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Mother’s Day Gift…

  I know.  I’ve been bad.  I’ve not been on top of things around here at the Hotel Thompson like I should.  There’s lots of things to get caught up.  Baby steps is what I say.  So, first things first in today’s post.  You do know how crazed my mom is with Mickey Mouse.  If you don’t, you should.  Mom is super, SUPER crazy with that mouse wearing white gloves.  She just loves him.  He’s everywhere here at the Hotel Thompson.  In every single room, you will see him some place some where peaking out at you with those knowing eyes.

Well dad knows what a big role Mickey Mouse plays in my mom’s heart.  He’s always wanted him and mom to have matching wedding bands.  While surfing on the internet one night, he came across a Titanium set that has mom written all over them.  Yep – Mickey Mouse bands.  He ordered them on a Monday and that got here Thursday before Mother’s Day.  Sweet huh?  And yes.  Mom LOVES them.  What do you think?



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