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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon –  Bunyoga – sigh – I highly recommend it.  Me and my friend love to do the Bun-Bun Flat position daily.  Lay on your back, feet up in the air and ears straight out.  It helps to relax all of the muscles in your body.  If you get a chance, try it.  You may just love it and rename is Pig Flat.  Signed Yoga Buns

Dear Yoga Buns – OMP.  I gotta try this position.  I think I can actually do it and like you said ENJOY IT!  Thanks for the tip!


Dear Bacon – A lot of times people mistake me for a towel.  I don’t get it. Why would they do that?  Signed Relaxed

Dear Relaxed – Snorts my friend.  I might see a slight resemblance to why they think that.  It might be due to the cute way your entire body just relaxes.  But I have to admit, it brings out that cute little nose of yours – carry on sweet cute friend.


Dear Bacon – WOW!  That was deep.  I just read in a book here that dogs like to chase their own tails.  Talk about dumb.  I had to take my glasses off and just think about that for a while.  No wonder us cats are superior to the barky things.  Signed Princess

Dear Princess – Yep, nods head, I’ve seen them do that.  It’s wild to watch.  What’s even funnier – seeing them ‘catch’ it.  Now that is something you don’t want to miss my friend.  Snorts.

Dear Bacon – Just a quick note my friend.  I know your little brother wears clothes a lot too.  I highly recommend it.  Sometimes we get cold going naked and just need a little something more.  It’s one of those things that you don’t knock until you try it.  I like to dress for the occasion and have a closet full of choices.  Tell Houdini the next time he is in my area to stop by.  We can have tea and discuss this years fashion.  Signed Merk

Dear Merk – WOW.  Just WOW.  I’ve never seen a… a… a purr thing wearing clothes.  I can say that I see why you would feel cool and naked without clothes.  And I have to admit that you make that sweater my friend.  It really makes the blue in your eyes pop.  I will definitely give Houdini your message and let him know to call you.  I think you two can become close and tight friends.  Stay warm… and dressed.


Dear Bacon – I like to say that not every anipal can carry this look but I know I can.  With my skin texture, my humans had me some specially made sunglasses to protect my eyes.  I think I rock them.  What do you think?  Signed Matrix

Dear Matrix – Hey, do you know Merk above?  I think you two could be fast friends.  And I think protecting your eyes should be number 1.  Number 2 should be covering all of that skin.  You wouldn’t want to get a sunburn.  Stay safe!

Remember my friends that Dear Bacon can’t happen without YOU.  Please continue to send your pictures and letters to my email address. 🙂


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Dear Bacon



Dear Bacon – Me and my friend Hazel were just out running around the hood minding our own business.  We crossed the street.  There I said it!  We crossed the street!  Humans went all weird on us and started snapping pictures.  I don’t get it.  What’s the big deal?  Signed Two Chicks

Dear Two Chicks – I don’t get it either my friend.  Shakes piggy head.  I look forward to that day where the motives are not questioned of two chicks out for a good time crossing the road and humans not going all wild laughing and pointing.  I do feel for you.  Just chill and carry on is what I say my friends…. oh and stay out of traffic might be more advice 🙂

20131208-212523.jpgDear Bacon,  I don’t get it.  I honestly don’t get it.  You see I work in a conservatory park.  Humans come by on boat rides to see us gators out in the wild.  There was this one guy that was leaning a little too far over the boat and his sunglasses fell off his head.  I was just trying to do the right thing.  I got them and was swimming closer to the boat for him to get them.  Do you know he wouldn’t reach out and get them?  What a thank you huh?  Signed The Manners of a Gator

Dear The Manners of a Gator – How ungrateful. You mean to tell me the human would not reach over the boat, into the river, onto your head and get his glasses?  What was he thinking?  Oh doh!  Maybe – and this is just a stretch here – maybe he thought you might be like one of those other gators.  You know the ones who like to bite the hand that touches them.  I’m just guessing that.  Maybe you can leave the sunglasses on the bank of the river for him to retrieve after the trip.  I’m sure he will appreciate that. Awesome job my friend!

20131208-212625.jpgDear Bacon – HA!  You see I’m there in the front – the white pooch.  We were all standing around at my buddies house telling jokes.  Who would have thought the guys would take one of my jokes so personal.  You know how us guys can be with the boys.  Someone happened to say that I wasn’t the great lover like they were.  When I told them that their mother didn’t think the same thing, they all got personal and started chasing me.  Who would have thought huh?  Signed Who Let the Dogs Out

Dear  Who Let the Dogs Out – Shakes piggy head.  Boys will be boys talking smack and getting into trouble.  You know what I say my friend?  If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.  Some people just have no room for jokes and having fun.  Keep running out first though – 🙂

20131208-212652.jpgDear Bacon – You should have been here pal!  We all planned our weekly play date at the beach with our humans.  While they talked and drunk their Starbucks coffee, we sat on the sand.  We held hands, sung kumbaya and talked about our humans.  It was great fun.  We would have loved if you could have joined us!  Signed The Great Foursome

Dear The Great Foursome – oh WOW!  That looks like so much fun my friends.  The next time I’m out your way, count me in!


REMEMBER FRIENDS – Dear Bacon issues can’t happen without YOUR pictures and letters.  Remember to email them to me for my weekly Tuesday Dear Bacon issues.  Snorts and thanks!


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