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31 Days of Spook – Moon River Brewing Company

Mom/dad go to Tybee Island, Georgia every year – just a little hop, skip and jump for a short vacation to de-stress. They try to go to some of their regular places every year like the Moon River Brewing Company located in Savannah, Georgia. (This restaurant is located on West Bay Street and about 12-14 miles from Tybee Island.) Here’s a picture of the restaurant from the outside.

This restaurant has been featured on a lot of television shows and is suppose to be super haunted.Moon River Brewing Company is one of Savannah’s oldest buildings that was originally built in 1821. It was the City Hotel and was the first hotel and post office in the town. The hotel actually closed when General Sherman led the union army through Georgia. By the time General Sherman actually made it to Savannah, the town was like a ghost town and the buildings were deserted.

In 1990, the building was renovated and the Moon River Brewing Company was opened. Since then, there have been numerous accounts of hauntings and ghosts. People have seen bottles being thrown, people have been touched, pushed and even slapped by unknown ‘ghosts’. One time, Ghost Hunters actually went to the location and caught on camera the dark figure of “Toby” who hides out in the billiard room playing. Even Toby has been known to push customers or workers.

There’s also spooks on the top floors that are still to this day unrenovated… to us. A glowing white apparition has been seen on these floors that is believed to be a worker who died at the hotel in the late 1800’s. In the 1990’s when the Moon River Brewing Company was attempting to renovate the top floors, the foreman’s wife was violently pushed down the staircase.

So mom/dad have braved the stories and have ventured into this restaurant to dine in the past. They prefer to go for dinner when the lights are low creating just the right atmosphere for spooks. They can see and hear the activity from the bar area, the laughter of customers and workers all who were oblivious to the supernatural happenings – or were they?.

Mom highly recommends an awesome blackberry Martini.  She says that it has quote, “Some wicked spirits in it”. I don’t think it was the kind of spirits that go boo in the middle of the night though. Dad says the wait staff disappear for a while as well but again I don’t think it was supernatural. Dad also says every time they go to this restaurant someone eats all of his delicious Tacodilla too. Personally I just don’t think he remembers eating it because he snarfs it it down so quickly because it’s delicious – snorts. And just for those few who are wondering what the pig is a Tacodilla – here’s the scoop of what he said. A cheese quesadilla folded like a taco and filled with smoked brisket, pico de gallo and chipotle sauce. It does sound good, huh?

And there was another disappearance that mom/dad always report. Their money when the check comes – snorts. Okay so they’ve never experienced anything per say haunted happening during their dining experiences in the past. But they do report that it has an electric feeling of something spooky.


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OMP – Bashful and Speedy are WHERE?!

OMP – Where in the world did Speedy’s parents take them for holiday?  You won’t believe it.  You absolutely won’t believe it!  Please check it out on Speedy’s blog – WOWZER!  I have to admit that I might be just a tad bit green with jealousy – it’s beautiful!!


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Happy Summer

Today is the first day of Summer.  It’s official – it’s time to play in the sun and water my friends.  Vacation is upon us.  A time to rest, relax and let go all of the worries in the world.  Revive our inner child.  Go on my friends.  Go outside and walk in the freshly cut grass – I might even attempt this today… of course with socks on – snorts.  Walk in a creek, get in the ocean or a pool.  And speaking of pools – I’ve gotta go now.  I’ve got to go call talk to that daddy of mine about a pool he should be getting this little oinker!

Have a great day my friends – Happy Summer!


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Cough – Oink – Snort – HELLO

My little tyke Bashful has finally landed at his destination… Just where or where in the world was it??

Anybody recognize that rabbit?  YEP It’s Speedy! Check out his posting this afternoon for more pictures and what he’s been up to today.  In fact, he ate one of my favorite dinners tonight.  What is it?  Check it out and see my friends!!


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Okay Let’s Take a Minute –

This time of year can be how shall I say it … frustrating to say the least.  Just a little bit.  An itsy bitsy small part of being a pain in the lower back side regions.  It’s the time of the year.  Really.  People are shopping for the perfect present either on line or in malls/stores.  Days are short in hours but our lists seem to grow further and further and there is *never* enough time in the day.  Children are still in school with recitals, homework and projects due at the last minute.  At work, end of the year projects and closures for 2013 are in process.  And moms – well they deserve a special medal on top of it all.  They juggle the schedule, work, shop and still come home to make sure everyone eats right.

