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Dear Bacon

20140111-195437.jpgDear Bacon – It’s so hot!  I mean really HOT.  I can’t take it anymore.  I don’t even have the stamina to look for nuts.  I can’t even move from this limb.  Can you help a squirrel out?  Signed Hot in Atlanta

Dear Hot in Atlanta – I feel for you my friend.  It is so H.O.T. here in Atlanta.  I moved from my bedroom to the living room and was almost sweating.  I need winter back.  Come on over to the Hotel Thompson.  You can crash with Journalist Rocky the Squirrel in his air conditioned treehouse in the backyard.


 Dear Bacon –  There is always that *one* family member that you just roll your eyes.  This is us trying to take a serious family picture for our dad for Father’s Day.  Do you see how well that worked out?  Stupid on the end has to make faces.  What to do my friend?  Signed Classy

Dear Classy – Snorts.  You know your dad might just appreciate that look on your siblings face.  I mean if he is the family clown – him looking serious might not be a fun picture.  I say go for it my friends.  It’s better to laugh than cry!

 20140111-195456.jpgDear Bacon – Rosie was having a bad day so I offered her a shoulder to cry on to get past her woes.  That was three hours and now she is asleep.  I don’t dare wake her but my shoulder – I can’t feel it anymore.  It’s past the tingling stage.  It’s now at the do-I-even-have-an-arm-there-anymore stage.  Have you ever been stuck like this?  Signed Big Brother

Dear Big Brother – You are the man my friend.  That was so thoughtful of you to have a leaning shoulder not only to cry on but to sleep on.  Of course, you can’t wake her.  After what she has been through – whatever that might be – a leaning shoulder from big brother will make all of the bad go away.  I’ve done it a time or two with Mouse Girl.  Awesome job my friend!

20140111-195508.jpgDear Bacon – There I was my fellow pig.  Eating my carrots and minding my own business.  That’s when it happened.  I heard the refrigerator door open.  You know that sound, right?  The sound of freedom. The sound that says the store is open.  Squeals!  There’s so many good things in that cold box.  Don’t you feel the same?  I couldn’t help but suck in air and squeal.  I wanna go shopping in that place!  What about you?  Signed Bandit

Dear Bandit – I feel you my fellow pig and squealer.  I love that huge cold box.  It has such mysteries of delights stored in it – from cold stuff to frozen stuff.  Once I opened the freezer and was sucking on ice cubes when mom busted me.  Why ice cubes?  Why not.  They tasted so delicious and were so cold in my piggy tummy!  Let me know if you get to go shopping in there.

FRIENDS – Please remember that Dear Bacon can’t happen without YOU.  Please email me your pictures and letters 🙂


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Happy Friday and Great Television



It’s time to let the good times roll and have a great long weekend. Mommy is actually taking off today from the worky place. Extra snuggles for me! I think her and dad are going out for a bit to get into some kind of trouble. I’m not sure what kind yet but I’m sure it will be fun.

I’ve watched a couple of exciting shows on television lately that I wanted to share with you. Maybe you’ve seen them too?

The first show I want to talk about is Treehouse Masters. WOW – is the first thing I have to oink. This show is beyond words at times. Pete Nelson is the treehouse master. You know how mom is the pig whisperer? Pete Nelson is the tree whisperer! This show comes on the Animal Planet at 10:00PM on Friday nights. I have the television automatically programmed in my room to watch it.

These are not your everyday treehouses like you might have had growing up. These are adult treehouses with the works. I’ve seen shows where they have kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, showers, televisions – everything! One time, Pete Nelson built one that housed a beer brewery! It was out of this world! This picture attached came off of the Animal Planet web page. If you haven’t seen this show, you must check it out.

And trust me, adult treehouses don’t come cheap. I thought it would be awesome for this little oinker to have his own pighouse. But, dad on the other hand took me down to reality. Some of the treehouses that Pete Nelson puts together costs anywhere between $45,000 – $250,000! Yep, shocker huh? But you should check out the show and look at the amazing work he does with his crew. It would definitely be worth having your very own pighouse – hint hint daddy.

Another show that I’ve enjoyed a lot is called My Cat From Hell. This show also comes on the Animal Planet on Saturday nights at 8:00PM.

The host of the show is Jackson Galaxy. He is by far the cat whisperer among being a musician, song writer and actor. I really do believe down deep that he has a telepathic communication with the purr things. He has turned some terror cats into lap kitties on the show. This is a picture of Jackson Galaxy taken off of the Animal Planet web page. Doesn’t that purr thing look so content!

I’m thinking he might need to come here to the Hotel Thompson to help Hemi with his aggression of slapping this little piggy on the butt! What say you?

Be sure to check these two shows out and let me know what you think. I think they are absolutely pigawesome! Have a great weekend my friends.


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