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The Postman Came to the Hotel Thompson!

Oh sweet friends I’m so excited.  Last night when mom *finally* got home from work (which is another story all in itself), she had a package in her hands.  AND said package was made out to me – the oinkermaster.  I was so thrilled and excited.  I was running around oinking.

Mom knew I was excited.  I guess that’s why she tortured had to change her work clothes first before the unwrapping.

Squeals with piggy excitement!  When she unwrapped the box and took out the contents, I had to roll around on the floor snorting and having a great time.  It was awesome.  Why?  You see the package was from my brother Easy across the pond.  

I have to tell you something my friends.  He is like the bestest brother evah!  Not only did he remember my birthday, Houdini’s birthday and earlier Hemi’s birthday, he remembered mom/dad’s anniversary that is coming up in a couple of weeks ❤  I tell you that touched all of our hearts with the love he sent our way yesterday.  Brother you and your staff are the tops!

And I have VIDEOS!  First I have to show you  a little toy that Easy sent to Houdini.  It’s a little toy from of course Toy Story – snorts with piggy laughter.  The irony in that – a toy from Toy Story.  Well, it’s cute as a button.  Houdini absolutely loved it.  AND mom took a video of giving the little tyke his toy.  See video 1.

Video 1

Then mom continued in the box and found another present.  A special present that we adored.  Daddy swiftly inserted batteries and mom found a special place for Pinky (that’s what we named him) on our book shelves in the front room.  This way we can constantly see Pinky and think of our friends.  Now Pinky is motioned sensor.   Mom took a video of him too.  And wait for the ending… you might hear some snorting.   See video 2.

UPDATE!  Dad got up this morning and fed all of us while mom was getting ready for work.  After Houdini got done eating his breakfast, he decided to put all of his training from Easy to work.  Well friends, I think Houdini has learned from the best.  What do you think?  I hope this makes you proud Easy!  Yep, that was the toy from Toy Story.  It blew up all over mom’s ottoman.  Snorts with piggy laughter!


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Houdini Update

Thank you so much my friends for the help last week on Houdini.   I wanted to give you an update today on how he is doing with his teething here at the Hotel Thompson..  Some people suggested that we get him a Kong toy where you can insert a treat.  That way he can play with the Kong, chew at it and eventually get the treat.  Mom and dad thought this was a wonderful idea.  At this point – anything would be helpful as long as it’s not mom’s fingers or my tail!


Mom and dad went looking at our local pet store.  Mommy was fascinated at the different sizes of Kong’s, found one and handed it to daddy.  She asked daddy if this was small enough – what do you think?  Daddy said with this Kong, he could actually stick Houdini up in it!  Now wouldn’t that be hilarious… of course he wouldn’t do that.

Mom snapped this picture of daddy and showed it to one of their friends.  Their friends said, “Well, you could get that one, fill it with treats for your daddy and see what he does to get them out.”  Now *that* idea I’m kind of partial to.  It would be hilarious for us anipals to see what kind of hunting skills our old daddy has – snorts.

There were so many different sizes that mom and dad didn’t know what kind to get.  They discussed this with some friends that train dogs.  They actually came over to the house late Saturday night for a visit and brought Houdini a gift.



As you see from this picture to the left, they got the little guy a Houdini sized Kong.  It’s so small!  And I have to tell you, the little guy has skills of his own.  This Kong kept him busy for almost 45 minutes trying to get the treat out.  And, another plus.  He didn’t bite my tail.  That in itself is a God send – snorts oinks.  Thanks Brent!!

Also Brent recommended to mom/dad not having a gazillion toys down for Houdini at once.  They advised only having 2-3 down at any given time.  That way Houdini will focus on those toys and can be redirected to those toys when he gets the vampire mode that clicks.  So far, it’s worked.  We are *all* relieved here at the Hotel Thompson.

AND Houdini went for his final shots Saturday.  He officially weighs in at 3.10 pounds right now.  What a cow!


