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Shuffles Hooves

I have to start by saying I’m coming out of hibernation.  See my fur.  It’s coming off.  I’m shedding.  I do that.  Then we are *all* under stress here at the Hotel Thompson.  This is a picture from last week.  We still had carpet… then. 🙂 That’s all I’m saying about that.  Tomorrow is a big day here.  I can’t tell you anymore than that – well except it’s almost over.

I can tell you though that last week I might have cornered a worker here at the Hotel Thompson.  Might is a pretty strong word.  See, who would have known that a strong, tall guy could be afraid of a little oinker.  He was working in the kitchen.  I thought I would check on him and walked up behind him and oinked.  You know he jumped pretty high – I was amazed.  So there I was having a conversation with him and oinking.  He squealed pretty high too.  Then mom came in holding the little guy Houdini and was trying to wrestle me out of the kitchen.  I was just trying to help… really I was.  Raise your hand if you believe me.  I see you – thank you.  Stupid worker.


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