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I’m A Good Boy I Am

Last night mommy told me that I was a good boy.  I know.  🙂 We stayed up until after 11:00PM watching television last night and hanging out on our couch.  Daddy laughed at us when we got up.  Funny daddy.     

Mom woke me up by gently rubbing under my chin and talking to me, “Wake up baby boy.  Wake up Bacon.  It’s time to go to bed.”  I just love her little sing song voice. 

We both stood up at the same time. 

We both stretched at the same time. 

Mommy told me she was going to go potty and I needed to do the same.  She went to the human bathroom and I went to my piggy bathroom.  Daddy said he could hear both of us at the same time.  Like mommy like piggy huh?  She told me after I used the bathroom to get in bed so I did. 

I was in bed waiting for her when she got done brushing her teeth.  See, I’m a good boy I am 🙂  Mom came in afterwards, told me a quick story while rubbing my back.  She gave me a little treat and we both went to bed. 

Dad just sat in the front room shaking his head.  He said we were both spoiled.  I agree with him that mommy is but me?  Nah. 

So everyone have a great and happy weekend – Hogs and Kisses Bacon


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