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Pig Rated Television

See, I’m still not so big that I can’t snuggle with mommy 🙂

Every once in a while, I just *have* to climb up in her lap and get hugs.  They are really important to me here at the Hotel Thompson.  They make me fill all loved.  What’s better than snuggles from mom, right?

So, this is what we did last night.  Snuggled together on the couch and watched our ghost shows.  So now you know why I was snuggling – snorts.  Some of those shows are scary.  At one time, she had to put her hand over my eyes.  She said it wasn’t pig rated – snorts.  Whatever that means.

Do you ever get scared watching television?  Has your human ever put their hands over your eyes?  I felt safe but really, I’m a big pig.  I can watch these things without supervision.  When is mommy going to let me grow up?  It’s such a rough life here at the Hotel Thompson – 🙂



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