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Mouse Girl at Her Finest!

IMG_1207Mouse Girl – all in her finest in this picture.  She is totally blown away these days.  I would like to say that it’s from my 31 Days of Spook.  But I would be lying.  I think it’s because of the puppy – Houdini – here in the house.  He is a puppy and he is keeping ALL of us on our toes, paws and hooves.  He has so much energy!  Oh dear piggy heavens does that kid have ENERGY!  We are praying for the ‘puppy’ stage to be over.   You know… the constant energy, the teething, the constant ON GO with five minute power naps.

Well my friends – ya’ll have a great day.  I’m going to take me a nap while I can!


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Houdini Update

Thank you so much my friends for the help last week on Houdini.   I wanted to give you an update today on how he is doing with his teething here at the Hotel Thompson..  Some people suggested that we get him a Kong toy where you can insert a treat.  That way he can play with the Kong, chew at it and eventually get the treat.  Mom and dad thought this was a wonderful idea.  At this point – anything would be helpful as long as it’s not mom’s fingers or my tail!


Mom and dad went looking at our local pet store.  Mommy was fascinated at the different sizes of Kong’s, found one and handed it to daddy.  She asked daddy if this was small enough – what do you think?  Daddy said with this Kong, he could actually stick Houdini up in it!  Now wouldn’t that be hilarious… of course he wouldn’t do that.

Mom snapped this picture of daddy and showed it to one of their friends.  Their friends said, “Well, you could get that one, fill it with treats for your daddy and see what he does to get them out.”  Now *that* idea I’m kind of partial to.  It would be hilarious for us anipals to see what kind of hunting skills our old daddy has – snorts.

There were so many different sizes that mom and dad didn’t know what kind to get.  They discussed this with some friends that train dogs.  They actually came over to the house late Saturday night for a visit and brought Houdini a gift.



As you see from this picture to the left, they got the little guy a Houdini sized Kong.  It’s so small!  And I have to tell you, the little guy has skills of his own.  This Kong kept him busy for almost 45 minutes trying to get the treat out.  And, another plus.  He didn’t bite my tail.  That in itself is a God send – snorts oinks.  Thanks Brent!!

Also Brent recommended to mom/dad not having a gazillion toys down for Houdini at once.  They advised only having 2-3 down at any given time.  That way Houdini will focus on those toys and can be redirected to those toys when he gets the vampire mode that clicks.  So far, it’s worked.  We are *all* relieved here at the Hotel Thompson.

AND Houdini went for his final shots Saturday.  He officially weighs in at 3.10 pounds right now.  What a cow!


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Thank You and Help Please


Oh my friends!  What a wonderful thing that happened here last night at the Hotel Thompson.  I got mail!  Not an email but real goodness mail.  I was so piggy excited that I ran all over the house and couldn’t wait until mommy got home from the worky place to open the package.

 When she did – OMP!

It was the most beautiful thing in the world.  My ❤ just swelled up with so much love to my good pal Fozzie.  Why do you ask?  Well, she actually made me something with very own two hands.  It’s adorable – LIKE ME.  It’s cute – LIKE ME.  It’s priceless – LIKE ME!  It has an awesome bell on it that is so freaking cute!  I’m letting mom take it to work with her to put on her desk beside another great piggy that my Auntie Sharon made me a while back.  That way every single time mom looks at them during her stressful day, she will think of all of the love that went into making these and of course of ME!

And of course, mommy did a special thank you video to my friend Fozzie.  You can see that at the bottom.  NOTE:  Ignore mom’s southern twang – snorts.


And now this is the part where I need you my friends.  As you know we have little Houdini here at the Hotel Thompson.  The little guy is going through some puppy teething kind of bad.  He wants to chew on everything – including my tail – snorts!  Any of you my good friends have any thoughts or suggestions on helping the little guy out?  Anything would be like most welcomed.  Mom tried the washcloth in the freezer trick – he turned his nose up at it and went for mom’s fingers instead – snorticles.


So – can you help this piggy out?  I know my tail and mom’s fingers would like great appreciate it so very much!




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Houdini Update


Okay my friends – can you say FIELD TRIP?  I spoke to daddy over the weekend and told him that we needed to go on a field trip for the little guy and buy him some of his very own toys.  Not that I mind sharing – I don’t.  But I want him to have some things that are just his own.  You can relate, right?

So me and dad went to our local Petsmart and I helped him pick out some cherished toys for the tyke.  I took a picture to share and it’s to the left.  Look familiar – snorts.  Of course, all of them have some type of ‘teething’ help for him.  He seems to be going through the puppy stage of everything needs to be nibbled.  That includes: fingers, toes, hooves, paws, ME – snorts.  Thus, he needed some help in that department.  I think he really likes his new toys we got him.


He played hard with all of them.  Can you guess which one is his favorite so far?  Yep, it would be teething piggy.  Heck, I kind of like that one too.  He’s a lot of fun being chewed.  And of course, he has to check out mom’s feet.  Right now, the little guy is so short and low to the ground that he finds everyone’s feet fascinating.  He follows them everywhere in the Hotel Thompson.  And occasionally, he will lick toes.  Mom just squeals with delight.  I do that to her too 🙂  Silly mom huh?

And don’t think daddy gets left out of the fun.  Houdini is a equal toe licker – snorts that sounds so terribly bad doesn’t it?


And this past Friday, mom took off from the worky place to get Houdini his next set of shots and for a wellness check.  Everything checked out okay.  Can you guess how much he weighed in at this visit?  Go ahead – you’ll never be able to guess.  Ready for it?  A whopping 2.4 pounds!  Man, he’s a cow isn’t it?  Snorts and rolls around laughing.  He goes back to the vet in three more weeks for one more set of puppy shots.  Then he’ll go back for his yearly shots.  The little guy has been poked and prodded so much in the past 12 weeks it’s unreal!

And look at this picture to the left, he is trying to get to dad’s toes under the tray so dad can’t get him.  He’s way too funny the little guy!

So there’s your update on the Houdini.  Stay tuned for more my friends!


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