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There will be a day that comes that we will be finished here on this Earth.  Mom/dad have told me all about the facts of life and what happens with the process.  It can kind of be overwhelming to think of this situation without your loved ones.  But here lately, I’ve been watching a lot of television.  Who would have guess that, right?  I *had* to get caught up from being at Summer Camp with no television for the week.

So as you’ve probably guessed with some of my blogs this week, there is a new trend on epilogues.  Daddy was watching a sports talk show on television and I was curious so I jumped on the sofa to watch it with him.  They were talking about this new trend of epilogues – being as short as possible.  One guy was 93 years young when he passed.  In his epilogue they wrote, “Finally golfed his age.”  Another guy’s epilogue was, “Finally caught the ball”.  See, short and to the point.

I understand new trends.  But in epilogues, could you really go short talking about your life?  So here is my challenge to you my friends, what would YOUR short epilogue be? 

I can’t tell you some of the ones that daddy told me he would write about me.  The man has no filter between his brain and mouth – mom tells him that all of the time – snorts. But I did think of some for me:

Finally found food heaven.

Finally with the ones that passed before me.

Finally has the perfect body.


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Piper Wrote Me A Letter!

Oh my piggy heavens – squeals!  I got a letter from the strawberry I met at Summer Camp – you know Piper.  Piggy swoons – she even sent me pictures.  WOWZER – isn’t she a looker my friends?  Now do you see what I saw in her at camp?  Hubba hubba – I’m attaching her letter for you to read 🙂



Dear Bacon,

I hope my letter and picture finds you safe and happy.  I really enjoyed our times together at Summer Camp a couple of weeks ago.  I’ll be truthful with you – I miss you my oinker friend.  I can’t get you off of my mind.  I dream about you – see the happy look on my face.  I keep reliving our last day together where we shared our first hog and snout kiss – ❤ dreamy.  You know I don’t live too far away.  My mom said she would be game for a piggy date in the future… that is if you want to see me again.  Much love my porky love.  Love and ❤ kisses – Your Piper

Special Thanks To Laura Gerry who sent “Piper’s” pictures.  You are so awesome our friend ❤


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Oh my dear sweet friends – I’m BACK!  YES!  Summer Camp was really interesting.  Mom kept telling me that she wanted me to know what it was like to feel like a regular pig.  I couldn’t understand that at first.  But let me tell you.  I completely understand now.  COMPLETELY!

Do you know that there are some pigs that have never been inside of a house?  They don’t have centralized heat and air conditioning – let alone their own room with a flat screen television and bed.  I was shocked to learn that!  Of course, I did meet a lot of new friends at camp.  Some were really cool – except for Scout.  He ate my huge container of Animal Crackers – can you believe that?  The nerve of him – but don’t worry.  Ninja pig came out and got even with him on tent night – insert evil snort.

Mom, dad and Houdini picked me up Saturday night.  I so couldn’t wait.  And you won’t believe the surprise mom sprung on me – WOW!  I’ll have to show you in a couple of days once I get a good picture of it.  After lots of hogs and snout kisses, I said my goodbye to my new friend Scott and to Binky – a girl I met 🙂

The first thing I did when I got home was beg mom for an apple.  I went the entire week without having one – can you believe that?!  That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  I ate that apple so fast it wasn’t even funny.  Then I oinked at Hemi and Mouse Girl.  Don’t let them fool you – they missed me too.

I gotta say thank you for Houdini for taking care of my blog while I was gone – you rock kid.

And I gotta say to all of my friends here in blogville – I missed ya’ll!!!


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Letter From Summer Camp

Dear Family,

Bacon here from Summer Camp.  This will be my final letter from camp.  WOW – it’s been a long week in a lot of different ways and on the other hoof a very short week.  I really didn’t want to come but I have to admit that it’s been kind of fun.  I’ve met a lot of great friends – Scott and Piper.  You are probably wondering who the heck is Piper.  Piggy blushes… she was the strawberry that I had dinner with the other night.  She’s sweet and cute and all girly and from the south.  She gave me her phone number and address so we can stay in touch ❤ .  Oh, and so did Scott.

