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Where in the World is Bashful?

20130325-100220.jpgBashful came home last week from France and is already off again to a secret destination. ¬†Where will he land – only the postman knows.. and me but I’m not telling ūüôā … and his secret destination and they are not saying – yet.

My little international rolling stone is just all over the place.  He talked the entire weekend about some of his adventures.  He had such a wonderful time across the pond.  We enjoyed his stories and laughed so hard.

And you know he brought home a friend, Manny, from France. ¬†He’s been a blast! ¬†The two of them finally got to meet little Princess Coralena Saturday. ¬†I bet you’re wondering how did they get along. ¬†Well my friends, they got along just great. ¬†You will definitely be hearing about that little adventure soon!


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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon,
I just thought I would stick my head in to say hey little pig. ¬†I read your blog every week. ¬†Love your answers. ¬†You’re smart for a little oinker. ¬†If you ever want to hang out, just give me a call. ¬†Signed Jeffery

Dear Jeffery,

WOW! ¬†Thanks for stopping by. ¬†You are really tall. ¬†Do you play basketball? ¬†I think you would be awesome in it. ¬†Just think about the fortune and fame my friend. ¬†I’ll be giving you a call soon to hang out. ¬†I think we would have a ball in my magical back yard. ¬†Do you know there are unicorns back there? ¬†AND I think I’ve seen Bigfoot back there once or twice as well. ¬†There’s no telling what we could find together. ¬†Be on the look out for my call!



20130724-231115.jpgDear Bacon,
Sometimes, you just need that one place you can find that you can call all yours to get a quick forty winks.  I found mine.  Too bad for daddy.  He will just have to wear different shoes today.  Signed Shoesleeper

Dear Shoesleeper,
Hey, if it fits – you must sits. ¬†You really kind of look comfortable all asleep there in your palace. ¬†I mean heck, if the old lady can live in her shoe – why can’t you? Right? ¬†A cat has his rights too in this world. ¬†You might as well hang a sign off of those shoelaces that say, “No Vacancy” so your daddy can find him a new pair of shoes for the future!


Dear Bacon,
What? ¬†I’m just hanging out in my home riding my bike. ¬†Doesn’t every dog dress up and fantasize about that old show CHiPS? ¬†I think I’m more of the Erik Estrada character – you think? ¬†I’ll tell you a secret but you can’t tell anyone. ¬†These black boots are my favorites! ¬†Sometimes when no one is looking, I like to walk around the house singing, “These boots are made for walking… and that’s just what I’ll do… one of these days these boots are going to walk all over you… come on boots!” ¬†Ssshh- that’s our secret. ¬†Signed Ponch

Dear Ponch,
I got nothing on this one.  You go my friend.


Dear Bacon,
Hey ladies. ¬†This is where you can find me every day during the week. I”m just sunning myself, getting my sleep on and advertising what you got missing in your lives. ¬†Come around and see me if you get a chance. ¬†Signed SuperStud

Dear SuperStud,
Well, someone is feeling confident these days, aren’t they? ¬†I do admit, you do look well comfortable. ¬†Hey, if you can’t brag about yourselves, who can, right? You just work it my friend and be happy. ¬†YOLO – You only live once – go for it.



Dear Bacon,
LOL – in 3, 2, 1 – the humans will be yelling for the sacred paper on a roll. ¬†When they weren’t looking, I took it from their special place that they call the human scratch box. ¬†They like to take their time cleaning out my box. ¬†We shall see how they like it when they don’t have their special roll. ¬†Insert evil purr/laugh. ¬†Signed EvilPuss

Dear EvilPuss,
You are so playing with fire there my friend. ¬†Even the purr things here don’t mess with the sacred roll in the human scratch box. ¬†That is a HUGE No-No. ¬†That’s like signing your own walking papers. ¬†You really might want to rethink that.


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