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Thank *YOU* My Friends

Monday night I hit a milestone in my blog.  Something that this little oinker thought he would never see.

My friends – this could not have happened without YOU!  YOU read my ramblings.  Listen to me.  Participate with me.  YOU make my day.  My aim on my blog is just to make people laugh… maybe wee on themselves just a tiny bit.  I want to bring happiness to your day.  A little laughter.  Something that takes away your sorrow and brings a smile to your face.  Something that when you see a pig or hear a oink, you think of me… little ole Bacon from the Hotel Thompson.

Without YOU, none of this could happen.  I want to bring your happiness but let me tell you my friends.  YOU bring me happiness.  YOU make me smile.  YOU have taught me to overcome the obstacles and there is nothing that can hold this oinker back.  If I can dream it, I can become it.

Thank YOU for being my friend and visiting my blog.  I ❤ you ALL to the moon and back!


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10,000 – Couldn’t Have Done it Without YOU!

I have finally made it to 10,000 views on my blog.  I can’t believe that I have so many friends that have supported me the past year in making this happen.  It almost feels like a dream!  When I started, I didn’t think that anyone would find my little life so interesting.  I’m just a little pig living each day to the fullest and having fun with mom and dad.  I feel so special and loved to know that I have so many people out there that really care for me and what I do. 


Please share in leaving me a response for my baby scrap book – XOXOX BACON!!


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