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I Just Know You Are Holding Your Breath For an Update

 Little Man Houdini is really settling in here at the Hotel Thompson.  He’s only been here for 10 days but in some ways – it seems like forever.  I have to admit that he has brought a lot of love and fun here.  I’m glad to say his potty training is coming right along.  He seems to be taking to it very well which is a great thing.  While mom and dad were at the vets office last Friday, they were told that Yorkies can be a little hard headed in this department and of course were given advice on how to said potty train Houdini.  Mom listened, stood her ground, put her hands on her hips and told this peep, “Look, I’ve potty trained a pig.  When you’ve done that, come talk to me.”  Go mom!  She’s right though. I’m house trained. And don’t you ❤ my mom when she gets fierce about one of her ‘kids’?  Snorts.


I thought I would share some pictures that I took of the little guy in the past couple of days.  This one to the left is one of my all time favorites of little Who-Who (see I’ve picked a nick-name for the little guy 🙂

I ❤ it when he stretches out on the floor with his little legs behind him.  Doesn’t that just tug at your heart?  He does this A LOT.  He also rolls around the floor, belly up and makes little chatter noise.  And notice, he’s got some of my toys around him in this picture.  See, I’m still sharing.



Another great picture of Who-Who is this one to the right.  He’s in his little bed playing with some toys.  And yes, some of those toys are the purr things toys.  See, even they are sharing with the little tyke.  And, in this picture you can really see how small Houdini actually is.

Dad said when they were at the vets last week, the doctor told them that Houdini weighed 2.4 pounds.  Houdini said there was no way and demanded the doctor re-weigh him because he had to weigh at least 50 pounds.  Just goes to show you what a ‘killer’ Houdini thinks he is huh?  Snorts.  I wonder where he gets that from in the family?

IMG_0480.JPGAnd I know you are probably wondering how Houdini is getting along with all of us anipals here at the Hotel Thompson.  Well Mouse Girl, one of the purr things here, could care less about him.  She stays high and away from him.  On the other hoof, Hemi (the other purr thing) here is very interested and wants to play with him so very bad.  As you can see in this picture to the left.  See the cat tube – Who-Who likes to drag it all over the house.  Hemi is looking at him to supervise.

And well that brings interaction with this little oinker.  So far, I’ve had supervised interaction.  This is with mom – either me in mom’s lap or mom holding Who-Who.  We have smelled each other.  We’ve even kind of played with our hooves/paws with each other.  The little guy even barks at me from time to time.  Mommy said there will come a day when I can actually play with him but not yet.  She said you can’t be too careful.  I’m not offended at that.  I mean heck, that Who-Who is vicious.  Who knows when he might attack me – right?  Snorts.  So there you go – your dosage of Houdini. 🙂



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Dear Bacon

20131113-093216.jpg Dear Bacon,

Leash training.  Well, it sucks.  I can’t go too far without the human deciding that I shouldn’t be that far.  A pig has to have his freedom!  That’s what I say.  What about you?  Signed Gotta Run

Dear Gotta Run,

Poor little guy.  Mommy *tried* to leash train me.  Let’s just say that I wasn’t a leash kind of pig either.  I’m sure with more practice, I would have adjusted but she didn’t have the will power – snorts.  Look on the other hand my little friend, they are just trying to watch after your safety.  Consider it a gesture of love. 🙂


20131113-093238.jpgDear Bacon,

HA!  This will make you think twice about stomping in that puddle outside again won’t it?  I just had to share.  You never know where my kind might jump out at you.  Consider us like clowns.  We’ll make you laugh but we are scary as heck to look at sometimes.  Signed Hide N Seek

Dear Hide N Seek,

Shivers to mergatroid!  I will never stomp my little hooves in the puddle outside in my magical backyard EVER again.  Heck, I close my eyes and still see you.  EEWW – you are like clowns – scary!!  I gotta get in therapy.  Thanks.



Dear Bacon,

You’re not the only cute thing that rides around in your mom’s moving thingy.  I love to settle in the back seat and go for a spin.  It kind of relaxes me and helps me to go to sleep.  I think it helps my mom too to hear me go bbaaww.  Signed Tiny

Dear Tiny,

OMP (oh my pig).  Yes you are so right my friend.  You are the most adorable little thing.  I just want to pick you up and cuddle with you!  If my mom saw you, oh goodness, we would so have to adopt you here at the Hotel Thompson!!  Stay safe my little friend.




