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Mom Has Finally Went Off the Deep End!

20130714-135336.jpgOh dear Lord, mom has finally stepped off that fine line of sanity.  Whatever will I do?  Her and dad went out in public again unchaperoned.  Shakes my piggy head.  I think I’m going to have to set some ground rules here at the Hotel Thompson that they can’t go out unattended in public.  And no Nana, you can’t be a chaperone.  You’re worse than they are – snorts.

I thought mom was joking all of these years when she said quote, “You’re just so cute, I could gobble you up.”  Then she brings home a giant pig nose lollipop.  Mom – that’s just sick.  That’s like borderline inhumane.

I may need to call PFCS (Pig Family Children Services) on this one.



And dad you were not helping!   At what point did you find it humorous to point out this coffee mug to mommy?  You know what you are.  You are an enabler my dear human daddy.

And just so as we are clear.  Have you heard one time anyone licking me here and saying, “MMM Bacon?”  I think not.

Rolls piggy eyes.


Then there was the overall flavor of ‘pig’ assortments.  Thankfully, none of these found their way to the Hotel Thompson.

Mom, we do not need a pig shaped treat holder.  I can keep all of my treats in the cold box.  You don’t need to remind me that they are strictly mine because of the shape of the holder.


 And by the way mom, what’s up with the ‘holey’ pig lamp?  It looks like it got in a fight with farmer and didn’t win.  That’s just so not pig right.

I think I will have to put my hooves down on some of these mom/dad.

Fun is fun and borderline sickness, well you need to be committed somewhere.  Perhaps you need to think about this.  Perhaps you need to give me a little extra loving tonight and perhaps a few more treats to show me how much you really do love me.  Yeah, that’s it.  I think that will work.  That would make this entire ridiculous photo opportunity better.

And these, there are just no words.




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