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We Got Mail

Squeals with piggy excitement.  Don’t you just get overly excited when you get mail?  I know this little oinker does.  Heck, I’m on a first snort basis with our mailman.  I think he gets as excited as I do when he sees an envelope made out to this little piggy.  And what was it and who was it from you are asking yourself?

Wait no longer.  I got the world.  Snorts with piggy laughter – okay maybe not the ‘world’… but I did get Australia.  Okay maybe not the entire Australia – how about a snow globe of Australia.  And who was it from?  It was from my bestest Auntie Sharon in the entire world.  You know Auntie Sharon from gentlestitches.  Isn’t she the best and so awesome for thinking of little old me?  I just want to jump in an airplane and go thank her in person… but there’s too many layovers and I might get lost.  Wouldn’t that be something?  Can you see it now in the headlines, “Traveling oinker lost in connections.”

So Auntie Sharon – I’m sending you loads of hogs and snout kisses.  Forgive me okay if I didn’t send you an email right away.  Mom has been under the weather.  It’s hard enough to keep daddy in check these days but we all know when the mommy is down, the house is down.  Much love my sweet friend ❤


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