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Dear Bacon

  Dear Bacon –  Get three of us they said.  We would all get along they said.  Brothers have a great bond together they said.  Yeah right.  Let me assure you though, the middle kid always gets picked on to the end of the days.  The first born is special and the last born is always the baby.  The middle kid – well they get it from both ends.  I should know.  That’s me in the tank.  Any suggestions?  Signed Stuck in the Middle

Dear Stuck in the Middle – WOW – that is a predicament to be in my friend.  Sometimes being stuck in the middle can be hard.  But you know what?  You gotta stand up for yourself, be strong and take charge.  Your brothers want to be stuffing you in the pot – well you might just need to stuff something in their beds – winks.  Or you can always leave a little puddle in the kitchen and accidentally blame them of course.  I’m just saying.  Stay safe okay.

Dear Bacon – My humans are the bomb.  They brought this box home for me and I was so excited.  That is until they started laughing and then took this picture of me.  I don’t get it.  Signed Grumps

Dear Grumps – Gulps.  Okay – trying to keep a straight face here.  It’s kind of hard to figure out why your humans would be laughing.  Really.  You are so beautiful and happy in your new found kingdom.  Shakes head – I just can’t imagine.  You just have fun in that little box and let your humans have their moment.

Dear Bacon –  My dad said walk and of course I was already at the door ready to go.  That’s when he did something to my back captains quarters.  I didn’t get it but I tell you something.  We met some of the happiest humans on our walk today.  Everyone was so nice and kept coming over to talk to us and pet me.  It was almost like I was a movie star or something.  So great.  Signed Happy

Dear Happy – I think it had to be your outgoing personality, how handsome you are and how you smile at everything that passes you by.  Yep, that has to be it.  Keep passing the happy along my friend!

Dear Bacon –  Oh dear doggy heavens my friend.  My human mom was in the bathroom doing her ‘nightly’ rituals.  I’m usually asleep when she does this but tonight I had stayed up.  OMD!  When she came out of the bathroom, I didn’t even recognize the alien that she had become.  She had green stuff all over her face, her hair was in some kind of sling and she was talking like a mummy.  Has your mom done anything like this before?  It was kind of scary.  I think I might have passed out.  Signed Passed Out

Dear Passed Out – Oh friend, the humans they call this beautifying.  I don’t get it either.  I mean, you wouldn’t see us putting that stuff on our faces.  Although one time, mom did talk dad into trying what she called a mud pack.  Shaking my piggy head – that did kind of look fun.  She told me it was similar to me playing in the mud in my backyard.  I was hoping dad would roll in the mud with me later but he didn’t.  Weird huh?


Dear Bacon – Sometimes when one has to wear the cone of shame, you just need a happy friend to help make the days go by faster.  I was feeling kind of down.  You can only imagine – you know people in the hood making fun of me, not being able to drink my water with this contraption on and just not being able to lick myself while wearing this cone.  That’s when my buddy Clampet came and napped with me.  Just for a few moments, life was normal again.  Signed Jedd

Dear Jedd – Hopefully your cone will only be temporary my friend.  And hey, don’t you care what others say about your cone of shame.  All of us have to wear it at least once in our lifetime.  You and your friend just continue bonding together and happy mending.

REMEMBER friends – Dear Bacon can’t happen without YOU.  Please continue to send me your pictures and letters via my email.


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