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No Sharing – My Mommy!

  Sorry my friends.  This is my mommy – all mine.  No sharing today.  I gotta have my mommy.

Don’t you have days like that?  I couldn’t help it.  The little guy Houdini had to move over.  I *need* my mommy.  This hot heat is getting on my nerves.  I need cooler weather.  I need to be snuggled up on mom’s lap – I’m not that big that I can’t snuggle down… right?

And if I hide my snout, nobody can see me – like those pesky purr things or that little guy Houdini.  Sometimes a pig just needs their mommy.

Hold me.


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I’m Not Too Big – Nope Not At All!

See I’m not that big.  Nope not at all.  You see, I didn’t feel too good last night.  I need my mommy time.  In fact, I might have – might being a strong word – pushed Houdini off of the couch.  I wanted mom’s lap.  I was a little under the weather.  Nothing to put my hoof directly on, just not feeling well.  I think it’s this weather.  It doesn’t know what it wants to do.  I need Spring.  I need warmth.  Last night, I just needed my mommy.

I crawled up on mom’s lap, stuck my snout between her and the couch and put my breaks on so I wouldn’t fall.  Of course, mom wouldn’t let me fall either.  I just had to have some special tender loving care time.

When it was bedtime, mom tucked me in and sat beside me rubbing my back while she told me my bedtime story.  It’s days like this that make me love her even more.  Is that possible?  What do you do when you are not feeling well?  Do you run to mom or dad or both?


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Operation Hot Date – UPDATE

My little friend Nylablue at is feeling a little down under the weather.  I can’t have that.  I need Nylablue feeling better.  Cause I’ll tell you a secret… come closer.  We’re keeping it a secret for a bit longer but I’ll tell you my friends.  When Nylablue feels better, she has accepted to go out on a date with me.  That’s right.  My first date with my Nylablue – I am so pigstatic!

But, we have to get Nylablue feeling better.  Can you help me out friends?  Can you cheer her up, send her some messages, email – anything.

And Nylablue, if you are reading this.  Please get better soon.  I’m praying for you.  You work on getting better.  Sending you hogs and snout kisses my sweet friend!


Just got an email from Nylablue’s mother.  She says that Nylablue is having a flareup of bowel disease and needs prayers.  Please my friends – let’s get that prayer chain going out.  Thanks!!


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I Want My Mommy Kind of Day


Yesterday was a holiday and thank goodness my mommy was home. I was feeling a bit blah, you know a little under the weather. I stayed close to mommy all day. As long as she was beside me or in eye distance, I was good.  If she wasn’t, I cried for her and went looking for my mommy.  I was very needy.

I’m not sure if it was a cold front coming in or what. Weather changes do make me feel kind of icky. When it gets really, REALLY cold, I just want to ‘hibernate’ and sleep.  This was kind of different though.  I couldn’t put my snout on it.  I just knew I felt icky.  Whatever it was, I didn’t feel good and mommy knew it.

Of course it wasn’t anything that would stop me from eating. It takes a lot to get between me and my food. Figure that huh? I just felt icky enough to stay close to mom, stay cuddly and warm and be loved on all day. Something like this picture.


Mommy fixed me a little bed on the couch right beside her. She would pet me and talk quietly to me throughout the day. She even called me my pet name… don’t tell anyone okay.  Ssshhh – she likes to call me “Pookie”.  I’m not sure why but it was cute so I let her do it.

She even gave me one of her famous piggy massages. They feel so wonderful! Especially when she uses my baby lotion, massages all of my fat rolls and then wraps me in my bankie for cuddles.  AAAAWWW – that’s the best!

I was all about mommy. Daddy came over and tried to comfort me. It’s not that I don’t appreciate it from daddy but I just wanted my mommy. I knew that she would make me all better.

Mommy went back to work today. She left strict instructions with daddy to take care of me. I know he will and I’ll be all over daddy since mommy is not here. You know how that works.

Hope everyone had a wonderfully long weekend. Hogs and Kisses – Bacon


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