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Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day

Journalist Rocky the Squirrel here –

“Keeping my paws on the nuts of the world!”



February 7th is Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day – I tell you what – they come up with a lot of strange holidays here don’t they?  This day is the *perfect* opportunity to greet your neighbor with a big wave – be sure to use all of your fingers.  Without a doubt, this day was created to put a smile on your face and upon your neighbors face.  It’s intent is meant to be friendly, create a better relationship with your neighbors and to make people smile.   – I *know* you can do it.

So go out and greet those neighbors with a big big five finger wave with a big bright smile on your face.



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Let’s Make a Love Connection – Bachelorettes

Love is in the air here at the Hotel Thompson.   Valentines Day is right around the corner.  It’s a special day .  You see mom and dad got engaged on Valentines Day many, many, many years ago – snorts.

Our pet rocks here are growing and want to do something special for Valentine’s Day.  They are willing to be involved in the making of a love connection.  Kind of like a twist between the Bachelor and the Dating Game.

We now have three men rocks – Manny, Benedict and Bashful.  We also now have three women rocks – Princess Coralena, Virginia and Rockelle.  We are putting love to the test and are counting on you for help.

We are going to let you our blog friends VOTE on who goes out on a date with who for Valentines Day.  I will post their ‘date night’ on Monday, February 17, 2014.  What they did, where they went, what troubles they got into.  You know all of the juicy behind the scenes stuff.

Today we vote for the bachelorette.  Who will go out on a date.  Here’s a little bio of each for you to decide.


Bachelorette #01 – Princess Coralena

Princess Coralena comes to us from the happy place called Hawaii.  She is a princess who loves romance, kind gestures and spice.

Princess Coralena’s view on love, “I am from the romantic islands of Hawaii where love is in the air at every turn.  One day I will find my king to cherish and treat him like the rock he is. I love dancing – especially hula dancing – winks.” 


Bachelorette #02 – Virginia

Virginia came to us from Stuart in Virginia.  She is sassy.  Don’t let that demure look of green eyes and red lipstick fool you.  She is a vixen.  She’s read more Harlequin Romance novels than mom – and that’s a LOT!

Virginia’s view on love,  “I look for a rock not on his looks but on his undying love for me.  I’m looking for my missing piece to my heart and when the matching piece finds me, it’s for eternity. I love camping out on the sofa and being a couch rock watching romantic movies while holding hands.



Bachelorette #03 – Rockelle

 Rockelle came to us from Fozziemum in Australia.  She has the cutest, sexiest little accent.  She loves to party and have a great time.

Rockelle’s view on love, “Love as much as you can as long as you can.  I love long walks, cooking and eating.  Who doesn’t like eating?  My favorite date is holding pebbles in a mountain stream while watching the stars in the sky.


So who will it be?  Who would you like to see go on a date on Valentine’s Day.


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