Dear Bacon,

I turn my back for one minute and my tail hit my nuts off of the pole.  I think my face tells you everything.  I got make every nut count during these winter months!  Signed Flabbergasted

Dear Flabbergasted,

I’m sorry my friend for laughing but that look is priceless!  Hit me up, I’ll give you some nuts 🙂



Dear Bacon,

No matter what you do in life, never give up and never surrender.  You don’t know what strengths you have until you try.  Stay strong my friend.  Signed Adam Ant

Dear Adam Ant,

Those are some powerful words my little buddy.  So true and spot on.  I will never give up and never surrender with anything in my life.  Thank you!



Remember friends – keep your pictures and questions coming.  Send them to me at  – thanks for making my Tuesday specials of Dear Bacon just that – very special!


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Nose trick – HA HA



PLOL (Pig Laughing out Loud).  You might have remembered the posting I did a while back on my mommy teaching me new ‘tricks’.  She had put this delicious strawberry flavored gummy Lifesaver on my nose.  She wouldn’t let me flip it off until she said so.  This took much training.  Really, I caught on fast but the more “training” I had, the more gummies I got.  Smart huh?  I thought so.



Well a friend of mine had to go one step further.   They actually used a real strawberry.  Had to show me up there huh my friend – snorts.

So when mommy goes to the market, I wrote on the list for her to get me some strawberries.   I see a lot of training coming up in my piggy future.

Thanks pal!


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Diary of Dominance Training


You know how they say that pigs can be stubborn and ‘pig-headed’?  Well, that about sums me up.  I know – I’m trying.  I really am trying.  It’s like my alter ego, Deviled Ham, comes out at times when I least expect it.  Mom/Dad are not quitters and they are hanging in there.  Here’s the update on dominance training.

Tuesday, 04/29/2013 – Dominance training actually started this evening. It is something that I’m not used to.  Dad has said the “NO” word very firmly, very southern might I add – snort giggles.  It does make me stop in my hooves and rethink my surroundings before Deviled Ham shows up.  When I was on the couch with mom, dad came over several times to see me.  The first time, I went all pig ballistic on him.  He put me in my place with the southern firm “NO” and petted my little head.  After about the third attempt, I never grunted or barked and allowed dad to pet me.

Wednesday, 04/30/2013 – After my morning snack when I was going back to my room, Deviled Ham came out from no where and I jumped dad in the hallway.  Bad move.  The rest of the day, I was fine.  Again, when I was on the couch with mom, dad came over several times to see me.  The first time, I again barked and growled but not as bad as the night before.  The second time he came over, it was just a small grumble when he pet me.  After that, I never grunted or barked and allowed dad to pet me as long as he wanted.

Thursday, 5/1/2013 – Well, you know how they say the third time is the charm?  Snort – not so much in this case.  I lost my piggy mind tonight.  I was good all day long with dad.  I never gave him a moment’s trouble while it was me and him at the Hotel Thompson.  That night, daddy and mommy went out to dinner.  When they came back, my rebellious teenager Deviled Ham made an appearance.  I tried to attack daddy.  Mom thought it was those god forsaken orange shorts he wears because they were so bright – snort.  It wasn’t.  My hoove nipped him on the knee cap, not bad.  His southern “NO” really did nothing for me.  Mommy had to be the firm one.  Instead of minding her, what did I do?  Rebellious teenager Deviled Ham tried to go after her.  Drops and shakes my piggy head.  I was bad.  Mom sent me to my room which I minded.  No bedtime snack.  No bedtime story.  No night time snuggles.  Mommy said it hurt her more than it was hurting me.  I’m not so sure.  You see, this is the one thing that piggies have a hard time with – being ignored.  She ignored me the rest of the night.  That’s tough on this little guy. And, I think I made mommy cry.  I could hear her and daddy in their room.  Mommy wouldn’t even let Bashful sleep with me last night.  I was all by myself and had all night to rethink my rebellious ways.  It was a long night.

