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Shopping with Mom/Dad

 You know for mommy not to like to shop, daddy sure has been taking her off a lot on these weekends.  And it seems innocent enough.  Really it does.  Until they get home and I start looking around on her iPhone pictures and come across some of her “shots” from the day.  But what she doesn’t realize is that all of our electronics are on the “cloud” here at the Hotel Thompson.  Therefore some of her pictures will come across my iPad – evil snorts.  That’s just our little secret okay.  What mom doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

Let’s look at picture 1 on mom/dad’s adventure out from this weekend.  Mom/dad – you have some explaining to do!  Mom said they stopped for gas at a local Quick Trip.  Daddy saw this sign and had to investigate.  A “Maple Bacon Quickshake”.  Really Quick Trip?  Rolls piggy eyes.  Dear heavens above help us all.

Now, did I even have to ask mommy if daddy got one?  Do I?  Of course he did.  That’s my dad – the adventurer.   It’s a funny thing though.  When I asked mom what it taste like, she knew.  So mom – you want to tell me how you knew?  I’ll wait for your answer.  Tapping hooves.

I know you want to know too my friends.  Mom said it had a strong sweet taste from the maple but it also had bacon bits in it.  Now that just sounds so wrong.  Bacon bits.  I can give you some bacon bits – snorts!

  Then upon further exploring mom’s pictures, I came across these shots of daddy doing another thing he does best – acting silly with some new pig friends he met – SuperPig, BatPig and ElvisPig.  Shakes piggy head.  Daddy I think you need professional help – snorts.  So, did you do anything exciting this weekend my friends?



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