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What I Do On The Weekends –

20130417-074132.jpgMy weekends try to involve a lot of mommy/piggy time. If it’s up to me, you can always find me on the couch with mommy stretched out and sleeping. How trusty am I of mom? Take a look at this picture.

I’m stretched out asleep. My back hooves are normally pushed up to mom’s hiney and my front hooves are touching her feet. Why? Because that way I know if she moves 🙂 This position also gives her access to rub my belly and side – smart huh?

I normally start out watching television and then the next thing you know – I’m snoring. I stay this way as long as possible all snug as a bug next to my mommy. It’s what I do. It’s our special time. Did you hear our in that statement? It’s a no daddy zone. If he remotely comes over into my turf, I grunt until he goes away. It’s what I do.

Oh, and don’t think the other kids are getting left out. Hemi and Mouse Girl always snuggle with daddy. That’s their special time. And Bashful, he also gets his time. Mom took him for a walk out in nature – which he has grown fond of – to wear him out for a nap. So you see, we all get our special time.


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