So bottom line, it can be a total frustrating time of the year.

So instead of steaming up like a train whistle, here’s your chance to get it out of your system.  Let it flow and let it go as mom says.  Here’s your moment – do you have something that is bugging you, getting on your last nerve, stressing you out?  Let it out.  Post away.  I’m hear for you and will listen.  Get it off your chest.  My mommy volunteered to go first. 🙂

“Hi, my name is June.  I’m Bacon’s mom and I have stress.  Admission is the first step and I’m here with it.  You know what perturbs me?  Let me tell you.

First off – I’ve been looking at a Mickey Mouse purse on line (go figure, right).  I took the chance of waiting to see if the price would go down.  It did.  And so did all of the stock 😦

Second off – I’m sure others can relate to this one.  Drive thrus – is that enough said?  LOL  I *hate* it when you go through a drive thru, order a drink and they give you two pieces of ice – so frustrating.  What’s more frustrating?  Getting to work with that nice refreshing cool coke only to realize in your first sip that the CO2 is out or something and it is .A.W.F.U.L.”

So go my friends – let it out.  I’m here for you to listen.


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Shout Outs to Tybee Island

Can you believe I’m still discussing mom/dad’s trip to Tybee Island, Georgia?  They had so much fun there – as they always do.  Mom took so many pictures and I’m trying to share them all because they are really cool – and it might be the only way I get to the beach – snorts.

I’ve talked about a lot of things on their trip, places they ate and places they went site seeing but I haven’t discussed where they stayed for their vacation.

Mom and dad walked down the Tybee Island pier several times during their trip.  This is one of my all time favorite pictures that mom took.  It shows the water, the pier, the beautiful palm trees that they had up for the movie they were making and the pavillion at the end.  This is one side of the pier.  And, if you look all the way at the very end you start to see some of the shops they have on the island – wonderful shops might I add that mom/dad like to visit.

Now, if you go to the other side of the pier you get to see something delightful.

The other side of the pier mom took a picture of the hotel they stayed at – Ocean Plaza Beach Resort.  It is located at 1401 Strand Street, Tybee Island. The big window in the middle between the hotel, that is the Dolphin Reef Restaurant.  Mom/dad loves that place.  You can actually eat and look out at the beautiful water. It’s so calming at the restaurant!


The staff of the Ocean Plaza (John, Nicole and Casey) were so wonderful, polite, ever so helpful and full of Southern hospitality.  When they learned that mom/dad were down at the beach celebrating their anniversary, they even upgraded them to a 4th floor overlooking the ocean.  Thank you Ocean Plaza for taking care of my mom/dad!!  It was so very nice of all of you in helping make their stay memorable, fun and exciting!

So if you are ever in Tybee Island, mom/dad highly recommend this hotel.  If you check in, tell them that Bacon sent you.  They know all about me of course because mom passed out my business cards and told them about me – snorts 🙂


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Miscellaneous Tybee Trip Finds

I know – one day I *might* get done talking about mom/dad’s vacation.  Until then, I still have more to share 🙂 I hope I don’t bore you too much but they did find some neat things.

Mom is a HUGE sock monkey fan.  Don’t ask me why but she just loves the little guys.  She has them in all shapes and sizes in the back of her Smart car Albert.  Well, can you believe they found a new one while on vacation?  This is Frankensock.  Rolls piggy eyes.  Yep Frankensock.  Did I mention that she names them all too? – snorts.  And if you look in the picture in the bottom left hand corner, you will see one of her other sock monkeys peeking out at you.  That is Mr Sock-a-lots.  Crazy huh?  Only my mother would collect sock monkeys.  Please tell me there are others out there – please.  And if you think that the sock monkeys are just limited to little toys you can hold, you would be so wrong.  Just wait until when it gets colder and I show you a picture of what she actually wears to bed at night.  O.M.P. (oh my pig).  Now that is a sight to behold – snorts.


Who would have ever thought while on vacation that mom/dad would come across another Smart car with an anipal in it?!  While walking around the pier, they met Susan and Joey in their little car – how adorably cute!  Of course, mom/dad struck up a conversation with them and had to point out their car in the parking lot as well.

