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Piggy American Idol


WOW – Can you believe this is Season 13 of American Idol?  Where has the time gone?  I know that sounds funny coming from me.  I’ve only seen what two years of it so far?  But mom/dad, they’ve seen all of the seasons.  Thirteen years has flown by so fast!

This year the judges are Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr.

I think I’m cute enough to get a golden ticket to Hollywood.  I’ve been practicing my singing and twerking.  That’s right, I said twerking.  I’ll have you to know Fozziemom that my twerking practice is going to pay off for this little piggy.  Last Wednesday while watching the show, there was actually a contestant that told Ms. Lopez that *he* could beat her in twerking.  He did pretty good too.  But we shall never know how good Ms. Lopez is because she said she didn’t have her twerking outfit on – snorts.  I call a cop out.

So, I think I should enter for Season 13.  What shall my entrance song be?  Let’s ponder for a moment, shall we.

Should I sing the this Piggy Song?  You think it’s too Christmasy this time of year?

Help?  What do you think I should sing at my try outs?


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