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I Have Proof!


If I had  *any* doubts whatsoever, I have the proof now.  See – see the proof is in the picture.

Mom *IS* a superhero.  Daddy took this picture of us sleeping together and I just found the picture.  I’m in there.  You can’t see me but I’m there.  I’m under her ‘cape’ with her staying warm and sleeping.  We were actually taking a power nap as I like to call them.  We were both dragging our tails from this past week.  A little snuggle sleep time is great – I highly recommend it with your human 🙂

So I have to ask mom, “Where’s *my* super hero outfit?”  It’s gotta be out there.  Maybe I’m getting one from Santa this year?  hhhmm – maybe I need to start my list today, right now, so that I can get it out before Thanksgiving.  I’m excited now – my tail is wagging non-stop.  Gotta run my friends.  I’ve got some lists to make.  What are you going to ask for from Santa this year?


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Dear Bacon – Super Hero Special

Recently, I’ve received a lot of mail in the form of Super Hero’s.  I wanted to save them for a special edition of Dear Bacon.  I hope you in blogville enjoy them as much as me and my parents did when we got them.  Snorts – Happy Tuesday!



Dear Bacon,

We heard about your mission in life on becoming a Super Hero and wanting a cape.  I think me and my brother will start a petition for you.  With enough signatures, I think we can get your mom to get you at least dressed for the occasion.  Super hero powers are something that you are born with.  We’ve read enough of your blog to know that with enough thrust, you can fly.  So, you’re half way there our friend.  Signed Batdog and Robin

Dear Batdog and Robin,

Thanks my friends!  Ya’ll look totally awesome in your outfits.  I am so working on mom for my cape.  I could use all of the help I can get!



Dear Bacon,

Don’t believe everything you read.  Having a cape isn’t always the best thing in the world.  My humans make me wear this cape and then make me sit in the corner.  Why?  Ask me why piggy?  Because I got so excited with my cape that I might have tinkled on the carpet.  What did they expect?  So, they sat me in the corner with my cape on for time out.  How embarrassing!  Take it from me little guy.  Don’t whizzle with excitement.  Signed Super Tinkle

Dear Super Tinkle,

I’m so sorry my friend.  That look on your face says everything.  At least they could have removed your cape before putting you in time out.  What super hero gets put in time out?  Having a cape is exciting.  I really can’t tell how I will act.  But, thanks for the heads up to contain myself – whizzle and all.




Dear Bacon,

Be very specific in what you ask for in a cape.  I too always wanted one.  I just should have been a little more specific in the details.  You know like, nothing over my head.  Save that material to cover my goodies.  I mean really.  What super hero is out there with his goodies showing?  I feel like a pervedog.  Help.  Signed Spider Perve

Dear Spider Perve,

WOW – thank you so much my little friend.  I really never thought about specifics in my cape.  You are so right.  I really need to be detailed on what I want in a cape.  Okay – nothing on the piggy head but covering the bottom half – got it.  Yeah, you are so right my friend!


20130820-052340.jpgDear Bacon,

Okay, I like turtles and I play with them in my back yard.  Yes, I wanted to be a Super Hero.  Where in the world did I go wrong with my parents?  Why would they dress me like a TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle) and think that was what I wanted in my Super Hero outfit?  Really?  Learn from me pal, have an open conversation with your humans.  Signed Turtle Dog


Dear Turtle Dog,

Does it help that you look cute and adorable?  Okay, maybe that doesn’t help but you do.  Personally, I wouldn’t go for the mask but at least your goodies are covered – snorts.  And hey, the shell on your back could be a good thing.  Just think if you fall, you have the comfort of some padding.  I do appreciate the heads up my friend.


Dear Bacon,


Just remember, Super Hero’s come in all shapes and sizes – not just dogs and cats.  We can ALL be a Super Hero in some fashion.  My humans got it right in my cape.  It actually gives me just a tad bit of room to grow in.  It’s so roomy that I can move.  That’s important when you are doing your ninja kicks.  I hope you get your cape soon my friend.  Fly with Confidence!  Signed Super Piggy

Dear Super Piggy,

Thanks my friend.  You are so full of confidence and that really inspires me.  It reminds me of an old saying that my mommy says all of the time, “Bloom where you are planted.”  I guess that could mean us anipals as well, huh?  Keep up the great work my little Super Hero.  Hope to see you flying in the skies soon.


I really hope that you enjoyed this Super Hero Special of Dear Bacon.  I also really want to say thank you to all of my friends and family that send me emails with pictures and questions.  These Dear Bacon issues are by far the highlight of my week.  I put a lot of thought behind my answers and I hope that it shows.  Remember, us anipals have problems too.  If you have something you want to ask, please remember to send it to me at

Have a great one!


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I Knew It!

Mom is Wonder Woman!



Remember last week when I happen to stumble into her room and found some interesting articles that led me to believe she was a super hero?  Well, the proof is in the picture!


I was helping daddy do the laundry yesterday and I found mom’s costume.  She is Wonder Woman!  It’s just pure and simple.


Last week I found her lasso of truth, her cuffs and red high heeled boots.  Now her costume.  I wonder why I’ve never seen her around the house wearing this?  She must be a closet superhero – you think?


Now I know why I’ve always wanted to be a superhero Pig – it’s in the family.  I’m going to have to hoove up and demand my cape – I want to carry on the family history.

What other secrets can she be hiding from this little oinker?!


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I’m Shocked – Unbelievable –


I was wondering through the house unchaperoned – I love these times!  Daddy was in the laundry room and forgot about me – insert evil piggy chuckle.

I stumbled into mom’s room and found the stuff in the picture below.  Did you know my mommy was a superhero?!  I had no idea.  No wonder she hasn’t made me my own cape – she’s saving it for herself!

Happy weekend my friends!




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Okay – Enough Dad but Thanks for the Help Really

Dad is so helpful.  He learned of my desire to lose a little weight to get ready for swimsuit season.  What does he do?  Threaten to put me on the family treadmill.  Really? 

He actually had the nerve to put my little fanny on the treadmill and turn it on low.  I didn’t know what to do so I started walking slowly.  He was all excited and thought he was doing something fabulous.  He was laughing so loud that mom came in to find out what he was doing.


Talk about having a fit.  Mom can squeek pretty loud when she wants to.  I never knew that – PLOL (Pig Laughing out Loud).  I wasn’t in any harm and in fact I was kind of digging the treadmill.  It wasn’t going too fast, just good enough for me to keep up with on my short chubby little legs.  Well, mom didn’t like it.  She said no to the treadmill.  She turned it off and told me told get off.  I was all “aaww mom” but she didn’t want to hear it.


So, it’s back to pig aerobics in front of the television.  You know really, I think I can have this entire problem solved in just a few minutes.  If mom would just make me that cape, I could be Super Pig and get plenty of exercise!  Start my theme music please, “Here I come to save the day…”  Okay, that’s Mighty Mouse but I think it would work for me, don’t you?

XOXO – Bacon


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