You so have to check Susan and Joey out at and let them know that Bacon sent you.  They have a wonderful shop called Seaside Sisters where their web site calls it – clears throat “The best litttle shore house on Tybee”.  Snorts – Isn’t that awesome!

And you see on the side of the door the sign – it’s for their other business Seaside Sweets.  They have the best gelato shop at 18B Tybrisa/16th Street, Tybee Island.  Mom/dad went their a couple of times during their trip.  They couldn’t try everything in one stop so they just had to break things down – snorts.  It was delicious… they said.  This little piggy didn’t get any.  Do you see a pattern here?  *I* didn’t get anything brought back for my pot belly.  hhhmm – I’m going to have to fix that little problem in the future!

They were fabulous and Joey was so well behaved!  Bashful was super impressed as well as mom/dad.  And of course, dad *had* to ask Ms. Susan the ever-ending question.  He told her, “I gotta know.  When you are driving around, do other people in Smart cars ever wave and act crazy when they see you?”  The answer was, “Oh gosh YES!”  See daddy is right.  It’s like a club in those Smart cars.  And you see, Joey rides in the front seat and mommy makes me ride in the back.  I wonder if she’ll let me in the front now?  Inquiring piggy minds you know!


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Mom and Dad Were Attacked!

The Shock!

Poor mom and dad.  While her and dad were on vacation a couple of weeks ago, they were attacked one night in their hotel room.  The attacker came in the form of peanut butter Oreos – thud.  It was a full package at one point and the next point they threw themselves onto mom/dad and let’s just say the rest is history.

The only thing mom remembers is the taste of peanut butter – dad was too busy attacking back and separating the cookies.  It was a misfortunate night.  Only two people walked away – mom and dad.  The Oreos – well let’s say they walked away as well – as take out in mom/dad’s bellies.

If you have seen this attacker, please get to him before he gets to you.  He’s been known to make you gain 5-10 pounds in a single assault.  Beware my friends.  Mom/dad said once he starts to attack, he’s relentless.



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Who Did Mom/Dad See at the Beach?

20131027-182720.jpg Mom and dad had no clue whatsoever that they were filming another movie at Tybee Island last week.  When they arrived and checked into the hotel, they saw a lot of tractor and trailers parked with the sign to the left on them.  They’ve made several movies here so mom and dad got excited.  They snooped asked around and were told what was being filmed.  How awesome.  How exciting.



Then they did some walking around themselves and saw this trolley to the right that mom immediately took a picture of… can you guess what the movie is?  Can you?  Would you be surprised to learn that they are filming the next Sponge Bob Squarepants 2 movie in the Savannah and Tybee Island area?  For real!

How could mom and dad miss this in their trip planning?  And they found out that the week before they arrived, Antonio Banderas was doing his shots as a pirate.  What?!  How could they miss out on all of the wonderful fun.  Right?


So the movie comes out in 3D in 2014.  Mom/dad knew they missed it by arriving late for the game.  But they were going to enjoy the beach nonetheless.

So Monday, mom/dad decide to walk around the beach, enjoying the sun and surf.  They walked down to the Tybee pier and skipped the steps going for the direct walk up.  There wasn’t any people around so mom does like I do – puts her head down and charges on – snorts.

They passed someone that looked faintly familiar.  There was someone in front of this person and another behind the person.  Mom continues on dragging daddy behind her.  She says, “Hey” to the people.  They reply hey back.  I mean heck she is from the south – you gotta be friendly, right?  Then the person in the middle is in a blacked out van and whisked away.

Mom looked at daddy and said, “Who was that?”  Dad says describ him (because you know he can’t see very well).  Mom describes him – all in black, black top hat, black, long curly hair, black glasses – dad stops her immediately.  What?  Say that again to which she did.  About the same time, one of the people that had walked him down from the pier said in their walkie-talkie, “Slash to base camp.”

Holy batman – it was Slash, the rock guitarist from Guns N’ Roses.  Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know who he was either.  Mom didn’t – snorts.  I had to see a picture to remind myself of who he was.  I’m adding this one so you know too.  He did a cameo in the new movie.  And mom saw him.  In fact, she could have flicked him on the ear as daddy said.  It was that quick. And you know how daddy can be funny. It was a quick meet but if given the chance daddy was going ask Slash to take a picture with Bashful because you know it would make him famous – snorts.



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