get dad’s attention who was in the bedroom.  He asked mom what I did as she was taking me to the bedroom.  Her reply, “Go look at the kitchen.”  Let’s just say that dad’s colorful words are very imaginative adjectives.  I learned a lot of them yesterday.

So, mom put me in my room and told me to serve my time for the crime.  Yes I was naughty.  Yes I knew exactly what I was doing.  Yep,  I pushed mommy’s buttons.  And, I have only one thing to say about it.

How can get away with it next time without getting caught?  Snorts


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