Friday, 5/2/2013 – This morning I got mommy up to get ready for the worky place and breakfast.  It was a new day with new ways.  Mommy fixed me breakfast and I just wagged my tail so fast when she was talking to me about last night.  We had our little prayer meeting and she put me back to bed for my morning nap.  Today, I am really, REALLY going to try to be good.  Wish me luck and think of me.  Mommy says that this weekend there will be lots of training.  I’m game. 


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Bacon and Daddy Dominance Training

There comes a time in a miniature pot bellied pig’s life that he starts to grow up and become an adult. Mom and dad have known through the past 18 months when it is time for me to take my next step . Well, this time around I beat them to the punch.  I’m not proud of misbehavior.  Mom says that I need to post this to come clean with my friends and myself.  I think it’s a good idea too.  You know – you get the good, you get the bad kind of thing. 

There’s lots of things to factor in with my behavior and attitude. For instance, if it’s raining and cold outside I tend to be a little aggressive and clingy. Sometimes when I don’t get my 5-6 naps during the day, I can also be a little bear to deal with at the Hotel Thompson. And if I’m scared, I can be the biggest scaredy pig you can imagine and want to be held like a baby.  You have to understand and I know that for the most part, I am the cutest, loving and most adorable little piggy here in the south.  But, there is that 10% of the time that my alter ego, Deviled Ham, comes out and I totally lose my piggy mind.  This is one of those times.

So, here we go with the admission… which is good for this pigs soul (that’s what mommy says.) 

For the past couple of days, I’ve pulled out all of the stops and have tried to show my dominance over daddy. You see, me and mom have a different kind of relationship and I don’t have to show dominance with her. But daddy, well that’s another story. Here and there, I’ve oinked and barked at him to back off and get away. But the past couple of days have been different. I might have… perhaps… well… maybe I jumped him in the hallway at the Hotel Thompson.

I know – I know – I shouldn’t have. I understand he feeds and takes care of me all day long while mommy is at the worky place. It’s just that I wanted to show him that “I” was the dominant one. I understand that it was a major bad thing… especially after he called mommy at the worky place and told her about my behavior. Yeah, that wasn’t good. I was totally grounded to my room until she got home. 

You have to also understand that there’s three males at the Hotel Thompson – me, daddy and Master Hemi.  Now, that little Master Hemi is a 10 pound terror.  HE is dominant over me and knows exactly how to put this little pig in his place – shivers.  So that leaves daddy.  All I gotta say is bad mistake.

Since this type of misconduct is totally unacceptable at the Hotel Thompson, mom had to figure out why and what to do with me. She called my piggyatrician and they had a long talk. Well, did you know that at this age in my life is when dominance tries to come out. So, now we know what the problem is so you’re asking yourself what is the solution. Well, there’s a word I don’t hear much of but I’m going to learn today. Me and dad have to start dominance training…. well that and me writing 100 times on my chalkboard, “I am not dominant over daddy, I am not dominant over daddy.”

Training has already started and I’m glad to report that daddy says I’m getting better already. It’s a good thing too because me being dominant is really not like me. I’m a sweet, innocent, loving miniature pot bellied pig. But, I’m just like any other child. I have to be shown what my limitations are when I try to push them. This is something that me and daddy have to work out. I will definitely keep you posted on our progress.

I post this today because with the good you also need to see the bad little piggy in me. It helps with keeping me straight in my behavior. See, I’m growing up with that admission.

But you have to tell me my four legged friends out there – I’m not the only one that has or is going through this process, right? Please assure me.

XOXO – Bacon


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We Are a Remarkable Breed

You may not know this but pigs are very smart creatures.  We learn very fast and will work at something until we have it down pact.  Knowing this, mom and dad are always coming up with quick ways and ideas to curb my intelligence.  They’re not holding me back.  They just have to try to be two steps ahead of me to know how to curb what could be trouble in the long run. 

Challenge of the Baby Gate

Take for example the kitchen area.  I learned real quick that this was the magical place that had all of the food… aaawww that wonderful food.  So, mom and dad were two steps ahead of me and put up a huge metal baby gate.  Perfect plan right?  Wrong – LOL.  I learned real quick that by using my snout I could touch the bottom mechanism that holds the gate shut and pop it open.  There you go – I’m in the kitchen. 