Last night was talent night here at camp.  All of us had to come up with some kind of talent for the show.  Heck, I had to think hard.  I mean what talent do I have besides pounding a keyboard.. which I’m pretty good with cause the last time I checked I was up at 25hpm (hooves per minute).  So I thought about biting into an apple and laying on the floor but I’m not sure how many of the gang would get that one.  Then it hit me.  I would dance and sing a song of my people so I did.

“I’m a little teapot short and stout.  Here is my handle and here is my … handle.  Damn I’m a sugar bowl.”

It got a great snort and got me off of the stage quickly.

So today mom/dad are coming to pick me up.  I can’t wait.  I’m so ready to jump in the back of the Smart car and get home to my kingdom… my castle… my own bed… my air conditioning.  aaww – I miss that life.  I hope you’ve been entertained this week and that my little brother Houdini has done a good job on my blog.  I instructed him before I left to take care of everyone.

See you soon my friends!


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Letter From Summer Camp

Dear Family,

Bacon here from Summer Camp.  I gotta admit mom that I thought this Summer Camp thing was a joke.  I really, REALLY didn’t want to come.  But I have to admit that it’s been kind of cool this week.  We went and camped out last night ‘under the stars’.  I gotta admit that laying around the bonfire and watching the sky through the tips of the trees was kind of cool.  It’s amazing how many shooting stars you can see.  That in itself was almost worth the trip.

I also put my Ninja skills into action last night and found the culprit who ate all of my Animal Crackers.  It was a boy named Scout.  Yep, nods piggy head, his name is Scout.  He has stolen a lot of our food here this week at camp.  After everyone went to sleep last night in their tents, someone – looks around innocently – went to his tent and made grunting noises, stomped around a lot and cast huge shadows on the side of his tent.  For a boy that is challenged horizontally, he could run pretty fast.  What’s even better was seeing him wearing his pajama onesie.  Now that was priceless.  He kept saying that he heard Pigman and Goatman in the woods.  Don’t mess with the Ninja pig.

And mom you would be proud of me.  I had dinner with a strawberry (girl) last night.  She’s cool.


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Letter From Summer Camp

Dear Family,

Bacon here from Summer Camp.  There are a bunch of vultures here at camp.  No I’m not talking about Alfred Hitchcock and birds of nature.  I’m talking about thieves.  Someone in the cabin ate all of my Animal Crackers yesterday.  They are not admitting to who did it.  Don’t mess with the pig.  This means war. Good thing I packed my Ninja outfit when you weren’t looking.

Today we had to go running.  Snorts – as if this pig runs.  Unless there is food in the distance that is calling me, why would this oinker run?  So there I was softly walking to our destination.  My counselor Wolf creeped up behind me and howled.  What an as*$*!)  I took off running like it was really the Big Bad Wolf after me.  After a while of running, I heard clapping.  It took me a few minutes to realize it was just my thighs cheering me on.  That Wolf is a true as$*!&

Tonight, we get to sleep outside “under the stars in the fresh air”.  Really?  Do these people not watch television?  I’d rather be behind a locked door.  But then again, my Ninja outfit could come in handy tonight to find the culprit that ate my beloved Animal Crackers.  Evil snorts.


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Letter From Summer Camp

Dear Family,

Bacon here from Summer Camp.  Another day down and another day closer to coming back home to the Hotel Thompson.  Yesterday for our activity we went swimming in the lake.  Things were going good.  The cute little ‘strawberries’ (girls) got a thrill – snorts. Scott taped a fin on his back and swam over to their side.  I’ve never seen strawberries move that fast out of the water in my entire life.  Some of them were faster than the girls in those b-rated movies on SyFy.  It was really hilarious.  But Wolf caught Scott and he got into trouble.  I have to admit mom, I had *nothing* to do with that.  Really I didn’t – pig honor.

