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Paw Time with Houdini

Hello my sweet friends. ¬†It’s been a great week here at the Hotel Thompson – okay maybe great is not the ideal word to use so let’s use almost great ūüôā Let me tell you everything that has happened to me this week.

You see last Saturday I spend the day at Nana’s while mom and dad went to the worky place. ¬†Of course I can’t tell you what happened at Nana’s because what happens at Nana’s stays at Nana’s. ¬†Barks – but I can tell you that I *never* come home hungry. ¬†That tell you anything? ¬†Of course it does but I didn’t say it, right? ¬†Well mom and dad picked me up Saturday night and took me home. ¬†See there’s one thing you might not know about me and Yorkies – we play *hard*. ¬†I ran and ran and ran – you get the picture for almost an hour straight! ¬†I was so excited about being home and playing with the purr things and my bud Bacon – I just couldn’t stop myself. ¬†Well, I ran so hard that all of that food I had at Nana’s… guess what? ¬†Yep – nods doggy head. ¬†It came back and not in a way I wanted it to. ¬†I’ll just let you envision that for a second. ¬†I got sick and ended up in mom’s arms after she cleaned the floor and me up. ¬†That’s me resting in mom’s arms. ¬†She told me I had to cool my running for a bit. ¬†She even said that if I got sick one more time that night, she might have to take me to the doctor. ¬†So I took a siesta and got some loving from mom and dad. ¬†What can I say? ¬†I’m still a puppy at heart, right?

¬† ¬†¬† I also learned a new game this week – Patty Cakes. ¬†One of my favorite things now is to get mommy when she is on the couch, throw myself backwards into her arms and play Patty Cake with her human hands. ¬†It’s so totally fun! ¬†Have you ever played this game? ¬†See my paws up in the air like I just don’t care – barks. ¬†We will play for a while until I get sleepy. ¬†I’m so easily amused huh? Daddy doesn’t get the game yet but mom is a big fan.

I also went to Nana’s on Wednesday for my grooming. ¬†Nana has a special groomer that comes to her house to do me and my cousin Tinkerbell. ¬†I got my spring/summer cut. ¬†My hair was totally getting too long and in my eyes. ¬†My beard was catching everything when I ate and drunk. ¬†And plus all of that long hair was making my t-shirts fit a little too tight. ¬†I’m grooving it now.

Well that’s all for me my friends – yawns – I hope you had a wonderful week as well. ¬†Happy weekend!


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Paw Time with Houdini

BARKS my friends.   Hope you have had a wonderful fast week.  You know us anipals here at the Hotel Thompson.  We *live* for the weekends.  The weekends is when the mommy is at home and we can take turns camping out and getting even more spoiled on her lap.  You can relate right?  It is *THE* most privileged place in the house.  He that has rights on the lap is the happiest for the moment.

But I have to tell you something about last weekend. ¬†Last weekend, I got to go to Nana’s. ¬†I was planned to visit Saturday and spend the night but I got to go early. ¬†You see mom got up Friday and fed me breakfast and then I got sick. ¬†Have you ever gotten sick? ¬†This was my first time and let me just say I didn’t care for it. ¬†Nope. ¬†Not at all. ¬†This puppy needs to never get sick again. ¬†The sick monster got me and things came out of my mouth that I had never seen before. ¬†I was scared. ¬†Mom was scared but she was good. ¬†She cleaned me up and the floor – barks! ¬†She then called Nana to see if I could come a day early. ¬†She said she didn’t want to go to work and have to worry about me not getting extra TLC from Nana. ¬†Let me tell you something. ¬†When I heard Nana, I was waiting at the front door for mom. I couldn’t wait!

See I spent a whole two days and two nights with my Nana.  But by Sunday, I was kind of missing mom and dad.  I kept going around the house and looking for them.  And then, when mom had dropped me off she gave Nana her nightshirt in case I needed it to smell her.  That was a fabulous idea!  I found it Sunday and kept rolling in it, chewing on it.  I even dragged it out the chair Nana had it in and put in on the couch with me.

When mom finally picked me up, my tail was going 90 miles per hour Рmommy thought I was going to fly it was going so fast!  I smothered her in puppy kisses.  She told Nana I smelled so good.  Nana just smiled because Nana gave me a special bath and combed my hair.  I was looking fine for mommy.

So that’s my week my friends. ¬†I hope you have a wonderful weekend to come and I hope that YOU get the privileged lap at your house for some snuggles – Barks out!


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