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Piggy American Idol


WOW – Can you believe this is Season 13 of American Idol?  Where has the time gone?  I know that sounds funny coming from me.  I’ve only seen what two years of it so far?  But mom/dad, they’ve seen all of the seasons.  Thirteen years has flown by so fast!

This year the judges are Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr.

I think I’m cute enough to get a golden ticket to Hollywood.  I’ve been practicing my singing and twerking.  That’s right, I said twerking.  I’ll have you to know Fozziemom that my twerking practice is going to pay off for this little piggy.  Last Wednesday while watching the show, there was actually a contestant that told Ms. Lopez that *he* could beat her in twerking.  He did pretty good too.  But we shall never know how good Ms. Lopez is because she said she didn’t have her twerking outfit on – snorts.  I call a cop out.

So, I think I should enter for Season 13.  What shall my entrance song be?  Let’s ponder for a moment, shall we.

Should I sing the this Piggy Song?  You think it’s too Christmasy this time of year?

Help?  What do you think I should sing at my try outs?


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Dear Miss Piggy

Dear Miss Piggy,

I am the right oinker for you.  I bet you didn’t know that Kermit was sighted out on the town having a big night without you.  He gave Miley Cyrus a run for her money – that’s for sure!  Any time you are willing to date and meet a real piggy that will worship your hooves, I’ll be waiting here for you my love.  Love, Bacon

P.S. I’m attaching the evidence picture of Kermit’s night out for your review.  What is he going to try next? Twerkin?  PLOL (Piggy laughing out loud).

P.S.S.  If he tries twerkin, I can beat him at that too.  I’ve been practicing.



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