Two steps ahead of me, mom and dad started using a bungee cord as well to bind the gate door when I was out.  I learned real quick – snort snicker – that worked for a while.  Then I learned real quick that with enough thrust from my stout little body, I could just knock that big ole metal baby gate right down on the floor.  Then I could walk over it, stomp it a little, and there you – I’m in the kitchen.

Two steps ahead of me, dad put the metal baby gate back up and enforced it with nails on both sides.  I haven’t learned yet how to overcome that obstacle, don’t think I haven’t tried, but I will. 


Bed time at Hotel Thompson

First of all – let’s talk about this picture and the onsey the adorable piggy is wearing.  Mom wants to get me one.  Yay or Nay?? 

Okay now back to our conversation – The great thing about Hotel Thompson is that for the most part we are on a tight schedule.  Things don’t usually stray from that schedule.  When it does, it upsets my internal time clock.  And trust me, my internal time clock can be a frightening and powerful thing 🙂  When mom is at work, dad will ask me to do things and I may take my time doing them but I will… eventually.  When mom is home, it’s all about my mommy.  Dad will ask me to do something and I will look at him like I’m thinking about it.  Mom tells me to do something, I’m there.  She doesn’t play games. 

Our nightly routine is pretty good now.  After mom and dad eat their human chow, I come back out of my room where I’ve been meditating.  Mom gives me little treats while she does the dishes in the kitchen.  Afterwards, I get my main treat in the front room.  Mom locks the baby gate and sits on our sofa.  Sometimes, me and mom will run up and down the hallways to my room and the frontroom playing chase.  This is so much fun.  I run barking and snorting, mom just snorts and laughs.  Afterwards, we fall on the sofa together and snuggle.  We usually watch television together for a while.  Mom will rub my back and I will fall off to sleep snoring. 

See, this is where the training part comes in big time.  Mom *thinks* she has trained me but I being the brilliant piglet that I am trained her.  She just doesn’t know it.  When it’s bedtime, she will tell me to go potty and get in bed.  And, I will.  Because *I* know that if I do, she will give me a treat.  See, that’s brilliant thinking there.  I’ve got her trained to give me treats for doing things that I would normally do anyway because I like a schedule.  After she gives me a treat and tucks me into bed, she tells me a little story, reads to me or we watch a quick cartoon in my room.  She then gives me another treat for being good and to go to bed.  I have that woman trained in my evil ways – snort snicker.

And you know what the kicker is?  If I make a certain sound after I’m tucked in for the night, she will come and check on me!  It’s like I have a mental connection with mom.  On nights like this, she’ll hold me for a while and rock me to sleep.  I absolutely love it when she does this!  It brings me back to my baby days when she held me in my nursery. 

So, the bottom line is who is more trained – me or mom.  That’s like saying what came first – the egg or the chicken.  Makes you wonder hhhmmm.


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I Understand Certain Words/Phrases

I’m not sure if you know this, but I’m a smart piglet.


There’s lots of things that happen in my little life that I can figure out.  There’s certain words and phrases that I understand and know what they mean.

For instance, I definitely understand the word, “No.”  I’ve been trained with this word since mommy adopted me at 3 weeks old.  She says it one time and I know that I need to stop what I’m doing or I will be in trouble.  Usually, she doesn’t have to tell me twice.  Now daddy on the other hand – he doesn’t have me so trained yet.  LOL


I also understand certain phrases like, “Go to your room”, “Let’s go to bed”, “Pick up your toys” and my favorite, “You wanna eat?”

It took me a couple of weeks to get these down but mom reinforced them with snacks.  Nowadays, you tell me a phrase and I’ll do it.  It’s really fun when there is company over and mom tells me one of these things and I do it.  Everyone is always astonished but like I said, I’m a quick learner.  I’m just like a little child at heart.  As mom tells people, I’m her little pig son. 

I’m a lot of fun too.  I know people often question mom of how I act around the house.  I act just like any other animal.  See in the picture – I lay around a lot.  I take naps.  I play with the purr things.  I run around the house.  I’m kind of like a forever puppy.  I need structure – lots of it.  I have a certain schedule that mom and dad keep me on every day.  I like that.  I get a lot of love from mom and dad and I give a lot of love in return.


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