Last night, we got to watch a movie outside near the camp fire.  Now that’s what I’m talking about.  It was so much fun!  It was Race for Your Life Charlie Brown.  I got my first roasted marshmallow.  So delicious.  Of course, it was so hot it almost burned my lips but I couldn’t just stop at one.  And trust me.  No one noticed towards the end of the movie when I got the rest of the bag of marshmallows.  Nope not at all.  You see they were too busy taking care of the fire.  Oh don’t worry. It wasn’t that big.  A boy in cabin 3 threw some fireworks in the bonfire.  One went off into the brush and cause a small fire.  It only took two fire extinguishers to get it out.  No worries.  Talk to you later.


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Letter From Summer Camp

Dear Family,

Bacon here from Summer Camp.  This weekend started off slow with Summer Camp.  Everyone was getting to know one another and learn the ways around the camp here.  It’s gotten a lot better now.  I even met a new friend – Scott.  He’s kind of cool and is from the North Georgia mountain areas.  He goes outside all of the time and we are kind of hanging with each other.

They really believe in the activities at this place and are constantly encouraging us to participate. Yesterday we had arts and crafts so I went.  Let me just say that it wasn’t my fault.  Really it wasn’t.  I got to class late and no one told me that the macaroni was for making jewelry and not for eating.  What can I say?  I was a little hungry.  You might get a call from my counselor about that incident.

And speaking of counselors.  Mom are you for real about this place?  Did you check into this at all?  They call the boys here Blueberries and the girls Strawberries.  Rolls piggy eyes.  That is so crazy and just makes me hungry.  But I’m getting sidetracked.  Our counselors have nicknames.  I bet you just can’t guess what my counselor’s nickname is.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait for you to guess.  Then again, no I won’t since I only have ONE hour of computer time tonight.  His nickname is Wolf.  Really mom?  Gotta run – my time is running close and I have to get back to my cabin before it gets too dark.


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Letter From Summer Camp

Dear Family,

Bacon here from Summer Camp.  I’m settled in… well as much as I can be.  Mom dropped me off here on Saturday morning.  She introduced me around and showed me my cabin.  I’m rooming with 10 other peeps.  I walked around looking for the television and was told there isn’t one in the individual cabins.  What?  And we all have to share the bathroom.  Double What?  What kind of place is this Summer Camp?  How barbaric.  I couldn’t believe it when mom hugged me, told me goodbye and then left without me!  It took everything within me not to chase after her.

That afternoon, they left everyone to their own devices to settle in at our cabins.  We had a greet and meet that night before retiring to our cabins for the night.  First up, really mom?  You put me in a Summer Camp where we have to participate in activities… outside… in nature?  Do I really look like that kind of pig?  Then when I went to bed for the past couple of nights, there was no apple or treat on my pillow and no bedtime story.  Huh?  And a room-mate here bedding in this cabin actually called me a H.O.G.  It took all I could do not to rip into him but I didn’t.  I just did what came natural to me.  When he went to the bathroom, I dragged his blankets and pillow outside.  H.O.G.  Imagine that.  Me?  No way!

We get one hour of computer time at night after dinner.  ONE hour.  I gotta make it count so I’ll send you an email when I can.  Make sure Houdini takes care of my blog this week.  Tell everyone in blogville I miss them and when I survive this I will be back.  Much love to you, Bacon


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Tomorrow I Leave

Well my friends, it was great knowing you.  Tomorrow I leave for my great Piggy Summer Camp.  Yay.  Joy.  Stop me now from the fun.  Really, seven entire days away from mom, dad, Houdini, Mouse Girl and Hemi.  Seven days away from the Hotel Thompson.  Away from my private bedroom.  My television.  My toddler bed.  My turn down service.  My room service.  Seven days of living like ‘other pigs’.  Rolls eyes – whatever that means.

You know my relationship with Hemi the butt slapper here at the Hotel Thompson.  I would rather be slapped in the captain’s quarters by his gginormous paw several times in a row then to have to leave tomorrow.  But it’s definite.  I’m going.  Mom has paid for my summer camp.  She has packed my bags.

I even tried to talk some sense into daddy but he didn’t cave either.  He said whatever mommy decided, he was good with.  Come on dad, grow some and tell me I can stay at home.  Snorts.

So my friends if you don’t ever hear from me again – if something should happen to me in the woods – know that I ❤ you all.  You have become my friends.  My cohorts.  My partners in crime.  I love you each and every one!


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