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Snorts – How Small is It?

20140112-012128.jpg They have these adorably cute little buggies at the market now that mom/dad go to on the weekends.  Just look at that buggy!  So small and cute – just like mommy likes her play things – snorts.

When daddy saw the buggy, he almost popped his back out he was laughing so hard at it.  Mom just stood there and gave him the ‘stink eye’.  You know that look, right?

She let him finish looking like a fool in the parking lot and then asked him what was so hilarious.  He didn’t even reply back to her.  He took the cute adorably buggy and put it next to her Smart car.



Oh dad.  Shaking my piggy head.  Will you *ever* learn.

First off, never ever talk bad about Albert – mom’s Smart car.  You know how precious that thing is to mommy.

Second off, if you are going to laugh, do you really think it’s smart to do it in front of mom?  Have you not learned anything in all of these years?

At least *I* had the decency to go in my bedroom before I fell on the floor rolling around with laughter.  Snorts.


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