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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon – There is always that one sibling who just never smiles at the right time or large enough for the camera.  Here we are in Summer now and we are trying to get our Christmas cards made – notice lights in the background.  That’s when Stupid doesn’t want to smile.  Finally, I had to crawl on his back to give him a little help.  Shakes my kitty head.  Do you ever have to do the same with your siblings?  Signed CIC (Cat in Charge)

Dear CIC – Shaking my piggy head.  Well I guess that’s one way to do it my friend.  Help out your brother in his smiling for the camera.  I guess you are right about getting those cards done in time for Christmas. Maybe this weekend we can all get together here to get them done in time.  But I have to ask one question my friend.  Tell me that the dog’s name isn’t really Stupid.  Please say no.  Snorts with piggy laughter.

Dear Bacon –  I really don’t get all of this Netflix and chill stuff.  I mean heck I do it every night.  So can you tell me am I doing it right or wrong?  Signed Stud Muffin

Dear Stud Muffin – Well, it looks like you are doing it right to me.  You are watching Netflix and chilling with your popcorn.  I mean heck, you even have on your house shoes.  You can’t be chilling anymore than that.  And you are watching Netflix on your computer so you can still bounce around on the internet while listening.  Nope, I say that’s it.  Go for it my friend and be happy.


Dear Bacon – There I was in the house walking around at midnight and I just couldn’t sleep.  That’s when my humans did the most amazing thing.  They bundled me up and took me for a drive to help me sleep.  Within minutes, I was passed out on the stick shift.  What a terrific way to be rocked to sleep.  Signed Twinkle

Dear Twinkle – Oh My Pigs!  That does look amazing and what great parents you have to think of this and to gently rock you to sleep.  That is awesome!  I would say that your humans are definitely keepers in their way of taking care of their anipals.  Just do me a favor okay – don’t drool on the stick shift.


Dear Bacon – My human mom said she would play fetch with me.  She told me to go get one of my play toys.  Well I couldn’t decide which one to bring back so I did what any other anipal would do – I brought them all so she could pick one to play with.  Don’t you just love it when the humans play fetch with you?  Signed Decisions Too Big

Dear Decisions Too Big – I agree.  That is the only way to play with our toys.  Bring them all out and spread them all over the floor.  That is the way we can be sure which ones we want at the time.


REMEMBER MY FRIENDS – Dear Bacon can’t happen without YOU.  Please continue sending me your pictures and questions to my email address ♥


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Bacon Sleeps…

Have you ever wondered what I look like when I’m sleeping?  I know that’s probably the highlight of your day.  You going on with your day-to-day activities and then it hits you – BOOM!.  I wonder how that Bacon sleeps – snorts.  You can admit it.  I won’t tell anyone.  Well, I thought I would solve that curiosity of yours.  Mom took this video of me doing what I do best – sleeping on the couch with her while we were suppose to be watching television.

What was I dreaming about?  Was I dreaming of my beloved – my sweet purr thing Nylablue?  Was I dreaming of playing with my unicorn and Bigfoot in my magical backyard?  Was I dreaming of running in fields of daisies?  Was I dreaming of food?  I’ll never tell – snorts – a pig has to have some secrets, right?

And heads up – don’t call the peeps from Finding Bigfoot just yet – those are mom’s Sasquatch toes in the video – snorts.  Enjoy my dear friends!


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Sleeping Bacon

In the mornings after breakfast, I always jump on the couch beside mom is go to sleep.  This morning was no different.  I love my mommy time.  I feel comfortable with  her.  I get my best sleep there.  This morning, as usual, mom had the video camera going.  Nothing is sacred with her anymore – snort.

So, do you wonder what I dream about?  Seeing me chasing rabbits and playing in the fields?  It’s good to be me sometimes!

PS – Yes, that’s moms toes.  I told you I slept on her.  Giggles…

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