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Travels in the South

What is this you ask my friends? Mom called it heaven on earth.  Mom/dad found this delicacy way before mom’s surgery. It’s fried Twinkies.  Yep – you read right.  Fried Twinkies.  And when they fry the Twinkie, it makes the white cream even creamier.  Dad loves them.  Have you ever tried them?


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Mission Accomplished

Do you remember last week when I had a BOLO (be on the look out) and an APB (all points bulletin) out for Twinkies Chocodiles?  You can read about it here if you don’t remember.  I told you that my mom if not anything is very pig-headed (snorts) when it comes to things that she wants.  Now you know where I get my stubbornness from – I don’t fall too far from the tree.  This weekend, she was determined to find these little treasures somewhere within a fifty mile radius of the Hotel Thompson.

Insert Mission Impossible music now.  Nana called my mom on Friday at her worky place.  Mommy told her of these delectable little treasures and gave Nana a mission of looking for them at store she was going to that day.  Nana  went to the store and even got the store manager involved to no avail.  Bummer.

Then mom/dad went grocery shopping at another chain store Saturday morning.  Again, nothing.  Bummer.  Now, it was getting to mommy.  She is not a quitter – especially with chocolate on the table.  Mom called Nana and they were going to meet up for lunch on Sunday to come up with another plan.

Sunday, mom/dad took Nana out to lunch.  Lunch was great but the thing still dancing in mom and Nana’s heads were these chocolate Twinkies – oh yummy!  So after dinner, a trip was planned to Wally World.  It was like humans gone wild when they entered the doors of old Wally World.  Fist bumps commenced and then it was ready, set and GO off they went in their separate ways to find the elusive Chocodile who some called Bigfoot – often talked about but never seen.

That’s when mom saw it out of the corner of her eye.  A blue stand filled with what you might ask – Chocodiles – THUD.  I think mom actually dropped to her knees in front of the display and thanked the heavens above.  She then called daddy who then called Nana and they all met in front of the alter of chocolate covered Twinkies.  You would have thought they had never seen chocolate before.


I can’t tell you how many boxes mom and Nana bought.  I *can* tell you that they freeze well – snorts.  And I can tell you that mom had one last night.  As she was moaning in satisfaction, I picked up a few choice words from her like the following, “Spongy cake goodness with a white cream in the middle surrounded by a chocolate heaven”.  Okay, after that I kind of left the room quietly so mom could have a moment.  I’m guessing that they are mom approved.



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APB (All Points Bulletin) – BOLO (Be On Look Out)

20140715-092150-33710497.jpgEnough said?  Mommy saw these on line but hasn’t been able to find them in the stores yet.  She is foaming at the mouth… literally.  I don’t know why.  She’s not suppose to be looking at sweets – she’s suppose to be on that four lettered bad word…DIEt.  But then again, aren’t the humans *always* on a DIEt?  

I have to admit these do look intriguing in purely an educational way.  Chocodiles – what a name?  Makes me think of my friends Fozzie and Auntie Sharon from down under.  

Have you seen these temptations in your store yet?  If so, please tell me what they taste like… are they good… are they tempting?… are they worth the effort of putting an APB and BOLO out on the boxes?



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Oh Yes – Resurrection!


   It was a very sad day 11/16/2012 when the last Twinkies left the shelf.  I’ve tried them in the past.  I haven’t had a lot of them but they were different.  I liked the cream filling.  Mom liked them too. Dad on the other hand, said they were like eating a sponge and he didn’t care for them.  Rolls piggy eyes – he has no taste – PLOL (Pig laughing out loud). 

Mom even bought several boxes when she found out that there would be no more world with Twinkies – a known childhood treat for her.  Then, they finally were gone.  No more Twinkies at the Hotel Thompson – another sad day since learning there would be no more made.  I’m not sure who cried more – me or mom.




Then we all started smiling again!  We learned that Twinkies had been bought out and would be making a come back – YAY you sponge full of goodness.  This was wonderful news!  Me and mom jumped for joy and planned our resurrection Twinkie party scheduled for 07.15.2013.  Of course… dad laughed at us.

But you know what we are laughing at?  Think about that poor soul who spent $5,000 on eBay for the last box of original Twinkies.  How must he feel knowing about them being back?  Oh thud. 

Personally, I like to picture Twinkies dressed up like the Terminator saying, “Hasta La Vista baby, I’ll be back” before they actually left.   Snorts – can you?

Will you be partaking in the Twinkie party today?  I think mommy is going to try to get us some one the way home from the worky place.  I hope so!  My mouth is watering already.  Enjoy my friends!


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