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We’re Bustin’ Out

I wonder what kind of trouble they will get into? XOXO – Bacon

The Scottie Chronicles - Winston's World

bashful and bunnyI’ve had enough of being in the slammer.

Bashful, whadya say we bust outta here?

You may remember that Bashful and I have been confined to quarters for my little “let me show you the ropes” display of why not to walk in the road when the peep’s cutting the grass. It wasn’t pretty.

So, let’s just be on our way. I’m already out the front door.

Don’t worry, Bashful, your sedentary peeps will be here when you get back. That little bunny and I have been friends for a long time. He and that stoic Scottie will hold your place of honor while you’re gone.

By the way, that Scottie is a lamp. Let him light the way to our breaking out of Sing Sing of the South.

What You Learned Today:

  • If you’re just joining us, Bashful’s been visiting me for a while. He’s Bacon’s friend. And Bacon…

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Happy Friday and Such –

Another Friday is upon us – we all survived another long week!

I plan on hanging out at the Hotel Thompson.  I’m trying to enjoy every minute with mommy that I can in the next couple of weeks before they go on vacation.  Saturday is me and mom bonding day.  We might even try to go in the back yard and play in the leaves.  It’s a possibility.  Mommy says it’s fun.  I’m not so sure at this point.  I’ll keep you posted on my findings.

Sunday I think mom and dad are having date night – eeww. I still don’t get ‘date’ night.  Don’t they see enough of each other during the week?

Do ya’ll have anything planned?


I wanted to share something with you that me and daddy saw on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” earlier in the week.  I was totally in awe and fascinated – so was daddy.

The question came up <<look to the left>> that asked the following:

High concentrations of the mineral olivine are what make the sand at Hawaii’s Papakolea Beach uniquely what color.

Me and dad looked at each other and automatically said it at the same time.  Okay – maybe he said it and I oinked it – GREEN.  And you are probably saying you’re such a smart piggy.  Well, let me remind you of something.  Earlier in the month of September, I did a posting on Papakolea Beach.  You can see it at

That is how we knew the answer!  So what does this tell you?  Reading my blog can make you smarter!  Who would have thought that, huh?


So, share with your friends.  You never know what you might learn from my blog page.

It could be anything and everything my friends!

Happy weekend – have fun!


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