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Really Dad? You’re Not Invited

Let’s start by saying, me and mom are so NOT morning peeps.  We have a schedule that we keep in the mornings.  I wake her up for breakfast.  She gets up and we eat together.  Then we bundle on the couch together and listen to the morning news as we cuddle for a couple of more minutes of snooze together.  Do you get the picture?  Together as in me and mommy time alone.  NOTICE I didn’t say: me, mommy and daddy.  There was no mention of daddy.  It’s called me and mommy time for a reason.  Let me say again… me and mommy.  So you got that, right?

So this morning of ALL mornings on a Monday, guess who decides to get up with us and infiltrate into “our” time?  That’s right – daddy.  Not just daddy but non-stop-diarrhea-of-the-mouth talking daddy.  Go back to bed daddy!  Really.  But no… let’s keep chatting away.  Let’s keep singing away to Eddie Rabbit… to Elvis Presley… to Brooks and Dunn… to Pink.  Yep, you read right – Pink.  Rolls piggy eyes and shrugs shoulders.

You see, this is the problem.  Daddy is a morning person.  He wakes up happy, chirpy, full of life and wonderment.  Me and mom not so much.  Even this little oinker knows not to talk to mommy until after that first cup of coffee… sometimes maybe a second.  And hey – I’m not that jolly myself in the morning.  I have one thing on my mind – food.  And then some snuggles.  Sometimes not in that particular order.

Daddy was so bad this morning – a MONDAY of all days, that me and mom went to her room.  I got on the big bed and watched her get ready for work.  Guess who followed us?  Mouthy man!  I could see mommy and the steam was rising.  She looked at me and I could just picture her in my head telling daddy, “SILENCE!”  But she didn’t – it was a nice dream though.  Poor dad.  He was like a little puppy this morning following us around.  I thought at one time I heard mommy mumble, “Jabber Jaws” under her breath.  I can’t be sure though.  Of all days, I think mommy was ready to go to work.  She kissed me and put me back to bed for a morning nap.  Daddy even followed her to the car.  It’s going to be a long day for me here at the Hotel Thompson.  Please pray for me that daddy goes back down for a nap.  Snorts.  Do you have a morning person in your house?  What do you do when they get over obnoxious?



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I Be Running

20130409-084410.jpgComing out of hibernation can be so hard!  I can feel the warmer weather outside and it’s starting to make me a little frisky.  Last night, I ran and ran throughout the house.  I like to treat the halls and rooms at the Hotel Thompson as my personal play ground and exercise gym.

There’s always a method to my play time.  There’s a fuzzy blanket in my bedroom.  I have to go in there first and stretch said fuzzy blanket across the floor.  It’s a king size blanket and when I stretch it, it almost touches wall to wall – snort.  Then I have to go into the front room and take my king size Egyptian cotton sheet and stretch it out across the front room floor.  Then, it’s game time!

I run down the hall, do a lap around my room and high tail it back down the hall to the front room.  Once I’m in the front room, I do an about face and high tail it back down the hall to my bedroom and repeat the process.  I go back and forth and forth and back usually about five to six times.  Then when I’m tired, huffing and puffing, I jump and slide across my blanket rolling myself up in it.  I rest for a few and then repeat the process in my bedroom. 

Mom caught this picture above on my final tromp throughout the Hotel Thompson.  I was so tired that I threw myself down on the floor breathing like there was no tomorrow.  Mom actually thought I was going to have a little piggy heart attack.  She stretched out on the floor with me and started talking to me trying to calm me down.  I was talking to her too.  It’s hard coming out of hibernation from the winter!


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