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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon,
Hello my friend.  I see you have a squirrel for a friend – thank you for liking our kind.  And, I know you secretly want to be a super pig hero and wear a cape.  Anytime you want, you can be my sidekick!  Signed Super Squirrel

Dear Super Squirrel,

You are so on!  I love the thoughts of being your sidekick.  I’ve been trying to convince mom for a while now that I need a cape.  You think you can help me a little and talk to her?


Dear Bacon,
I don’t think my friends have any clue whatsoever that I’m not really ‘one’ of them if you know what I mean.  I love this spy stuff – what about you?  Signed RacCat Bandit

Dear RacCat Bandit,

OMP (Oh my pig!)  That is so funny.  I fell off of the couch I was laughing so hard at that picture.  You are a little spy, aren’t you?  I can only imagine some of the information you have obtained with that disguise.  Maybe I need to get a mask for Halloween this year.  It would be a hoot!


Dear Bacon,
It’s really not as hard as it looks.  I’ve been hanging out with some ladies all week and it’s been great fun!  My next step is to see if one of them will marry me.  Do you think I have a shot?  Signed RooFlam

Dear RooFlam,

Well, first of all I think you look great and you have some amazing talent for walking on sticks. I myself could never do that.  I just don’t have the balance.  Second off, you might want to rethink your mission.  It’s bound to come out eventually that you are not what you seem.


Dear Bacon,
Sometimes I think a picture says a thousand words.  I think this is one of those occasions.  What do you think?  Signed Pom the Comedian

Dear Pom the Comedian,

Your picture is so wrong on so many different levels but I have to admit that I laughed… hard!  And, daddy laughed… hard!  Your poor brother – I’m not so sure he thought it was so funny.  All I gotta say, it was a good one but watch out.  I’m sure I’ll be getting a picture and email from your brother in the very near future!


20130601-001612.jpgDear Bacon,
It’s not really fair.  I love chasing skunks.  I don’t hurt them.  I just like to play.  See what happens when you just want to play?  You get labeled for life.  I’m sure this picture is going to end up all in the family.  What’s a dog to do?  Signed I’ve Been Skunked

Dear I’ve Been Skunked,

Snorts – you poor, poor pooch.  Your humans are really funny.  I understand you wanting to play but there’s some things out there in the animal kingdom that we just leave alone.  Skunks would be one of them.  I understand your sign – almost.  What’s a douche bag?



20130601-001639.jpgDear Bacon,

It would be fun they said.  Come on out and play in nature – get some exercise.  Yeah, right.  They got me good.  I think you have the right idea. I’m going anti-nature!  Signed Tree High Five

Dear Tree High Five,

WOW – chasing that frisbee you just didn’t see that tree, huh?  I’m not laughing at you.  I’m laughing with you.  One day you will look back at this picture and chuckle.  Maybe not today.  Maybe not tomorrow.  But one day you will.  Sorry for your pain.  Don’t throw nature away yet.  Hang in there my friend and keep chasing those frisbee’s…. just watch out for trees… and mailboxes… and telephone polls… and fire hyrdrants… snorts


FRIENDS – Remember to send your pictures and questions to Dear Bacon at


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US Acres Cartoon – Oh So Funny!

Snort – While surfing the net, I have found the funniest comic strip ever.  It’s called U.S. Acres or outside of the United States it was called Orson’s Farm.  Mom didn’t even know this comic strip existed – it is a hoot!

The comic strip originally ran from 1986 to 1989 and was created by Jim Davis.  You know who Jim Davis is – the creator of Garfield 🙂  It ended after only three years.  Towards the end of the strip, Brett Koth, who had been assisting Jim Davis on Garfield at the time, was given co-creator’s credit and signed his name to the strip with Davis. 

 The entire comic stip is centered around – well you guessed it – barnyard animals.  Here’s one of comic strips that I absolutely loved –20130522-105522.jpg

The main character was Orson – a pig just like me!  Yeah, I know he’s pink and I’m a black pig but we’re still pigs.  And the best part – sometimes Orson becomes a costumed superhero named Power Pig.  See, I knew there was a reason I liked him. 

There’s also Ray Rooster, Wade Duck, Booker, Sheldon, Bo Sheep and Lanolin Sheep to name a few.  If you haven’t checked this comic strip out yet, you just have to for some giggles!


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Nemesis and Weakness

Every super hero has a nemesis and a weakness. Spiderman’s weakness is responsibility and his nemesis was the Green Goblin.

Superman’s weakness was kryptonite and his nemesis was Lex Luther.

Well me, AKA SpiderPig, has a nemesis and weakness as well. My weakness is my belly. Touch it and I’m yours…stretched out and ready. My nemesis well that is Jimmy Dean. He’s always after my piggy body.




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