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Goodbye Snow


It was really nice seeing you snow up close and personal.  I’ve always wondered about you.  How you would feel on my hooves and my snout.  If you would be freezing cold.  How much fun would you be running in and rolling around.  All of my questions got answered in the past couple of days.

You are freezing cold… especially on my undercarriage – bbrrr.  You crunch when I walked on you.  That was the strangest sound I’ve heard in a long time.  You made my snout cold and when snow got in my snout you made me sneeze.  You were fun for a while.  I’ll admit that.

But there were difficulties.  Like climbing back up my “slide” on the deck.  I couldn’t because you turned into mushy ice.  Ice is a mean bedfellow.  Mommy had to carry me up the deck stairs.  Yep, 50 pounds of wet pig she carried.  Poor mom’s back that was already hurting from chasing me in the yard.  What?  Don’t look so innocent.  You knew I was going to run around in you snow.  I had to.  Just to know what it felt like pouncing around in you and making little snow bunnies.  It was a once in a lifetime experience.  It really was.

So, goodbye snow.  We had fun.  We made snowmen.  We made snow bunnies.  I even tasted you.  Mom and dad says we only get you once in every blue moon when hell freezes over.  I’m good with that.  I am officially taking you off of my bucket list now.  Adios my cold friend.


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